T-Pain Blasts The Entire Hip-Hop Community For Being Homophobic About Frank Ocean

February 11th, 2014 // 51 Comments
WATCH: T-Pain Goes Off On Homophobia In Hip-Hop

Despite The Bible being used to justify owning their race like property or denying them basic human rights in general, an alarming amount of African-Americans are crazy homophobic because of religion. So here’s a double-cup drinking T-Pain going off on the hip-hop community – particularly Jay Z and Kanye – for basically shunning Frank Ocean after he came out. Via HuffPost:

“I think the radio is getting more gay friendly,” he said. “I don’t think urban music or anything is getting more gay friendly. If that was the case, Frank Ocean would be on a lot more songs. I know n—–s that will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he gay, but they need him on the f–king song and that’s so terrible to me, man. It’s like, ‘Dude, my lifestyle ain’t gonna change how people see you.’”
He went on to cite Ocean’s prior work with Jay Z and Kanye West on their 2011 collaboration, “Watch the Throne.”
“Like, he was on the ‘Watch the Throne’ album before he came out,” T-Pain said, “and then when he came out, it’s like he can’t get in the studio with Jay and Kanye right now. It’s so f–king terrible. … It’s in his f–king genes. It’s not a f–king choice. The man came out like that, and you can’t just f–king disown this man because he’s living a certain life that you don’t f–king approve of because somebody told you not to approve of it.”

You can watch the whole six-minute rant above, then get even more pissed off by reading that the NFL is already trying to put the brakes on Michael Sam coming out because apparently football is more sacred than the United States military as evidenced by the virtuous conduct of its All-American heterosexual players. Or you can skip all of that, and just watch this video of RoboCop shooting off a bunch of dicks which is almost the perfect metaphor for gay rights. You see, RoboCop represents science and forward thinking while the rapists represent bullshit patriarchal institutions that violate women and minorities with impunity, so the only solution is to shoot their dicks off. It’s deep as fuck.

WARNING: Extremely NSFW although probably 85x more entertaining than the RoboCop reboot.

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  1. renotastic

    So at the end of the parody, he takes on a big, rapey RoboCock attached to Gerard Dippity-Do?

  2. JC

    “I thought Kanye would be a reasonable and open-minded man,” said no one, ever.

  3. Kanye’s not a hater. He just won’t perform with Frank because he’s afraid Riccardo will get jealous.

  4. Shawn

    The Bible/Christianity did not justify or give license to slavery, it was the enslavers who manipulated the doctrine. Look, say what you want, but just because someone does not agree with homosexuality does not mean that they in fear of gay people.

    • Homosexuality

      It’s O.K., Shawn. I don’t agree with you, either.

    • Brian

      Jesus didn’t literally say “slavery is cool”, but he didn’t not say it either. I’m a bit rusty on my scripture, but I’m pretty sure he said something to the effect of “A slave should obey his master as he would God”. Plus there are a few allegories here and there in which he uses slaves as an example, so at the very least Jesus was OK with slavery.

      • Fuglio

        Jesus didnt say it, Paul did. Most of the New Testament is written by Paul, who was a Roman citizen, well~off, and saw things from that perspective, as opposed to the perspective of a poor, country carpenter. Paul is the reason that christianity is so fucked up today.

      • I’m pretty sure Christians are the reason Christianity is so fucked up today.

    • Vack Ian Jimpy

      Attacking the bible as being a pro-slavery document is absurd. There was slavery world wide at that time. Slavery not existing wasn’t even an issue under discussion. Slaves were a fact of life. Yes, the bible said (going from memory here) for slaves to work well for their masters, and for masters to treat their slaves well. I’m simplifying my point since I’m not going to spend paragraphs covering every possible rebuttal or argument or jibe that can be made in response, but come on. Seriously. This kind of argument against the bible or Christianity is similar to arguing that Christianity said to help the poor and needy. Yes, it did. But back then, there was no poor and needy class that was trying to take advantage of a welfare system. There was no “welfare system”. There was charity. That was it. If you were able to work, and you didn’t, you died. Or were executed or something. Hell, i dunno. People who were unable to work were cared for, as able, with local charity. I can’t speak for Jesus, but when he said “care for the poor and needy” I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean “provide for people so that they can not work, eat for free, and play video games”…

      • Thank goodness someone can finally read between the lines of all that “whatsoever you do to the least of my people” crap. Tell us what else Jesus actually meant when he was saying try to be nice to everyone.

      • “Jesus said help the poor, but now that we tried a welfare system, Jesus would probably tell us to screw the poor, because we gave them welfare and they abused it.” – what you just said

      • Fuglio

        @Brian~loaves and fishes…Those people took unpaid leave to follow Jesus “Jerry Garcia” Christ around and he still fed them. On the other hand, Sam Kinison had a hilarious bit about that…(I’m old).

