Sweet Music to My Eyes

Welcome to the latest Lindsay Lohan mug shot. I was kind of hoping this one would involve more crying and scratching at the walls considering she was 100% convinced she’d be balls deep in whiskey by now, but I’m not about to look a gift horse in the coke receptacle. In the meantime, if the mug shot’s not doing it for you, I added pics of Dina walking out of the courthouse with Lindsay’s shoes because the look on her face is probably the most priceless thing I’ll ever see in my life. I could watch my own child being born then nestled to sleep under a starry sky by a panda next to a waterfall and still be thinking about that face. “Yeah, honey, it’s adorable, but remember Dina Lohan’s face when Lindsay went to jail? *sniff* I know, I know. I promised I wouldn’t get choked up again. But she was just so pissed.

Photo: Splash News