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People Are Actually Mad That Al Roker Went In On Ryan Lochte?

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Ryan Lochte Got Dropped By Speedo

And there go the Ryan Lochte endorsements. More »

Al Roker Sharted In The White House

Ten years ago, Al Roker underwent gastric bypass surgery which he just revealed to Dateline resulted in him shitting his pants while visiting the White House shortly thereafter. So naturally this became the biggest story on the Internet because it’s a fancy place. Via Buzzfeed:

Al Roker: And as I’m walking to the… More »

Scarlett Johannson Did The Weather For Al Roker

Because this is the Internet, I’m almost positive there’s a freakishly large demographic of men who have weather girl-related fantasies, so here’s Scarlett Johansson doing the weather on The Today Show this morning which unfortunately doesn’t end with her blowing Florida and yelling, “Category 5 all over my face!” so I don’t know why I… More »

Al Roker: ‘I Would F-ck Spencer Up’

When did Al Roker become a goddamn badass? This morning on Today he defended yesterday’s verbal bitchslapping of Heidi and Spencer, E! News reports:

During a recap on this morning’s episode, Meredith Vieira showed a clip of yesterday’s much-discussed interview with Spencer and Heidi Pratt. When Roker asked if it looked like an… More »

Al Roker sandbags Heidi & Spencer

Heidi and Spencer appeared on Today this morning expecting a happy little interview, but instead were completely sandbagged by Al Roker who basically painted them as the fake, self-entitled brats they really are prompting them to go crying to TMZ:

Heidi, who claims Roker viciously attacked her and hubby Spencer Pratt… More »