Suri Cruise is a real human being


I take back every mean thing I’ve said about Suri Cruise, because despite being very much a real human person she’s also one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. The new issue of Vanity Fair comes out tomorrow and in it Katie Holmes discusses how much she hates sites like this.

“Some of the crap that’s out there – the stuff that’s said about my parents and my siblings [tabloid accounts implied that Katie’s family did not hit it off with Tom] – it’s really frustrating the amount of shit that’s out there. And the stuff they say about Suri?! You shouldn’t say that about us, and you can’t say that about my child.” Holmes explains that the gossip “eats away at me because it’s just not O.K.,” but that she keeps up on it because “this is my future. This is my family, and I care so much about them. To see how someone as caring and good as Tom is – to see how things can just get so twisted and turned around. I mean, where does it come from?”

Katie Couric also debuted the photos of Suri on the CBS Evening News which you can check out here:

And as much as everybody was hoping she’d turn out to be an animatronic Cabbage Patch Kid the truth is she’s just flat out beautiful. And possibly Asian. Which makes about as much sense as her not being made by Mattel.