Sweet Music to My Eyes

September 24th, 2010 // 81 Comments

Welcome to the latest Lindsay Lohan mug shot. I was kind of hoping this one would involve more crying and scratching at the walls considering she was 100% convinced she’d be balls deep in whiskey by now, but I’m not about to look a gift horse in the coke receptacle. In the meantime, if the mug shot’s not doing it for you, I added pics of Dina walking out of the courthouse with Lindsay’s shoes because the look on her face is probably the most priceless thing I’ll ever see in my life. I could watch my own child being born then nestled to sleep under a starry sky by a panda next to a waterfall and still be thinking about that face. “Yeah, honey, it’s adorable, but remember Dina Lohan‘s face when Lindsay went to jail? *sniff* I know, I know. I promised I wouldn’t get choked up again. But she was just so pissed.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    The face is just begging to have a slow motion cum shot blasted across it.

    God, I love these girls. All 3 of them

  2. RoboZombie

    Pic 1 looks like Lindsay’s “OK, you can unload on my face, but I get the eight ball after that right?-face!

  3. Probono

    Lindsey Lohan I sentence you to 50 lashes across your face… with my dick. Court dismissed

  4. bluemanda
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    What is that wonderful taste. Ah yes, that is the taste of victory.

  5. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot
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    She has more mugshots than I have portraits from my wedding.

  6. Righty Whitey

    I would’ve banged the shit outta her back when she did Mean Girls, when she still had a natural face and nice jugs. Now she looks like Dana Plato and probably does have a firecrotch….How can someone turn into such dogshit in only a few years?

  7. emily
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    haha love this

  8. I don’t think that jumper fits.

    she should complain to someone.

  9. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot
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    Got it coming.

  10. vandinz

    So what, her mother is pissed a the court for sending her down but not with LiLo or HERSELF for fucking up being a mother? The minds boggles.

  11. mxbanker
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    Bet she never saw this coming when Linsey was filming “The Parent Trap”.

  12. E.

    why r there are vag lips on her face?

  13. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot
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    Ironic that this may be one of her finer pics.

  14. Marnie

    Matt Lauer probably just came.

  15. girl who likes it in da butt
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    LOL at her carrying Lindsay slut shoes out.

  16. What was her mom expecting???? Dina Lohan is no better than Michael Lohan. They are both spoiled out of touch with reality people who raised Lindsay who is way out of touch with reality. I have tos ay, I think her face looks alright here. Maybe it’s the camera angle, or maybe I have cataracts in my eyes!!!

  17. Mr. T

    Wow perfect post Fish….and what a great way to start the weekend!

  18. Mr.Q
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    I’d pay a million dollars to have her stand in my room with that look on her face all day. I’d die from laughter before i need to pay up.

  19. Bindy
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    Haha is the lady in the black dress laughing? Nice!

  20. Kevin


    • brit boys are cool

      Oh, there’s more siblings in that family. I think there’s another sister and brother. Let the good times roll.

  21. Relief, not happiness.
    Nobody died…….. this time.

    • The Real TAB

      GREAT comment!

      I can only wonder that the only thing she was allowed to do was freshen up for her mug shot, after all this is the photo that is the money shot.

      GOD those Lohans know how to work a camera lens!

      Dina’s look is PRICELESS!

  22. yup
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    Almost better than Dina’s face is the look on her lawyer’s face trying not to piss herself laughing!

  23. Rick

    “I added pics of Dina walking out of the courthouse with Lindsay’s shoes because the look on her face is probably the most priceless thing I’ll ever see in my life. ”

    what, you never had a girlfriend who hated to swallow?

  24. robertb59
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    Exactly how many shoes was she wearing? Looks like Dina just hit the bargain bin at Payless.

  25. Brian0523
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    Is that the black suit Dina’s going to wear to her daughters funeral? Just askin.

  26. Does the carpet match the jumpsuit?

  27. who likes to give it to girl in da but
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    I can guarantee Lindsay Lohan that if she didn’t hang out with her mother or stupid sister for at least one year that should be a better person ten fold! No joke, she needs to separate herself from this so called “family.”

  28. I’d love to give a Dirty Sanchez to MILF Dina!

    • Vito

      Dina? A MILF? Oh c’mon. I’d call her a MILSSSSOFOFE.

      Mom I’d Like to See Someone Slap the Shit Out of, then Fall Off the Face of the Earth.

  29. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot
    Hugh Gentry
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    if she didn’t have the duck lips, this pic would make the spank bank.

  30. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot
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    DUCKFACE! Ahahahaahahaha

  31. anonymous

    gotta luv how LL was sent to prison on a Friday. That means she has to got without the commissary goodies until Monday or Tuesday. LOL

    Hope she had a good breakfast before going to court.

  32. jim x
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    OMG. That is fantastic. She didn’t get her way. AND she’s that mad because her daughter might get a slap on the other wrist this time. And, incidentally, have another chance not to die choking on a crack pipe under a bridge.

    • stinkdaddy

      Choking a crack pipe in a VIP lounge you mean? I think you’re giving Hollywood a bit much credit by assuming she’ll ever be unwelcome.

      • jim x

        Well, it’s not to Hollywood’s credit – I just think there could come come a point where she doesn’t make money for people any more. Then she could end up downtown like Leif Garrett. But that did take a couple decades.

  33. Mr. Sensitive

    It’s only a matter of time before LiLo is tonguing some bull-dike’s hairy balloon-knotted asshole in the pen.

    What a horrible scenario for such a misunderstood soul. Poor thing…

    Arrrgghhh…*squirts sperm out of dick*

  34. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot
    Hilton Hunter
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    She looks hot.

  35. Rough,Assessing assessments, since now

    Awwww Bambi lost its Mommy…

  36. shaft
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  37. Dave

    Her chest looks sorta hairy…

  38. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot
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    Holy mother of botox…

  39. Sean
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    When’s she’s a 65llb crack whore there will still be people in Hollywierd lining up to get a bj from her.

    …and her mom brokering the transactions for her 10%

    grow a brain in lockup or this is your future

  40. Rick's Daddy
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  41. jamie

    The best part of this is that her mother’s last words to her before they carted her away were clearly “wait, you said I could borrow those shoes for that thing next week”

  42. herbiefrog

    do any of you people have girlfriends ?

    you sound like sex starved adolescents

    grow up and get a pair…

    ….post something meaningful ?

    • Vito

      Why in the fuck would anyone post something meaningful on The Superficial? This isn’t motherfucking Newsweek or Time or The Saturday Evening Post. Get a grip, dude.

      Look up “superficial” in the dictionary. (What a dope!)

  43. BabygirljeR
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    Oh, good! Univision is there.

  44. Sigher


    What the fuck, people? 35 comments and not yet one “cunt”?

    OK, let me oblige.

    What a whorish, duck-billed cunt. And the mom and the sisters are trampy little whores too.

    Make the Kunt-dashians look like nuns.

  45. Slab


  46. Nudgie

    Love the pic of Dina leaving the courthouse…

    “If you are a self-absorbed, enabling hag….
    You must carry your daughter’s shoes in a bag!”

    (in the spirit of Johnnie Cochran)

  47. Jennifer*
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    Her lawyer looks like she is about to bust out laughing. Who can blame her, though. I think we all shared a chuckle today.

  48. therapper


    …it’s about time….ahhahhahahhahahhahahhahahahahaha…..

    Dumb bitch, keep her in there just like all of us would be on a drug charge and repeated “fuck you’s” to authority…

  49. GLT

    There is a God. *sniff* I’m so happy.

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