T.J. Miller Crossed the Wrong Trans Woman

Earlier this week, TJ Miller was dealing with the ghost of sexual assaults past. Apparently he is really into choking (and face punching and shoving beer bottles up vaginas without consent, but we’re not getting into that now). The latest band in his PR shitstorm comes from Danielle Solzman, a transgender acquaintance of Miller’s whom — as far as I can tell — shared an email relationship with him. One day Solzman sent Miller an email saying that she didn’t like how he used the phrase “tranny dumpster sex” on his website’s description. This sent Miller into a rather lengthy digital tirade about how Solzman is only claiming to be trans for attention, how Miller pities her, etc. basically the worst things you can say as a public figure to a member of the marginalized during the Age of Outrage.

NOTE: While this email was released a few months ago, Solzman has recently confirmed the writer as TJ Miller.

Yikes. While TJ Miller clearly went over the line here, I checked out Solzman’s initial email, as well as the rest of her Twitter feed, and… yea she’s kind of a whiner (Example A-Z). Sure, you can’t use the word “tranny” anymore, OK. Fine I get it… sorta. Does “tranny” follow the same rules as the N-word now and only some people are allowed to say it? I seriously don’t know. (My editor wants you to know that it doesn’t — no one is allowed to say it.) But whatever, my opinion doesn’t matter; I post videos of women squatting in lingerie, what the fuck do I know about progressive didactic.

Don’t get it misconstrued, I’m not taking sides here. TJ Miller is a douchebag. That’s nothing new. It was completely out of line to attack Danielle’s identity and say the things he said. But am I surprised that he flipped his shit when someone told him that his joke was offensive? No. Not at all. This guy drunkenly shoved a beer bottle up a woman’s vagina during an alleged rape (yeah, I said it) in college, he’s a piece of shit… a piece of shit that was made popular by people liking his “piece of shit” persona. Ask yourself this question, America. If you don’t like these characters in real life, don’t cry when they get booted off the TV show that established them as such.

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I do feel that need to say that the point of Miller’s trigger-tastic joke is “dumpster sex,” not what gender or orientation is involved. That’s why he mentions all three. You get offended at first by shock factor alone, only to realize that he’s really just focused on “any kind of dumpster sex.” God damn, I can’t believe I just had to dissect a joke in an SEO description.

My point is, his sexual assault accusations are a lot worse than him using the word “tranny” in a joke, even though that’s offensive to people… cancel him over the rape, not for this dumb joke that could have easily been written by some intern at his agency.

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