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Lindsay Lohan should solve crimes

Lindsay Lohan knows it was her dad who tweeted she has AIDS and not the work of a hacker, according to Page Six:

He’s a grown man and has done the exact same things on TV/interviews, [so] why wouldn’t he lie on Twitter, and everywhere else!” she tweeted. “He just wants money –… More »

Michael Lohan: ‘Lindsay has AIDS. Or just Perez Hilton.’

“Somebody” allegedly “hacked” Michael Lohan’s “Twitter” and “tweeted” that Lindsay Lohan slept with Tommy Mottola at age 17 and is HIV positive. The tweets have since been removed but not before prompting Lindsay’s dad to get Biblical on Perez Hilton:

NOTICE,There is an imposter on Twitter,and whoever the imposter is that posted that… More »