Suri Cruise gets art dedicated to her crap

The lameass artist that brought us this is making another grab for attention by “shocking” the world with his latest masterpiece: a bronze sculpture inspired by Suri Cruise’s first poop. The work will go on display today, but won’t actually contain any of Suri Cruise’s poop.

“Babies mostly breastfeed for the first four months, so a baby’s first meal of solid food may be a baby’s first meal at the dinner table,” said David Kesting, the director of Capla Kesting Fine Art, located in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg gallery district. “A bronzed cast of baby’s first poop can be a meaningful memento for the family.”

“It’s partially a statement on modern media that ‘celebrity poop’ has more entertainment value than health, famine or other critical issues facing society and governments today,” the Capla crew said in a statement, “and also the absurdity of the media coverage on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ new baby, Suri Cruise, which has reached stellar proportions, eclipsing far more notable events with more substance.”

I’m all for poking fun at the media coverage surounding Suri Cruise, but I still find it slightly less offensive than the media coverage surrounding this. Maybe if the artist didn’t have a history of putting together ridiculous celebrity art. Or have me totally convinced he’s a publicity whore. No doubt within the next couple months this guy is going to announce a statue inspired by all of Paris Hilton’s vaginal diseases. Ooh, so shocking. Pay attention to this guy, he’s a real shocker.