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Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Wants Her To Start Pumping Out Russian Babies

Dina Lohan wants that Russian gold. More »

Lindsay & Dina Lohan Sue Fox News For Saying They Did Coke Together

Lindsay Lohan and her mom are suing Fox News because one time, over a year ago, a guest on Hannity said they did coke together. Yup. More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Oprah Series Has A Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s new docu-series which makes the trailer for Transformers 4 look like the most realistic shit you’ll see all morning. More importantly, it further proves that Lindsay will do literally anything for money including letting Oprah treat her like a dog she’s trying to house break if dogs loved coke… More »

The Paparazzi Made Dina Lohan Drive Drunk

Dina Lohan was arrested for DUI back in September, and in that time she’s managed to hire Lindsay’s old moron lawyer Mark Heller who’s now using his moron skills to blame the paparazzi for Dina’s DUI. And, no, not for chasing her or causing a life-threatening situation, but just for existing in general which is… More »

Oprah Banished Lindsay Lohan’s Parents

There’s no way he knows who he’s posing with. Just no way.

Oprah has made some mistakes over the years like propping up Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccine horseshit or, even worse, not stopping this Stevie Wonder pic from happening because, again, goddammit. So this time she’s going to play things right by constantly being… More »

Dina Lohan’s Using Lindsay’s Old Moron Lawyer To Fight Her DUI Arrest, Of Course

Two weeks ago, Dina Lohan was arrested for DUI after blowing over twice the legal limit, so naturally she just plead not guilty to those charges because the first rule of being a Lohan is living in a fantasy land of your own creation where actions have no consequences. Which is also probably why she… More »

Dina Lohan Finally Got A DUI

After finally getting around to letting Seaside Heights feel His wrath for Jersey Shore, God also took the time last night to make sure Dina Lohan was yanked off the road which He admits went on way too long. “Honestly, I thought a tree would’ve stepped in here by now, but they’ve always been lazy,… More »

Dina Lohan Drunk Dialed Lindsay’s Group Therapy Session. Of Course.

Lindsay Lohan’s current rehab – not the annoying, stupid one that made her quit the drugs she’s addicted to – has been advising her not to move back in with Dina or even be around her in general. Turns out they actually have anecdotal evidence on top of just plain common sense. TMZ reports:
More »

Lindsay Lohan Hardly Ever Gets Drunk or Does Drugs, You Guys, Honest

If you haven’t heard by now, Lindsay Lohan did a print interview with Piers Morgan for The Daily Mail – And to her credit, she still managed to come of completely full of shit without even seeing her face. – so you have the option to check out the highlights after the jump or click… More »

Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Living In Her Mom’s House That’s Currently Being Foreclosed, You Guys

You may have heard that Lindsay Lohan’s moved back into her childhood home (that’s being foreclosed) because she’s broke and banned from almost every hotel in New York and LA, but c’mon? We’re talking about a very famous and successful movie star here, and her mom pretending to be an anonymous source will prove that’s… More »

Michael Lohan Just Got Paid To Say Lindsay Both Is And Isn’t A Prostitute

Michael Lohan might be a violent rapist and a shitheel of a father, but one thing he’s not is a complete idiot, so here he is telling Radar for a check that Lindsay Lohan is most definitely a prostitute now (which she is) and that her mother’s her pimp (which she is):

“She… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Threatens To Sue Her Mom If She Keeps Saying He Raped Her

Seen here still in London even though she had a court hearing on Monday that they would’ve thrown her ass in jail for not showing up to, but it was delayed that morning which she had no way of knowing would happen, Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael apparently isn’t a big fan of her mom DinaMore »

Dina Lohan Sold Abuse Photos To Entertainment Tonight. Of Course.

When you’re a pimp stupid enough to leave your ho in another country unsupervised, of course that trick is going to start holding out on you, so here’s Dina Lohan in an old photograph from the 80s where she’s allegedly sporting a black eye from Michael which she naturally sold to Entertainment Tonight. More »

Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Show Up For Court Because Her Dad Allegedly Raped Dina 20 Years Ago. Yup.

“All that vah-ka gimme new parents? No? Nexbar!”

Lindsay Lohan was scheduled appear in court this morning where prosecutors would determine whether or not to charge her for allegedly assaulting a psychic who allegedly was trying to steal the dude she’s stalking. Except photos of her kept surfacing in London all weekend where… More »

Here’s Lindsay Lohan’s Definition of ‘Not Partying’ For New Year’s Eve

On Saturday, Lindsay Lohan’s “friends” (Read: The blonde who clearly just puked in her own purse up top.) told TMZ that she’d be having a nice, quiet evening at home for New Year’s Eve to make a good impression on her probation judge. Which she did provided the judge’s idea of a good impression is… More »

It’s Not Lindsay Lohan’s Fault She Owes Money To The IRS, You Guys

Lindsay Lohan’s bank accounts were seized yesterday by the IRS, so naturally here comes the part where she blames everyone else despite constantly floating Dina’s mortgage and demanding to be paid in cash for her endorsement deals and, uh, other “side jobs” so she can hide the money from her management team who will probably… More »

Lindsay Lohan Just Endorsed Mitt Romney

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan called into TMZ Live and basically said her dad’s dead to her for recording her desperate call for help during her fight with Dina and then tried to say she lied to him about her mom doing coke. Which is, of course, bullshit, so she quickly needed a distraction from that, and… More »

Of Course Lindsay Lohan’s Paying For Dina’s House

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina got into a giant fight after leaving a nightclub at 4 a.m. where they presumably did a whole bunch of coke on top of drinking the demons out of them. The start of the fight was money which TMZ reports Lindsay really did give to Dina to keep… More »

Lindsay Lohan Told Her Dad Dina Was High On Cocaine, Is Probably A Good Judge Of That

“Be a good girl and suck all those dicks like I told you. Mommy loves you.”

Seen here conveniently hugging in front of the paparazzi after their drunken brawl last night, Lindsay Lohan and Dina were apparently fighting over money last night, according to Michael Lohan who was actually the one who called… More »

BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan Called 911 On Her Mom For ‘Holding Her Against Her Will,’ Yessss…


It started last night when the duo went to a nightclub in New York City. Our photog says they left the club at around 4 AM and headed back to Dina’s home in Long Island.
Lindsay and Dina started arguing in the car and… More »

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