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Dax Shepard Almost Beat The Shit Out of Justin Timberlake After His Punk’d Episode

Dax Shepard gets a lot of shit for being, well, Dax Shepard. Which is understandable considering him and his wife went on TV and literally compared getting their picture taken with child molestation, so fuck him. However, he was on the best/only good episode of Punk’d where Justin Timberlake was literally brought to tears after… More »

That’s Kristen Bell’s Butt In A Bikini

Let me be the first to say, yes, you’re right. It isn’t fair to post Kristen Bell’s butt in a bikini directly above Maria Menounos’ legendary ass of lore. Except you know what else isn’t fair? Comparing getting your picture taken with child rape which is also why I’ve freshly prepared this bowl of dicks… More »

A Word On This #Pedorazzi Business

Yesterday, Just Jared and People magazine publicly blew themselves over their editorial decisions to join Entertainment Tonight in no longer publishing unauthorized photos or videos of celebrity’s children with obvious exceptions for red carpet photos and sporting events. (Although, People gave themselves some wiggle room by saying “news-worthiness” could override that decision.) Except all of… More »

Kristen Bell is still banging that guy and other news

- Nancy Grace lunches on Jon Gosselin’s balls. [PopEater]

- Don Draper kicks the shit out of non-fictional men. [Lainey Gossip]

- Kelly Bensimon needs to stop working out. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Paris Hilton will answer the age-old question: Can ghosts get chlamydia? [Just Jared]

- MelMore »

Kristen Bell in a bikini

Here’s Kristen Bell allowing Dax Shepard to slather her bikini body with suntan lotion. Yeah, it’s only spray-on lotion, but I’m pretty sure this is conclusive evidence that either God doesn’t exist or is drunk again. Dax Shepard gets to nail Kristen Bell: HA! Good one, big guy. But, seriously, I’m gonna need those keys…
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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard go public

Kristen Bell has been trying to keep her relationship with Dax Shepard out of the public eye. Some say it’s to maintain a sense of privacy. I say it’s out of shame, utter remorse and did I mention shame? Anyway, the two were spotted yesterday being very affectionate on South Beach. I don’t really see… More »

Kate Hudson and Dax Shephard break up

If you decide to watch paint peel off the wall instead of reading this post, I won’t be offended. Anyway, it appears Kate Hudson is done with Dax Shephard. NY Daily News reports:

“They weren’t working out, and she got bored,” says the friend. “She’s telling people it’s a clean break.”
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Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard are serious

Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard have been getting it on recently, and apparently they’ve gotten serious enough that Dax has basically moved into Kate’s house. Page Six reports:

“Dax is basically living at her house right now,” said our source. While the rest of her family is “a little annoyed,” according to… More »