Sylvester Stallone fined for importing drugs

May 21st, 2007 // 55 Comments

Sylvester Stallone was fined $2,500 and ordered to pay a court cost of $8,300 by an Australian court Monday for illegally bringing in 48 vials of human growth hormone which he claimed was prescribed to him to help boost his body while filming Rambo.

“This stuff gives your body a boost and you feel and look good,” Stallone said in a customs interview. “Doing Rambo is hard work, and I am going to be in Burma for a while. Where do you think I am going to get this stuff in Burma?”

At least he admitted he’s on something. Have you seen him recently? Nobody should look the way he does, let alone a 60-year-old. His face should be on public service announcements, with big bold letters saying: “If you look like this, it’s time to see a doctor.” Or, I dunno, a veterinarian.



  1. He’s like 5’4″. And I think he drags his knuckles on the ground too.

    And let’s not forget the ‘glass table’ rumor that won’t die, just like Richard Gere’s gerbil rumor.

  2. I’d like to buy a vowel Pat?

    A “T” please?

  3. deaconjones

    I bet when he shaves Botox oozes out of his face…

  4. getyourhandoutofmycat

    Wait he doesn’t look that *handsome* naturally?

  5. He also agreed to pay the $10,000 in court fees.

  6. theresa

    He looks good? I always thought he looked like a hound dog that got smacked on the side of the head with a frying pan. Plus, he is a dwarf.

  7. Sierra

    Is he wearing lipstick? It’s a very flattering shade.

  8. theyareallidiots

    Hooray for admitting it. Maybe a few people will get a clue that most if not ALL of these “celebs” are fake. Makeup, stylists, personal trainers, dieticians, illegal performance enhancers, etc., etc.

  9. fleetwoodjackk

    That old hag looks like Bilbo Baggins in drag. Nice, tho, that he got his lipstick to match his cheek blusher. Some Preparation H would help tighten up those eyes since he went to all the trouble to have his brows plucked into that high arch. Or is this all just his Jintropin glow? Rambo and Rocky would hang their heads and weep…

  10. I think itz time
    you claimed “Rocky”
    from Survivor as
    your son!!!!!!!!!

    Ain’t no way U can
    deny him….

    Don’t old people use
    hormonez? What an
    asshole, thinking
    he could get away
    with that…..

    Maybe he’ll grow
    a puzzy……..

  11. RichPort

    His face has more grooves than a vinyl record, and has probably had just about as many needles on it.

  12. God, he looks so cute with his makeup and lipstick on.Britney needs to give him a wig and some high heels , then he’ll be good to go.

  13. Capeman

    I dont see what the big deal is anyway, a few weeks from now and we will all forget about this. Sylvesters the man, ROCKY BILBOA you know!!!
    Cant wait for Rambo 4.

  14. I think he shoots up his hormones in the face..why don’t you you accept that your old..face it..everyone has to die.

  15. DrPhowstus

    Does anyone remember how, in Rambo III, he was fighting on the side on the Afghan mujahadeen aganst the Russians? Oh how times have changed…

  16. capeman

    Your all too critical about the guy, I bet that if you met him in person you wouldnt say jack shit, cos hed knock your block off chump, he aint pudgy man, hes just got what you called a relaxed brain you know, the itallion stallion rules.

  17. Chauncey Gardner

    The drugs the authorities should be worried about are the hallucinogens he gives to women before he screws ‘em. If they think he’s Fabio, they won’t scream.

  18. He doesn’t look that old for 60. They should give some of those drugs to Lohan, because she already looks older than Stallone.

  19. The Superfish guy is on coke

    #16 You remind me of that impression Eddie Murphy did in “Raw”.

    “Yo! You seen Rocky yet? Good fuckin’ movie! I don’t want to ruin it for ya or nuttin’ but at the end, the nigga gets it!”

    Rocky was your hero growing up wasn’t he??

  20. Mylene

    man does he have alot of makeup on. he looks like a fat auntie who p**ed off the eyebrow waxer at the local nail salon and used too much face cream. but he has less face wrinkles than i do and is twice my age, but i am five inches taller and have huge boobies. OK so what is this glass table that is being referred to?

  21. Kamihi

    UGH this is the ugliest man in thhe world, DIE SLY DIE.

  22. lambman

    Man those 80′s stars loved their plastic surgery. That’s why they all look horrible now, heck stars from the generation before that all look normal, but those 80′s ones look so weird.

