Sydney Leathers Made A Song Called ‘Weinerizer’

Sydney Leathers is milking her 15 minutes way more times than she physically milked Anthony Weiner’s wiener which was zero because sexting is dumb. Because now on top of a porno, an advice column and whatever the hell she’s doing at a strip club (above), she’s making a single called “Weinerizer” because the bitch stole my list of top baby names. I’LL KILL YOU. Anyway, you can watch the making of video below via Mail Online and the whole thing is just as ridiculous as sounds because all this woman has done is send photos of her feet to a politician who ejaculates just by reading words on his phone. (Side Note: Call child services.) I guess the only silver lining is here is that at least news outlets aren’t bringing her on for interviews to gain political insight into a partisan opponent thereby legitimizing this horseshit. You’d have to be a fucking moron to do that.

Photos: WENN