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Hey, Look How Hot Kim Kardashian Is When She’s Next To A Dying Pregnant Woman

Because her husband has only spent nine days with her since their wedding and doesn’t want to ruin his streak, here’s Kim Kardsahian in Mexico this week where she let his rapists take exclusive bikini photos of her for fun and profit. Plus she also tossed a few shots to Instagram where she courteously used… More »

Joe Francis Is Going To Be The Father Of Twin Girls. Joe Francis.

And now for the most hilarious collection of words you’ll ever read thanks to Joe Francis announcing to Us Weekly that he specifically Kate Gosselin’d his girlfriend Abbey Wilson with twin girls because women’s bodies are but a canvas for him to create if create means taking naked pictures of drunk sorority girls:

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Wait. Isn’t Joe Francis’ Whole Life A Sex Tape?

I didn’t know Reese Witherspoon had an illegitimate daughter…

From almost the minute Girls Gone Wild started, Joe Francis has been ensnared in costly legal battle after legal battle culminating in his most recent one where, according to reports, he was found guilty of assault after three women claimed he took them back… More »