Sylvester Stallone will shoot an arrow through your steak

January 18th, 2008 // 55 Comments

Sylvester Stallone donated memorabilia to the Planet Hollywood in New York City last night. The items include a bow and arrow from Rambo, the fourth installment in the headband-wearing death machine’s franchise. I don’t know about you, but I would exclusively eat at any restaurant where Sly Stallone fired an explosive arrow through my food. Unless he accidentally shot my beer. In which case I’d demand satisfaction. Mainly seeing Rocky shoot my strawberry shortcake out of a bazooka.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. Pedro Perez

    Number 1

  2. deaconjones


  3. Gerald_Tarrant

    Stallone was pretty funny on Letterman last night. Too bad he’s still a retard. I believe that he shot steroids into his cranium to try and make his brain grow. Stupid ass.

  4. Mike

    deaconjones, you are an IDIOT!

    anyway, I would love to be his bottomer.

  5. oh snap!

    well, he can no longer deny the fact that he wears lifts, seeing as they are very visible in this pic…..midget!

  6. The Office Whore

    do not want.

  7. adeliza

    He looks like a hound dog that got smacked upside his jowls with a frying pan. Ugly, ugly, hideous man.


  8. D. Richards (Man-Child.)

    Man, where does the time go? Stallone’s an elderly man now. Sure, he’s ripped; but it’s from the fistfuls of steroids he doses daily.

    Poor John Rambo.

  9. Auntie Kryst

    Did someone from the waitstaff take these pictures with a camera phone? Seriously, who the fuck still shows up for a Planet Hollywood press conference? I think Sly isn’t talking to the press, he’s informing the Nussbaum family that their table is ready.

  10. p0nk

    you have no idea how disappointed Sly was when he found out that midget porn was more of a joke than a real market.
    “You’re a bum, Rocky” (in my best Burgess Meredith voice)

  11. I didn’t know that place was still open. I haven’t seen any pictures of Bruce Willis at that place in a while either. I was hoping we left that back in the 90′s along with Pogs.

  12. BunnyButt

    Jeez, Fish, what did we ever do to make you punish us with Amy AND Sly pics all in one day?

    I think he borrowed that shirt from Brit. Nice grease stain.

  13. Good God! He looks like the wicked witch of the east after a fight with a pail of water…

  14. Hey Office Whore

    Are we going out for drinks tonight?

  15. liz

    What’s up with his neck? It’s BRIGHT RED. I couldn’t even watch him on Letterman last night because of it.

  16. suzy

    he wore the same outfit this morning on the view

  17. p0nk

    not even scientology could cure that. Give it your best shot, tom.

  18. Sly needs to come work for us!

  19. KickRocks


  20. thegrayway

    Geez, what a meat head.

  21. “Yo Adrian, I’m not even smart enough to spell steroids and bad actor!”

  22. Josh Simpson

    I didn’t even know Planet Hollywood still existed…

  23. lisa

    to #16……the view shoots friday’s show on thursday.

    The gals have fridays off..

    I think he looks HOT! for an old man……….

  24. Ted from LA

    Look at his face. It’s like someone poured oatmeal and Play-Do in a blender and BAM! Sly Stalone! You Adrian, I’ve had too much surgery.

  25. mabbo

    Wait… Planet Hollywood still exists?? And if it indeed does exist, who the fuck would go to a Planet Hollywood restaurant? Especially in New York. Buhahahaha. We had one in Vancouver, but Vancouverites have much too much class to patronize a PH. Needless to say, it shut down real quick. I also met Stallone in Vancouver years ago at a Virgin Megastore. He was very nice, and yes, he is short.

  26. cap'n picles

    He sure have muscle. I hear he seeking love at i’ where the sexy, rich, and incontinent meet. I hear he find love there.

  27. Wim

    Most of the time now he looks like he melted and then re-froze.

  28. Mr - T

    He’s a fucking FOOL !!!
    Always has been – Always WILL be !!!
    FOOL !!!

  29. cookie monsta

    he was prolly only there for the earlybird specials anyhow …..

  30. sly cut me mic ccuutt! mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee. lfmoa!!oxox

  31. sly cut me mic ccuutt! mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee. lfmoa!!oxox

  32. Julie

    He is so old and disgusting, just look at all of the slobber on his shirt. I am going to throw up. This dude has seen his day and it is way over. Sly is just an Old Goat.

  33. jb

    Did Gene Simmons and the Donald help you with your hair ? Looks like it. Also, is that the only T shirt you own? You’ve been wearing it for 2 days and it has some spots. I bet they came from B.Walters this morning.

  34. Puritan Assmilk

    steroids and HGH or not…you gotta admit it…for 60, the dude is *ripped*

  35. He is still in great shape.

    His physique looks the same as he did in the 1970s


  37. lerkan

    lots and lots of jealous people here, this man has inspired millions of people and is a great actor.

  38. mike

    hey ….if you guys want to read more about Stallone you can find his bio and many cool pics on

  39. Ted from LA

    “Great actor.” This is the funniest post I’ve read in 14 years of reading posts on this site. I’m inspired to take some drugs to make me look like a freak when I am 60 years-old. Lerkan, you’re a dumb fuck.

  40. ST evec

    RamRoid ……. is that the newest movie coming out soon?

  41. WhoCares

    Uh der!!!

  42. Lowlands

    Rocky is figthing his final battle.Him against Time.I put everything what i have on Time(:

  43. bbw

    Sylvester , God bless you and You will be fine. In addition, i want to inform you that someone here is keeping saying you are seeking bbw woman on recently!

  44. Sauron

    @42)Finally an easy bet,i put also all what i have on the same thing.Here are my fingerless handgloves and half a bottle of booze.Btw,same plastic surgeon as Janice Dickinson?

  45. Sauron

    Will Planet Hollyhood everything what’s cut off the bodies of these celebrities on your plate?It will be a though job but i like my steak medium and drugs and hormones free:)

  46. Sauron

    @45)I’m typing to fast (350/minute),’serve on plate’ and ‘tough job’ :o

  47. Apotheker

    Alright. Who do I have to suck to get this thing.

    P.S. I’m good at it, they say.

  48. EuroNeckPain

    This man has three different types of skin on these pictures. Face = extremely tight plastic-like skin, neck = burnt skin (violent last minute peeling ?), ams = thin veiny spotted skin of an old man. Incoherent.
    I hate plastic surgery. It makes people look like their caricature.
    He would be much better if he had aged naturally. What’s the point of butchering one’s face. It does not make you attractive to younger people anyway.

  49. grrrr

    Mickey Rouke cousin

  50. lerkan

    Ted from LA, you must be retarded or something, there’s nothing wrong with stallones acting otherwise he wouldnt have been nominated for an academy award. That he has gone another path making action movies is a choice he has made, who has won oscars doing action movies? No one. I know that you are out of shape and to lazy to get in shape and hates other people that is in shape which stallone has inspired, because you want a world with only fatsos so that your chanses to get a girl would be higher.

    NOTE: everyone who has followed stallone career knows that the HGH is very recent, he just went all big after 2003, in the rest of his career he has been clean.

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