Susan Boyle gets gussied up

My hottest pics yet! Here’s Internet singing sensation Susan Boyle sporting a new make-over which is not as intensive as pretty much every media outlet is making it out to be because it’s Friday. E! News reports:

However, a rep for the show insists the cosmetic changes are not something new for Ms. Boyle. In other words, she’s not being put through some sort of insta-celebrity-induced beauty overhaul.
“Her sisters took her to her local salon where she had her monthly trim and a wash in and wash out color put on,” the show’s rep just emailed me. “That is all.”
British newspapers report that Boyle visited the Miss Toner salon near her home in Blackburn, Scotland. The hair job cost $51 and eyebrow pluck about $7, according to the Evening Standard.

To be honest, I don’t really follow the whole reality singing circuit, but I do know that Susan Boyle is more Internet famous than porn these days. In fact, just posting these pics is causing hundred dollar bills to fly out of my monitor. — I thought if I typed that it would come true. *takes off Swami hat* Can’t believe I traded my car for this…

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