T.I. Busted for.. Sizzurp? Okay, Now We’re Just Making Words Up

September 2nd, 2010 // 83 Comments

Because Lindsay Lohan has taught the world that being on probation in LA means absolutely cockshit, T.I. and his new wife managed to get themselves busted last night after cops smelled marijuana wafting out of their car on Sunset Blvd. They both were slapped with felony drug possession with initial reports suggesting they were holding meth or ecstasy. Turns out it’s way more redonkulous than that. They were messed up on Sizzurp, yo! My honky ass has no clue. TMZ reports:

There seems to be evidence of Sizzurp … aka purple drank … aka codeine syrup.
– A form of codeine falls under the class of drugs for which T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested.
– Codeine is the main ingredient in Sizzurp, which is a growing problem in the South.
– Sizzurp is typically ingested in styrofoam cups … it’s become a “thing” in the hip-hop community.

If I was about to get to very publicly arrested for drinking purple cough syrup, I’m pretty sure I’d make a move for the officer’s gun and pray to God he shoots me first. Sizzurp? Seriously? This is a real fucking thing? Was meth not embarrassing and ghetto enough for the South? “Y’all, we need something that really makes our drug addiction look more pathetic than violent. Wait, I done got it. Cough syrup over ice. A ring ting diddly doo!”

I’m joking, of course. T.I. was caught in LA, so it’s really just a matter of time until they’re done bronzing his medal. Within the hour most likely.

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  1. Captain Obvious

    Sizzurp has been thrown around the hip hop community for more than a decade. Welcome to 1995

  2. Haha, what a Dumb Ass

  3. rough diplomacy

    This post is deem incomplete due to the exclusion of T.I.’s “wifey”

  4. SMB

    Three Six Mafia – “sippin on sizzurp” (from 2000)

  5. SMB

    I betcha if it was a hit song by Lynyrd Skynyrd your cracka ass would know it. Racist.

    • Scott

      SMB he said the “south” – since when is the south a race? And I wouldn’t brag about a form of music that talks about Sizzurp. Also did you know saying cracka and Lynyrd Skynyrd is racist? Good job asshole. Way to be exactly what you say you don’t like.

      • Tragic1

        +1 for Scott

        SMB I don’t want you to ACTUALLY fall on your ass, so you can insert foot in mouth after you sit the fuck down.

      • SMB

        *sigh* ok, try to follow me…he’s racist because he’s woefully unaware of a hip-hop song that was a pretty big hit, which introduced the term “sizzurp” to the mainstream, and, as you may have noticed; hip-hop is a predominantly black music genre…therefore your “since when is the south a race” comment is kinda moronic…oh, and; saying cracka + lynrd skynrd in the same sentence = racist …? …really? wow…you sure nailed me with that logic, sarah palin. *lol* …idiot. (PS: when did i “say” anything about what i like or don’t like, you merely inferred…maybe some of my best friends are racist crackas, did you think of that? no, you did’nt, so there *nyah*)

      • Mike Walker

        >he’s racist because he’s woefully unaware of a hip-hop song

        lol… idiot.

      • Virgo

        I’m biracial and i had no idea what this was and no I don’t listen to hip hop

    • Mike Hawk

      Shut the fuck up and get back to the drive thru window. Your Newport smoke break is over.

      • "Here Comes Mongo"

        Hhhhhmmmmm… “Newport smoke break”… “drive thru window”… I wonder, would you use those same insults if the person were asian, or eskimo? Thanks for taking time out from your Tea Party rally to bless us with your keen wit, David Duke.

      • LeManda

        Guess you didn’t know that Eskimo is now being considered a rascial slur, they’re Inuits! Like Migets are Little People. Geez it ain’t easy to keep up wih what is and isn’t politically correct.

      • Deacon Jones

        Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike!

      • bridget

        awesome comeback I just almost pissed myself laughing kudos for being creative

      • Ted Turner

        MONGO FAIL. I doubt bridget was talking to you. There wasnt any wit or creativity in your comment…just the typical lame taking points dictated to you by your idols@daily kos. Again, BIG FAIL!


    • piper

      Everyone is a little bit racist. End of story.

      • j/k

        SMB- Cut the ‘fro and stop trying to be Aaron McGruder.

