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So There’s A New Mel Gibson Recording

A lot of people didn’t believe Joe Eszterhas’ letter to Mel Gibson that conveniently found its way online, so naturally there was a recording to back it up because if there’s one thing Mel Gibson is amazing at, it’s really hating Jews, women, packs of niggers, wetbacks, Russian women, homosexuals, not getting blown before Jacuzzi,… More »

Mel Gibson Wants To Kill Oksana Grigorieva During Anal Sex. Haha! Old People.

“Blow me before the Jacuzzi. Blow me before the Jacuzzi. Blow me before the Jacuzzi. Blow ME before the Jacuzzi. Blow me before the Jacuzzi. Blow me before the JACUZZI. Blow me before the Jacuzzi. BLOW me before the Jacuzzi. Blow me before the Jacuzzi….”

When Joe Eszterhas agreed to write the screenplay… More »

Mel Gibson Made Court Faces Again

Mel Gibson was in court this morning for reasons that aren’t really important, so just assume he somehow managed to only pay Oksana Grigorieva a settlement that’s a shart in the bucket to him because the California court system is afraid of getting Third Reich’d in the face. Because that’s exactly what happened. What is… More »

The Many Court Faces of Mel Gibson

Shortly after I cashed out on Friday thanks to a Charlie Sheen overdose, Mel Gibson appeared in court where prosecutors either gave him a slap-on-the-wrist plea deal because of the precedent they set with Chris Brown (You just read that.), or simply feared dying in a courthouse fire. Regardless, his only penance to society is… More »

Mel Gibson Accepts Plea Deal, Ducks Jail Time For Beating Oksana

Because California has a strict Keep Rich Women-Beaters Out of Jail policy (See here and here.), Mel Gibson struck a plea deal with prosecutors today where he’ll plead guilty to simple battery, but won’t face jail time and only has to attend counseling. His lawyer issued the following bullshit statement to TMZ that essentially asserts… More »

Mel Gibson Facing Domestic Violence Charges

“So I says to her, I says, ‘Perhaps you might blow me,’ and she turns around and slaps me with domestic violence charges, Jesus. I mean, how does that work? You gotta help old Mel outta this jam, buddy. This is the last one. I promise.”

Despite the fact it’s pretty much a… More »

Oksana: ‘Mel Gibson Could Only Get a Boner By Punching Me’

In case you thought outrageous claims against Mel Gibson were over with the start of the new year, Oksana Grigorieva apparently just now remembered Mel used to beat her during sex because that’s the only way he can get an erection. Then again, something like that’s easy to forget. Like where you left your keys,… More »

Mel Gibson Wants Full Custody Now

“Lucia? Baby, it’s Papa. I’m comin’ for ya. Now, put your mother on the line, I have some things she needs to hear. *flicks open lighter* Grown up things…”

In a bold move for a custody battle containing admissions of assault, Mel Gibson is now fighting for full custody of his daughter Lucia… More »

Mel Gibson Admits ‘Slapping’ Oksana

“Haha. Funny story, you guys…”

In a sworn declaration, Mel Gibson admits to “slapping” Oksana Grigorieva because she was allegedly acting hysterical while holding their infant daughter Lucia. He denies “punching” her which, naturally, contradicts her version of events. TMZ has obtained each of their declarations, so I’ve posted both Mel and Oksana’sMore »

Mel Gibson Wept

What? This is how he cries.

Mel GIbson reportedly choked up during a custody hearing yesterday while talking about his daughter Lucia despite the fact the kid’s essentially a weapon in the hands of Oksana Grigorieva now. TMZ reports:

Mel’s voice cracked as he talked about his 1-year-old during his testimony. More »

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