Sweet Goddamn, The New ‘Rogue One’ Trailer

There’s a new Rogue One trailer and holy shit, do these things just keep getting better. I’m not usually one to fanboy out over a trailer, and maybe it’s just because I’ve been monitoring more comments sections than usual with Fish out this week, but I had a visceral reaction to this. Here’s what happens in my brain now after six years of internetting.

0:19 – “Wait, is Hannibal wearing Under Armour?”

0:21 – “Fucking Danny Rayburn, man. Dude ruins everything.”

1:01 – “DEATH STAR! That’s the Death Star right there!”

1:04 – “Oh, shit there’s Nasir and he has the name-of-the-movie line!”

1:15 – “Darth Vader’s shadow! I saw it and he’s a character I fondly remember!”

1:31 – “Forrest Whitaker wit dem robot feet, ya’ll!!”

1:39 – “Damn son, Space Dubai looks noiiiise!”

1:45 – “Asian Braveheart with cataracts is a bawse.”

1:55 – “Okay, that’s now the second shot of Nasir. I kind of feel like they’re overvaluing The Night Of here, I mean it was alright, but this seems like overkill.”

2:04 – “There’s Darth Vader. There he is! I SAW DARTH VADER’S FULL BODY!!”

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