  23. Jodie

    I do believe that Burma became Myanmar in like 1989…

  24. Allison

    I love him. it’s all a lie!!! do you people have nothing else better to do!?!?!?!?

  25. botox.
    i do not undestand these guys, really, hvae you recently seen some pic of miss kidmann? she probably gets botox-fixed every day.
    how do these people eat?

  26. bungoone

    16, just because this dude threw some punches in a movie doesn’t mean he’d kick someone’s ass in real life. it’s called acting. i bet this guy’s got a bigger vage than Pam Anderson.

  27. Terry

    i cant believe you pathetic americans. you sit on your little computer chairs talking the talk acting all mighty because you know that noone can touch you. Jesus christ, this guy was hosting the contender ffs. He has the muscles to back it up and Rambo and Rocky are like the best films ever.

    He looks pretty good for how old he is. I bet if someone saw any of your ugly arses they would run a mile or just die of fright.

  28. happy_bunny

    What the hell is a 60 year old doing still playing Rambo?

  29. #27==hey assfuck….
    geez, what do u want me to say about him, just coz he hosted contender….?

    Ok, howz thiz….

    Damn, I want to fuck this sexy hot older
    strong heeman,,,

    good enough for you, azzhole?

  30. duke

    is it just me or is he the spit of the little evil lady gnome at the end of don’t look now

  31. Terry

    #27 err how about say nothing? you dont have to post worthless shit at each news update

  32. Slippery Jim

    Remember the rule on set when working with him: you can’t talk to him or even look at him. Now I understand why: union rules against crew members turning to stone and such.

  33. MadameO

    He looks like he’s been EMBALMED. I mean, who does this guy’s makeup?? And even worse, imagine how terrifying he’d look without it…

  34. Malicious

    can someone PLEASE tell me what the glass table rumour is??

  35. blpressure

    How dare they fine Rocky! Those supplements make him what he is, super old BEEFCAKE! How are you supposed to do Rocky and Rambo at 60 years old without HGH?

  36. Tom

    He looks great. Sometimes you have to have a little help to stay in shape. I hope I look so good when I’m 60!

  37. madaboutzoe

    Maybe he should call his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger to help him out…lol..
    I’ll tell you this much, he’s not looking any better that’s for sure so those drugs are certainly not helping him any.

    ok, thanks!

  38. Lukasiewich

    He looks yellow, as in failing kidneys, as in extended steroid and HGH abuse.

  39. moksha

    He’s turning into Jacqueline Stallone. Tarot cards and all.

  40. Simon666

    @34: he was rumoured wanking off beneath a glass table, on top of which two prostitues from Fleis’s network were hired to have lesbian sex.

  41. Simon666

    At least that’s the one I remember. When googling it, it appears the most frequent version is asking the hooker to shit on top of the glass table with him wanking off underneath.

  42. AmberDextrose

    I don’t think that’s him. I think that’s his mother, Jackie, WITHOUT makeup.

  43. Franny_Bunny

    OMG! the makeup makes him look like a Tranny!

  44. who cares

    Who cares about that stuff? If u have seen the trailer of Rambo u know what I`m talking about


  46. DahliaRose

    I read that Human Growth Hormone is supposed to slow down the aging process. Well, apparently, as we can all see, it does not work. I also think that he’s had permanent eyebrows tattooed on his ugly, old face. His upper lip also has had collengen injections. The guy is Pathetic.

  47. uptoolate

    Nice makeup dude. Don’t you have grandchildren somewhere that need you? Do us all a favor and realize this: You’re old. You’re wash-up. Your lucky to have a model wife that doesn’t dump you for the pool guy. You need to go be with your grandchildren, learn to golf, take up gardening –and please, oh please for the love of God and everything beautiful–DON’T make any more movies that are age-inappropriate!!

  48. Mike

    This “old man” has done a hell of a lot better than anyone of us here reading these stories and commenting on them. He came from nowhere, made it in the hollywood big leags and has the dollars to back his achievments up so maybe we should cut him some slack?!

    The dude is old, that much is true, but, with some luck, we too shall be old some day. When we get old, we notice it every second. There is no need to stick “your too old” to his face and bash the guy just cause he survived to be old and still in the game.


  49. what

    Mike, this is a celebrity news site. Celebrities do dumb things, we make fun of them. That’s pretty much how it goes.

    It doesn’t really matter where he came from or what he’s done, first he denied it, then he admitted to it after he was found out. It’s time to point and laugh now.

  50. He wasn’t fined for importing fugly?

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