      • snarkyscreenname

        Here we go again: Yep, piper is right. Everyone has an opinion based on what they don’t know or understand and that lends itself to some degree of racism (or racial profiling, if you prefer something a little less shock inducing).
        Further more, how the fucking holy hell does Lynard Skynard – racism? Seriously, that makes zero fucking sense SMB.
        And ‘Sippin on Sizzurp’ was not a fairly big hit and didn’t really introduce “sizzurp” to the mainstream. It was a popular underground hit while 3Six Mafia was still selling the records themselves in parking lots and illegally sampling other people’s beats and tracks.
        Regardless of your race or location, its likely that most people who weren’t listening to hardcore or gansta rap in the 90s have likely still not heard of “sizzurp”. Since that type of music doesn’t’ really exist anymore, people probably will only hear of “sizzurp” when some idiot multi-millionaire can’t just stop being motherfucking ghetto and getting his ass in trouble.
        AND, because I can read Fish’s astonished sarcasm, I bet HE HAS heard that stupid, repetitive track and probably STILL didn’t know what the fuck “sizzurp” was because, seriously? WHO THE HELL drinks cough syrup to get stoned. That’s kinda lame. Can’t T.I. afford good coke or something. Or lets get racist, probably not because that’s a white people’s drug. Have him call Lindsay, she can hook him up.

      • "Here Comes Mongo"

        @ bridget: thank you…yeah, i’m kinda awesome like that.

    • Mike Hawk

      Hey “Here Comes Mongo”…

      First of all…

      I didnt see you address BLATANT & OBVIOUS racist comment from someone either black or acting like they were black in the original comment that mine was a response to


      You seem to be applying “racist” stereotypes to my comment by assuming I meant that towards someone black. Appears you have stereotypical views on blacks like others here.


      David Duke is a democrat, and supports democrat policies and bills. The Tea Party has mixed party affiliation and, at last poll taking, was about 40% Rep, 30% Dem and 30% independent.

      So, in your little attempt to save the world and call me out, you proved you harbor racist stereotypes, dont know anything about the people you purport me to be, have no idea about the tea party, its affiliation with modern day politics and parties and lack the innate ability to STFU when you dont know what your talking about.

      Way to go Corky. Youre automatically nominated to play Chris Burkes part as “Corky” in the ” Life Goes On” movie based on the tv series.

      • Jen

        STFU w/ all this racist bullshit.

      • "Here Comes Mongo"

        [chuckling to self] …way to drink the koolade, jim jones …yes, let’s all pretend that “newports” is’nt racist code …and if i really gave a shit, i’d go copy & paste some contrary statistics that are’nt posted on a pro-tea-party website, but, meh, why bother…anyone who speaks in defense of a “former” klansman, well, you just insulted yourself way more than any comeback i could muster. (oh, and, next time, try not to be so obvious that you’re working so hard to come up with a witty comeback… “Corky in the Life Goes On movie based on the tv series” [chuckling again] …hands down, this HAS to win the “insult so lame i need to spell it all the way out” award …ok, run along now…glen beck’s nut-sack is’nt going to lick itself.

        @ snarkyscreenname: i never said lynrd skynrd = racist (reading comprehension; look into it) …and i still say if you racist crackas were open to ALL of pop-culture and not just the classic rock & country western you hold so dear, you’d at least be aware of other stuff that’s going on, besides the virtues of sweet home alabama. (but, i admit, i am impressed by all the other points you made…see mike hawk, THAT’S how you make an intelligent argument…douche)

    • Scott

      Hey SMB – the word cracka is a racial slur all by itself genius!!! I wasn’t saying having it in a sentence with Lynyrd Skynrd made it racist. But making a generalization that white people listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd is just as racist as saying “all black people listen to hip hop” OK you fucking racist hypocrite!!??

      • SMB

        Oh, ok, I see. Then, that’s actually a good point. (Suggestion: work on your sentence structure so that your thoughts are expressed more clearly…retard…i’m kidding, i’m kidding, lighten up) I suppose I should probably tell you; I was actually just joking with my comment, fuckin’ around with The Superficial Writer. But, I absolutely LOVE how I totally hijacked the conversation, and all of the heated debate it has spawned! (And racists it has exposed, I’m looking at you, “Mike Hawk” aka; Duke Beck) I’m a fucking lightning rod of controversy! YAY!

