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Entourage Bombed

Entourage had a bad opening weekend. What are the boys going to now? Can Turtle come up with a plan to turn everything around, or will Vince finally walk away from Hollywood for good? None of these questions and more inside. … More »

Katie Cleary’s Husband Shot Himself After Seeing Photos of Her With Leonardo DiCaprio

In a turn of events that surprisingly hasn’t happened sooner, Andrew Stern, the husband of Deal or No Deal model Katie Cleary, shot himself on Sunday following weeks of seeing photos of wife partying in Cannes with Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier. According to her, they were already in the process of getting divorced and… More »

Reminder: Adrian Grenier Has A Disgusting Penis, Huge, But Disgusting

“That did it. That left the streak.”
“Are you sure it wasn’t that seal? That seal looks suspicious.”

When we last left Adrian Grenier’s smelly wiener it was getting shot down by Nina Agdal. And now it’s the chapter of a whole book by reality star Courtney Robertson because they’re literally giving… More »

Adrian Grenier Got Shot Down By Nina Agdal

Because her agent is the goddamn devil (Sic him, Jeremy Bieber, sic him!), Nina Agdal has a cameo in the Entourage movie which naturally led to Adrian Grenier trying to fuck her because that kind of thinking has really worked out awesome for him lately. Via Page Six:

At a wrap party for… More »

Adrian Grenier Doesn’t Look Like a Douche and Other News

- Kim Kardashian tweets about wanting Kris Humphries baby after just three weeks of dating. That’ll get him to propose. [Popeater]

- Emma Roberts is a joy and a delight. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jessica Simpson prays about man-ass. [Dlisted]

- Jenna Bentley has nothing to do with man-ass. [HollywoodMore »

Everyone Who’s a Fan of Marilyn Monroe, Close Your Eyes For a Second

Paris Hilton pumped up her cutlets and dolled herself up as Marilyn Monroe last night to launch a new fragrance that, for the sake of consumer awareness, is hopefully named Veneria. On that note, Adrian Grenier also showed up which really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. As Doug Reinhardt can attest to, once… More »

Adrian Grenier understands women

Adrian Grenier is apparently a master at luring women toward his funky swamp-cock. NY Daily News reports:

We hear that Adrian Grenier and an “Entourage” of guys strolled into N.Y.C. hotspot Amnesia last week and immediately approached a group of young ladies.
“They put their arms around each of the women and suavely… More »

Adrian Grenier is banging Ari’s wife?

First Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Turtle hooked up, now it appears Vinnie Chase is putting his smelly wang in Ari’s wife. Here’s Adrian Grenier and Perrey Reeves getting cozy today after unveiling the Entourage Bungalow yesterday in Miami, and it’s nice to see that extras receive the same treatment as secondary characters. That said, you… More »

Adrian Grenier has a smelly penis

Here’s a cautionary tale for all you female Entourage fans out there. It turns out our boy Vince, Adrian Grenier, isn’t a fan of showering which leads to unpleasant experiences for ladies struck by his “star power.” I have no frickin’ clue. LA Rag Mag reports:

“We were kissing and stuff and then… More »

Pamela Anderson is classy and other news

- Ivanka Trump is engaged. Great. Now where am I going to find a young, billionaire sugar mama with awesome breasts? Even if Donald makes another baby today, I’ll be almost 50 by the time’s it 18 which means I’ll have to be the rich one. Stupid cockblocking capitalism, I hate you! [PopEater]

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Adrian Grenier leads a grueling existence

Here’s Entourage star Adrian Grenier hitting Bondi Beach in Austrialia with a gaggle of bikini-clad women yesterday. Which is exactly what I’d be doing in his shoes, and here’s why: Anyone remember Brian Benben? I rest my case.

EDIT: I’m kidding, of course. These women all work for HBO’s marketing department and were chosen… More »

Adrian Grenier is straight. No, really.

Here’s Adrian Grenier celebrating the New Year with a bunch of dolphins at Sea World in Australia. Can someone, please, tell me what thought process ended with this guy being cast as Hollywood heartthrob Vincent Chase in Entourage?

HBO EXEC 1: Okay, check it. We’ll cast the lead with someone who is attractive yet… More »

Adrian Grenier or Tom Cruise?

Today’s battle for your nether-regions pits fictional movie star Vinnie Chase against fictional movie star Tom Cruise. (Not a typo.) For the sake of this experiment, we’re going to take some bold leaps and assume Tom is not just trying to convert you to Scientology with his tiny loving, and Adrian Grenier has showered in… More »

Lindsay Lohan really wants to get laid

Lindsay Lohan, or as I affectionately call her “Cinnamon Chesterton,” knocked back vodka and champagne at a West Hollywood club the other night. Heeding the drunken call of her fiery master, Lindsay went on a manhunt and set her eyes on Adrian Grenier. But things didn’t go as planned, according to NY Daily News:

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Adrian Grenier wants it to burn when he pees

Adrian Grenier is not ruling out a relationship with Paris Hilton. As of right now, they’re just friends, but according to Adrian, “there’s a world of possibility!” (And gonorrhea. Possibilities and gonorrhea.) Now prepare yourself for a combination of words describing Paris Hilton that will make your face implode. E! Online reports:

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Adrian Grenier protects his goods

Adrian Grenier was spotted making out with Paris Hilton in Vegas over the weekend. However, Adrian already regrets this ridiculously stupid mistake and has no desire to put his testicles in harm’s way. NY Daily News reports:

“Adrian is resistant because this is Paris Hilton,” says a spy. “She’s way more into… More »