T.I. Talked Down a Suicide Jumper

Aw, Tip, you crazy for this one. The AP reports:

Police got unexpected help talking a suicidal man down from an Atlanta skyscraper when rapper T.I. showed up.
Officer James Polite says the hip-hop star joined the crowd outside the 22-story building Wednesday and told officers he wanted to help. Police said the man agreed to come down in exchange for a few minutes face-to-face with T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris.
T.I.’s publicist says the Atlanta native heard about the situation on the radio and drove to the building to help.

Wait. First, he’s fighting Alzheimer’s. Now, suicide jumpers? Jesus, I understand it’s embarrassing to get pulled over for purple drank, and not wanting to go back to jail, but damn, son, you ain’t gotta cure cancer out this bitch. That just leads to a co-dependent society where motherfuckers be expecting the Tip to solve all them problems. It’s like, “Yo, I don’t gotta buckle my seatbelt. T.I’s handing out brain doctors!” That’s a nanny state, cuz. Gestapos and shit.

Photo: Splash News

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