    • Trish Metcalfe

      LOL @ “Here Comes Mongo” aka corky

      HAHAHA…you got shut down dude. Go bury your head with the others. You are out of your league here and ( chuckles to self ) that weak ass comeback was a bigger fail than lindsays moms parenting skills.

      Are you the public defender for the superficial commenters? If so, Id like to talk to you about filing suit against white guilt riddled, pacifist, hybrid driving pieces of shit such as yourself that ooze liberal elitism (you feel the urge to step in and help those of color/different ethnicity/geolocation, as they are inferior to you) as if it were the puss from Paris’ herpes.

      • "Here Comes Mongo"

        *sniff – sniff* …did someone just queef? …oh, ok, it’s just some angry dyke, yelling about shit, as usual…listen sugar-tits, save up your tips, buy some implants, get laid (by a penis, NOT made of silicone), you’ll stop being so angry in no time…try it…you’ll see. [chuckling to self] …you girls are so adorable when you try to have opinions about things…

    • Sampdoria

      Yeah, you’re the one using racial epithets (look it up), and he is the racist?

      Is everyone supposed to be familiar with every term from every form of slang? You sound like a chooch…don’t know what that is? You must be a Klansman.

      Decrease the douchiness…move to mars.

  6. EROC

    Yeah your SLOWWWWWWW. This is nothing new, been around for about 10 years.

  7. Knowledge

    LA or not, the difference is that T.I. Is black, Sir. He will be reperminded to the fullest extent of the law. A Paris or a Lindsay would be home this afternoon.

  8. Pass me some of that purple drank.

  9. Deacon Jones

    Hahha, “Sizzurp”

    This clown has millions of dollars and he’s cruising around drinking cough syrup…

    Well, you can take the.., ah, nevermind…

    • Apparently you people have no clue how much codeine is in the purple version of the cough syrup. The red stuff has a little, the purple has a lot. Codeine in large amounts slows the heartbeat, breathing, and makes the world all around slower. It’s also out of your system within 48 hours which makes a popular alternative to weed.

    • Bow Down Assholes

      Not only that but did you check out his wife?

  10. BWT

    Just another stupid turd…

  11. noodles

    This poor slob’s old lady makes Lil Kim look good – I’d definitely be fucked up 24/7 if I was married to that.

    • Deacon Jones

      I was thinking the same thing. She’s is SO fucking ugly, her face looks like that transplanted face they did in France, it’s 5 minutes away from slidding off her skull.

      I guess that’s what Sizzurp does to the brain…Sizzurp Goggles? That could be the next rap hit -

      “yo, yo, yo, I got WHAT”
      (chorus) “Sizzurp goggles, sizzurp goggles”
      “I GOT WHHAT?!?!”
      (chorus, louder) “SIZZURP GOGGLES, SIZZURP GOGGLES”
      (cue posse all holding styrofoam cups in air, swinging t-shirts)

    • Jen

      yea, she is busted looking. she looks like she is hiding nuts in her gums.

  12. LACoolKid

    Everyone watch what you say. You don’t want to offend the backwater fool who makes it big in the music business yet resorts to ingesting dollar store cough medicine.

  13. Photoshop Police

    What did Texas Instruments ever do to deserve all this bad press?


  14. Peter Darker

    Actually all of you are idiots. Sizzurp (slang for syrup) has been around for decades. As in 5. My uncle used to sell it with 7-up as a teen to junkies. It’s just prescription Robitussin. Been around forever.

    • McFeely Smackup

      Actually you’re wrong, most of these retards don’t even drink prescription strength stuff, the VAST majority of the time they’re drinking over the counter stuff.

  15. Cosmo

    “Sizzurp” is still not a goddamn word, I don’t care how many people have been saying it or for how long.

    • Brian

      Cosmo would prefer that we call it “codeine cough syrup mixed with a flavored beverage” whenever we refer to sizzurp.

      P.S. The Lil Wayne documentary is one of the finest films of the past ten years, and there’s a big focus on his abuse of sizzurp.