      • Ick Jimp Vany

        Say what you will but the fact remains: in Jesus’ time, if a person was able to work, they worked. They learned a trade and they did their best to make a living from it. They may not have been successful at it and they may never have gotten ahead and they may have been poor their whole lives, but they worked In that time, while you had weathly people or royalty who didn’t work (unless they chose to) you did not have poor people who were physically able to work but did not do so. The idea of charity for the “poor, the widow, the orphan” was not expected as a given, it was not taken for granted. The idea of just living off of charity without actually being in need of it wasn’t a reality back then, was not a concept that anyone from that time period would even consider. You’re using anachronistic thinking. You might as well be talking about athiesm back then: the idea of atheism didn’t exist. Something akin to boredom probably existed, but not as it does now. Boredom only exists when there’s something you’d rather do than be bored. Back then, you did what you did: if there was nothing more exciting than “delving and spinning”, you were never bored by doing what kept you alive. There was nothing else to do. It’s like the joke about the tribe that ate nothing but coconuts. When asked if they ever got tired of eating coconuts, they replied “what? tired of eating food?” Get it? So yes, I’m pretty sure I can explicate some of Jesus’ meaning and apply it reasonably to today’s time. Jesus’ earthly father was a carpenter and so was he. He worked for a living, until he became a Rabbi. Then he taught others, and was reimbursed with gifts (or money, food, costly oils, whatever) for having taught. Jesus would have absolutely had nothing good to say about, or in common with, a person who wanted to live on the dole, just to have an easy life, make no contribution to society, not give anything but only take take take.

      • Wow, you really want that Republican square to fit into the circular Jesus hole, don’t you? Poor little champ must be all tuckered out.

      • Ick Jimp Vany

        Was that supposed to be a rebuttal? If so, you’ll have to think and type a little bit more, I’m afraid…

      • I never realized Ayn Rand wrote the Gospels.

      • And what does Ick have against paragraphs?

      • SOOOOO, by your own argument, the bible is entirely bullshit and should not be used whatsoever as a basis for our modern societies moral standards. Totally agree.

      • Furthermore, your inaccurate assessment of those who are enrolled into the myriad of social programs offered is so far off base. In fact, the only word to describe it is racist. You are clearly racist.

        The true welfare system that is inundated with takers who do nothing to contribute to the overall betterment of our society is corporate America. They are the takers, the users, and abusers. The top 10% of Americans take in over half of the earnings each year, leaving the rest of the country to squabble for the leavings. Their earnings have boomed since the 80′s, while middle America’s income has dropped when factoring in for inflation.
        The corporate welfare system has made our economy and made it unstable.

        Finally, don’t be a sucker your whole life. Educate yourself.

      • Ann Perkins! That was LITERALLY the best post ever!

      • Ick Jimp Vany

        You people are ridiculous. Don’t you realize what a recent development it is in human history that we have people who are physically able to work in order to support themselves but they choose not to do so, simply because there is a system in place, not designed for them, which provides them food, housing, education, and medical care? Yes, there have always been wealthy people, royalty, etc, who chose not to work. But it’s only been in the last two or three generations that we’ve had people who are NOT wealthy, who are in fact without any money but who just…don’t work if they can help it because they’re given what they need. My point, one that no one here has addressed, is that back in Jesus’ time, when he was speaking of caring for the “poor, the widow, the orphan”, he wasn’t talking about cradle to grave welfare. He sure as shit wasn’t talking about insurance-funded contraceptives, abortions, or gender reassignment surgery. What’s SO funny about you folks is just how much you ridicule Christianity, but then you also use your interpretations of various tenets of “True” Christianity to beat down someone who you think is a Christian. Then it’s like you become “Mr./Ms. Expert on How a Real Christian Should Behave” Give me a break. For all of you who think Jesus wouldn’t be on the side of the Rep/Cons, I’d you’re probably right. But if you think he’d be on the side of the Dems/Libs, you’re deluding yourselves. Yes, he was in favor of lessening the importance of some things (for example the overly legalistic aspects of Judaic law) and making obeying the spirit of the law (i.e. the OT idea of “obedience over sacrifce”) But do you honestly think Jesus would be in favor of abortion? Or the kinds of things we see on television, in movies, what we hear in music every day? The casual, hip, gratuitous, glorying-in-violence that we encourage and embrace in what we call “entertainment”? The casual attitudes towards sexuality, sex acts, marriage, divorce, children of broken homes? We’ve turned almost everything around us into things that are unholy, sick, sadistic, and twisted. And THAT, my friends, has nothing to do with being rich or poor, black or white, male or female. Yes, Jesus came to dine with publicans and sinners, but the point was to influence them to “go and sin no more.” With practicallly every “sin” nowadays redefined as “eh, it’s okay, no biggie”, and sinners not even seeing themselves as actually sinning, there’s nothing for Jesus’ death to save anyone from, no reason or purpose for Salvation if there’s no sin to be saved from and turn from…

  5. dr blue

    What the hell is he smoking?! Frank Ocean was on Jay’s last album, Kanye’s last album and he was on Jay’s old lady’s album! All these albums were released (and I think recorded) after Frank came out.

