Adam Brody

Leighton Meester Married Adam Brody

According to Us Weekly, Leighton Meester secretly married Adam Brody which is incredible news because according to my eyes, I have fantastic bikini photos of her ass which I will use any excuse to post. I could’ve heard a story about Leighton Meester seeing a puppy, and you’d be staring deep in her butt wondering… More »

This Is Engaged To Adam Brody

Dear God,

I know we haven’t exactly been on speaking terms, so I’ll make this quick: I’m going to shit on your foot. I’m going to squat down, look you right in the eye, and shit on your foot. There’ll be no words, no polite hello, just me shitting directly on your foot. More »

Adam Brody’s Banging Leighton Meester

According to Us Weekly, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are allegedly dating which is awesome because now I finally have an excuse to test my theory that her ass in a bikini can make even the most depressing news palatable. So far I’m not seeing any results outside of these two beautiful unicorns lovingly nuzzling… More »