    • "Here Comes Mongo"

      Um, Mr. Cosmo (if that is your real name), that’s precisely the definition of how something becomes a word. There was a time when “goddamn” was’nt a word, but, someone said it first, and more people kept saying it, until it became one, as you just proved. Another example; “Hater”….which is what you are.

      • Cosmo

        Okay… for future note, adding “izz” to words doesn’t make me sound like a jackass, but instead creates new words. Gizzood to knizzow.

    • Kitty Furry

      Neither is “brewski”..

  16. splashsos

    @LACoolKid not defending this stupidity but it’s a prescription codeine cough syrup. I had some when I had pnuemonia and it will F**K you up. It actually helped me quit smokin cigs cuz I was so out of it I didn’t care lol But as a recreational drug it’s kinda ignorant. And it’s been around a llooonnnggg time. There’s alot of songs about it.

  17. Jared

    I live in Oakland and that shit flies off the shelves just as fast as Four Loco’s on the weekends.

  18. McFeely Smackup

    It’s funny how the dregs of every race have their own “thing”.

    White trash huff paint, black trash drinks cough syrup.

    Ahh…how the bottom rung of society equalizes us all.

    • Deacon Jones

      Actually, Mexicans prefer paint, gold to be precise.

      White people prefer meth, which makes crack seem like a cup of decaf.

      • Bob

        But meth lets you time travel (though only forward, and only by yourself) – all you get from gold paint is sparkle face.

      • joker22

        No Mexicans used to huff paint. Stop watching Blood in blood out and American Me. That was at least 40 years ago. The late 60′s and then the 70′s. Get with it. Now since they control the whole dam drug trade that $1 can of paint is used to mark the area you stay out of.

        Number one choice (beer) second (weed) third (PCP) then coke and meth.

        As for T.I. and his new wife who cares purple couch medicine. WOW what a waste of our tax payer dollars. Now we have a high profile case. For codeine when some other jackass is dealing meth a block away. Maybe he needs rehab or to actually serve parole stay in the ATL

  19. Photoshop Police

    Personally, I’m still waiting for Beeyotch to be put in the dictionary.

  20. more like sizzDERP

  21. Bea

    At least these idiots don’t have to worry about colds.

  22. bohokitty

    Seriously? Jeez. Codeine and Speed aren’t “classy drugs” ? Drugs are not classy or trailer trash shit they are drugs. Different people have different preferences you aren’t a high class druggie if your snorting coke and trailer trash if you’re snorting meth. Their are people from all social levels using all different substances. Give me a break ( Not saying it’s a good thing just stating a fact). They’re are also plenty of white people who’ve gotten high off “syrup”. If T.I. ends up in more trouble then all the little white female celebs who’ve been busted I’m thinking it’s gonna have a bit to do with him being a guy and not just ’cause he’s black. It seems like famous guys get into more trouble for this sort of thing then their female counterparts do….

  23. aristotrash

    He’s gonna get fat if he keeps this up. And I’m gonna laugh when he does.

  24. Glenn Beck

    what is this “rock music” all these kids are talking about?

  25. RaraAvis

    Forget what poison he was caught with. Isn’t this the dude who just got out of jail? And who was speaking last week to kids about how to turn their lives around? And who has a movie being released this week? What a dumb piece of shit.

  26. captain america

    he has alot of faking “Friends” in prisson already………….

  27. Bored with life

    Wow another rapper in jail. I’m shocked. I’m sure it’s because of Whitey keeping him down. For real yo!

  28. Jeffrey

    TI was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and tablets which may or may not turn out to be ecstasy. This whole “sizzurp” thing is all speculation based upon a picture which showed some styrofoam cups in the car, as if the only thing a black person would possibly have in a styrofoam cup is sizzurp. TI and Tiny were arrested for FELONY drug possession. Cough preparations containing codeine are Schedule IV or V depending upon the amount of codeine. Possession of cough syrup which contains codeine is NOT felony drug possession. I bet they’re wishing it was just sizzurp they got arrested for.

    And also, yeah the word “sizzurp” is nothing new. There was a song about it by Three 6 Mafia that was popular when I was in high school, which was at the end of the 90s, and even then the term wasn’t new.

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