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Chris Brown Was Told He Couldn’t Be On ‘Power’ Before Arrest

Chris Brown didn’t get what he wanted and flew off the handle like an asshole? Get out. More »

So I Guess We’re Looking At 50 Cent’s Penis Now

50 Cent’s penis is apparently the next one you’re going to see. What amazing times we live in. More »

50 Cent Has A Bullet In His Tongue Just For You, Ladies

The bullet in 50 Cent’s tongue makes him a master of oral sex, according to 50 Cent. More »

50 Cent Filed For Bankruptcy

50 Cent filed for bankruptcy after losing a $5 million lawsuit for leaking Rick Ross’ baby mama’s sex tape because he’s 50 Cent. … More »

Leonardo DiCaprio Probably Banged Rihanna

Is that really Leo behind 50 Cent, or has your mind simply become Jonah Hill? INCEPTION!

Posted by Photo Boy

Someone named Nikki Erwin had a birthday party at the Playboy mansion on Saturday and apparently when she blew out her candles she wished for karate butt sex, because at that… More »

50 Cent Says ‘F*ck The Ice,’ Let’s See Floyd Mayweather Try And Read Harry Potter

If you’ve been getting sick of seeing Ice Bucket Challenges all week, apparently so has 50 Cent because he just decided to change the whole thing into daring Floyd Mayweather to read. Via Instagram:

Floyd will you except my ALS/ESL CHALLENGE: I will donate $750k to a charity of your choice, If you… More »

50 Cent’s First Pitch Went Well

As is my wont, I alienated a lot of our resident right-wingers yesterday with my Joe The Plumber post, so in the spirit of brotherhood, I’m going to write this one in their language. It’s only fair:

Baseball is America’s most sacred pastime, so leave it up to Thugbama’s son to desecrate it… More »

WTF Happened With Jay Z & Solange?

“Bitch, why your sister over there shaking her fist at me?”
“I’m sure it’s nothing.”

Yesterday, the Internet was served a rare feast when leaked surveillance video of Solange Knowles beating the shit out of Jay Z in an elevator was published by TMZ. Since then, everyone has been trying to figure… More »

50 Cent Is Doing Black Stereotypes A Huge Favor

For those of you who don’t know, 50 Cent was arrested for domestic violence last week after allegedly kicking one of his baby mamas – which revealed the existence of a daughter he was trying to keep secret and presumably pretend wasn’t his – and now Radar has text messages between 50 and his 16-year-old… More »

50 Cent Is Tired Of These Motherf*ckin’ Masturbaters On This Motherf*ckin’ Internet!

Because he’s a deeply religious man of God, 50 Cent took to Twitter yesterday where he informed his nearly 8 million followers that masturbating is a sin, so they should probably cut that shit out:

Masturbation is a sin you stop right now fool!!!lol God is watching you#SMS— 50cent (@50cent) September 26, 2012More »

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