T-Pain Blasts The Entire Hip-Hop Community For Being Homophobic About Frank Ocean

Despite The Bible being used to justify owning their race like property or denying them basic human rights in general, an alarming amount of African-Americans are crazy homophobic because of religion. So here’s a double-cup drinking T-Pain going off on the hip-hop community – particularly Jay Z and Kanye – for basically shunning Frank Ocean after he came out. Via HuffPost:

“I think the radio is getting more gay friendly,” he said. “I don’t think urban music or anything is getting more gay friendly. If that was the case, Frank Ocean would be on a lot more songs. I know n—–s that will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he gay, but they need him on the f–king song and that’s so terrible to me, man. It’s like, ‘Dude, my lifestyle ain’t gonna change how people see you.’”
He went on to cite Ocean’s prior work with Jay Z and Kanye West on their 2011 collaboration, “Watch the Throne.”
“Like, he was on the ‘Watch the Throne’ album before he came out,” T-Pain said, “and then when he came out, it’s like he can’t get in the studio with Jay and Kanye right now. It’s so f–king terrible. … It’s in his f–king genes. It’s not a f–king choice. The man came out like that, and you can’t just f–king disown this man because he’s living a certain life that you don’t f–king approve of because somebody told you not to approve of it.”

You can watch the whole six-minute rant above, then get even more pissed off by reading that the NFL is already trying to put the brakes on Michael Sam coming out because apparently football is more sacred than the United States military as evidenced by the virtuous conduct of its All-American heterosexual players. Or you can skip all of that, and just watch this video of RoboCop shooting off a bunch of dicks which is almost the perfect metaphor for gay rights. You see, RoboCop represents science and forward thinking while the rapists represent bullshit patriarchal institutions that violate women and minorities with impunity, so the only solution is to shoot their dicks off. It’s deep as fuck.

WARNING: Extremely NSFW although probably 85x more entertaining than the RoboCop reboot.

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