  6. I’ve really been…entertained (no that’s not the right word), no horrified at the NFL higher up in the last couple of days. This is the same league that allowed Lawrence Phillips to get a chance, the person who might have been the biggest shitbag to ever play the game (the possible exception being his fellow Cornhusker Christian Peter). But suddenly you find out the SEC defensive player of the year is gay, and those “off the field issues” are too much to try and deal with. Raping and robbing people are OK, but if you like to get down with another dude, you’re too much of a problem.

    God damnit, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the stupidity of the people running the sports I like to watch.

    • What did the NFL do?

      • It’s all up there in the second half of the article.

      • Yeah, just saw that.
        But they aren’t saying Sam isn’t getting a chance. He’ll get his chance just like Lawrence Phillips got his chance, and second chance. They are just saying that it will probably be a distraction in the locker room. Right?

      • There’s been loads of talk about his draft stock dropping, some analysts referring to his sexuality as an “off the field issue.” And for the actual documented criminal behavior they turn a blind eye to, to call Mike Sams sexual identity a problem rings hollow to me. But that’s just one mans opinion.

      • Well you have to think, that when you throw an openly gay dude in a room of over 80 completely naked type A personalities, there’s a chance of it being a problem with someone. It shouldn’t be but there’s a chance that it will. I hope he does awesome and we forget all about this in a year like we did with Manti Teo.
        And I read that his draft stock wasn’t that good to begin with since he’s a defensive end that’s only 6’1″ and 250 and benefited from playing on the other side of Kony Ely who is 6’5″ and was getting double teamed most of the time.

      • I guess I understand that locker room sentiment, but all his teammates at Missouri knew in addition to the local media there, and it has apparently never been an issue. And considering those “tweener” D-End/linebacker hybrids are becoming a perfect fit in 3-4 schemes, it just seemed funny that after everyone finds out he’s gay, GMs are calling him overrated when he’d been a projected 3rd-5th rounder by Kiper and all them.

        I’ll stop though. This isn’t a sports blog.

      • Yeah, good point, but i love football.

      • All I really know is that the Minnesota Vikings will still suck at bringing in talent and WVU’s football coach will continue to embarrass me by existing.

  7. Tipsy Sal

    Its funny that black people always preach injustice when it comes to inequality and racism, yet when the shoe is on the other foot, they are the most discriminatory of any race in the US against homosexuals.

    What’s also funny, is the sheer percentage of black men on “the downlow” (that’s secretly gay for the non-homos). I willing to bet it’s over half…..let’s just say I’ve “experienced” it for the past 20 years ;)

    • Brian

      Everybodies gotta hate somebody. White people hate hispanics, hispanics hate black people, black people hate gay people, and asians hate anyone who isn’t asian (and some who are). Circle of life.

  8. T-Pain is fucking awesome.

  9. At least he didn’t autotune the interview.

  10. Gunther

    Frank Ocean just makes good music

  11. Leila

    When I get super discouraged–like I did the night prop 8 passed in CA and every time an athlete tries to come out and is squashed–I remember that by the time my kids, currently 9 and 11, are my age, this whole debate will be a joke. They’ll look back on us and wonder what the fuck was wrong with our brains that we let rapists and child molesters win oscars and get million dollar contracts, but people went ape-shit over homosexuality. It’s just that the change is not coming fast enough. There’s a whole Joe Paterno generation that has to go before we can get it right, and that’s who is in charge in the NFL right now.

  12. Dude seems awful presumptuous.

  13. Biggs

    Fish is a stupid motherfucker, there I said it.

    • You said it in a poorly-constructed run-on sentence, as a matter of fact. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss someone else as “stupid.”

  14. Skippy3000

    What on earth would black people do without white liberals like The Fish telling them what they should and shouldn’t believe.

  15. I didn’t realize Frank Ocean was gay. I guess I’ll be listening to “Caribbean Queen” in a whole new light the next time it comes on the radio. (Yes, I made that joke, because I’m old.)

  16. Is that Robocop video this “feminist porn” I’ve been hearing about?

  17. Lizzy

    Except frank ocean was on yeezus – kanyes 2013 album – which makes this null & void

  18. hmmm

    t-pains gay so what.

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