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These Anne Hathaway Bikini Photos Aren’t Bill Cosby’s Holy Semen

Can Anne Hathaway bikini photos offset a Bill Cosby rape post? Let’s find out. More »

Anne Hathaway’s Best Bikini Pics Are The Ones With Her Shirt On, Wonderful

There was a time when Anne Hathaway’s body was the stuff of legends. Hushed whispers of, “Dude, did you see her in Havoc?” would appear at the slightest hint of her name. But then sometime after The Dark Knight Rises, something terrible happened: Les Miserables. And, no, I’m not talking about the breast-destroying weight loss… More »

Anne Hathaway Can’t Be This Stupid

“What’s up with the chick in the mask? Is she a terrorist or something? A ninja? Maybe a leper? All I know is it’s completely drawn my attention, so now I need to take a closer look or else I can’t focus on anything els- holy shit, it’s Anne Hathaway!” – Every person there with… More »

So Anne Hathaway Wasn’t Wearing Her Engagement Ring In Those Bikini Photos. Or These.

As far as everyone knows, Anne Hathaway has been engaged Adam Shulman since November. Except in the batch of bikini photos that popped up over the weekend, she’s not only not wearing her engagement ring, but spending the entire time with Italian Argentinian polo player Nacho Figueras and we all know Anne has a soft… More »

Anne Hathaway is Engaged. Again.

Anne Hathaway is reportedly engaged to Adam Shulman who you’ll be surprised to learn isn’t Scott Caan in disguise. Or is he? Us Weekly reports:

After three years together, Anne Hathaway is engaged to actor Adam Shulman, her rep confirms to Us Weekly.

“We hit it off immediately, but it… More »

Anne Hathaway and her money shall soon be parted

Anne Hathaway is apparently footing the bill for another boyfriend already. This time it’s Adam Shulman, star of the direct-to-video sequel for The Dukes of Hazard, who surprisingly didn’t make an easy billion off that one. Star reports:

“Adam is not a swindler like Raffaello, but the truth is the truth: Adam is far… More »