Suri Cruise does stuff with her face

July 13th, 2007 // 178 Comments

The Daily Mail has some adorable shots of Suri Cruise at the park. Well, adorable until she gets into the arms of Tom Cruise. Then she goes from being adorable to looking like a grumpy Frodo. I’m guessing Tom emits some sort of ‘crazy field’, and whenever Suri is around it she feels compelled to climb Mount Doom, or hunt orcs, or do whatever it is that nerds like to dress up and read about so much.


  1. Shannon

    She managed to turn out kinda cute, even though her dad looks like Frodo.

  2. Dizzybenny

    stop picking on Tom,he’s the second coming you know.

  3. Tiffany

    She’s adorable. Her parents are fug tho..

  4. CoquetteBean

    Wow. I didn’t even read the whole thing, I just think Tom looks like Frodo. Haha.

  5. Nigga Leroy

    Is that thing a mogwai?

  6. wedgeone

    Ha-Ha … Frodo … More like Gollum with Mickey Dolenz’ 60′s haircut.

    BTW, TCLTC. First to say that! Yay me!

  7. Monica

    shes adorable. the frodo comment is quite true in that one picture with her and tom. many laughs

  8. wedgeone

    #5 – that name just cracked me up more than anything Fish has commented on today. Just … DAMN!

  9. flyby

    Why am I thinking of the Simpsons episode where the sales guy says:
    ‘No, this isn’t one of those shady Pyramid schemes. This is what we call here the Trapezoid.’

  10. Jillblondie

    WTF is Katie wearing? Is that a horse blanket?

  11. lambman

    Suri is cute, and looks exactly like Katie (I don’t see a Tom resembalance, did they clone Katie?)

    Katie has finally started looking happy / healthy again. I honestly think she did, ironically, have post-partem depression. That haircut fugs her up though

  12. Lullaby

    I’m sorry, but thats the ugliest baby Ive ever seen

  13. Christ on a Crotch

    Yep, that’s one cute baby. Too bad her dad’s loco and her mom is a Stepford Wife.

    By the way Benny, I’m the second cumming and I smite you. You’ve been smitten!

  14. Tom Cruise

    My darling Suri. One day, Zenu will help you grow a penis. And I will suck it.

  15. miss oblivious

    Of my gosh, that expression on her face when she’s with Tom; thats totally a Katie expression. She does it all the time when she’s acting. I used to kind of think she did it on purpose to try to look cute or something. But apparently its genetic?! And as for Suri…well she’s definetly their kid. She totally looks like equal parts Tom & Katie. She’s kinda cute, but its too soon to tell; she might end up w/ the big honker like Tom has. I have to admit though, they do look like a kind of sweet family. Maybe Tom has mellowed out after having his own biological child…maybe??? Please?

  16. Dizzybenny

    #13By the way Benny, I’m the second cumming and I smite you. You’ve been smitten!

    (look at the palms of his hands and sees hair groing)mmmmmmmm furry(unzips pants)

  17. uber-boober

    this thing has kennedy written all over it, but in this case, tom cruise isn’t cheating on her with mariylin monroe – but rather, MEN!

  18. Your Mom

    That poor kid. She is so hosed with TC as a Dad, minus the whole money thing of coarse.

  19. BitchyBabe

    Dude, the photo of her with her father is from Cannes … old old old.

  20. Check out for news and videos on the band! Also, The Dan Band is performing at the Avalon(hollywood) on July 20th!

  21. anonymous

    Did someone break the ugly stick on her!

  22. Christ on a Crotch

    It’s official….I love benny

    (as I dip my middle finger down my……)

  23. Loser

    That is honestly the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen in my life. Where do I begin? Maybe its haircut… Maybe the fact that the child is Asian, yet neither of its parents are… Perhaps that it’s dressed in some sort of fire-retardant blanket…

    That kid is fugly. It has Katie Holmes’s bat nose (seriously, look up a photo of a blood-sucking bat and compare its nose to Katie’s), and a trailer-trash mouth. Someone keep that kid indoors and away from my field of vision. Thank you!

  24. Dizzybenny

    #23 sorry dude THE ugliest baby is Rene-Charles of Celine Dion and the corpes she married.

    and Christ please tell me you brought your finger down to your navel.

    work day is over!
    have a good weekend all!

  25. woodhorse

    Wally – “a little”? We both know I swallow: hook, line & sinker.

  26. Courtney

    KatIE is so beautiful. Sigh.

  27. lis

    Aren’t all babies ugly? Did I miss something?

  28. silentpyjamas

    little does the Church of Scientology know, but baby Suri is actually a specifically bred tome-bomb full of thetans. one day she will deflate in the middle of a huge CoS event and give all those clears their thetans back.

  29. silentpyjamas

    a time bomb, too. i blame the typos on drugs.

    hi krazihottkelli! doesn’t matter what anyone else says, i don’t consider a post on this blog to be meaningful without your inputs!

  30. KELLY K

    I can see a resemblance to Tom through her eyes. I really am surprised because I like the rest of you believe he LTC> I do wonder though, maybe she was inseminated? Whaddaya think? just throwin it out there.

    That is all.

  31. Kim

    Hey Loser #23. That baby is not Asian! She has almond shaped eyes like Katie. Thank Zenu that she didn’t get any of TC’s looks, like his HUGE nose!

  32. PatinNJ

    He sure is clear. No education, no common sense.

  33. Julia

    Omg. Suri Cruise is the most adorable little kid ever.

  34. Wally'sPinkWoodenHorse

    suri, phone home.

  35. tromba

    Some of you people are fucking sick. Pick on someone your own goddamned size.

  36. We-Le-Surrender....

    This Crazy Cruise moment brought to you by L.L. Bean and L. Ron Hubbard….

  37. We-Le-Surrender....


    1. Its the internet
    2. Its the SUPERFICIAL
    3. Its random text assholery on a computer screen…

    I would not expel any emotion on something that fucking banal…

    Oh, and Suri Cruise will be a cutter by 9… Watch and see….

  38. Wally'sPinkWoodenHorse

    oh and because it can’t be said enough…

  39. We-Le-Surrender....

    Amen 38…

    TC does indeed LTC…

  40. lambman

    35 – simmer down now, also the vast majority of comments have said the kid is cute…what’re you crying about?

  41. Jeez, is that an ugly child!

  42. wedgeone

    I’d love to skeet all over Suri’s adorable face.

    (how’s that, #35?)

  43. theze two are secretly
    related…and that baby
    iz Katiez clone…like
    zomeone said already..

    one thingz for zure,
    Tom did not father
    that baby..U know it,
    I know it and the
    whole damn world knowz
    it…dickz are hiz thing…

  44. Chauncey Gardner

    In that second picture, she looks like Tom Cruise’s wicked-ugly cousin who was on LOST and turns up in all of his movies.

    Actually, what I’d really like to know about is their process for conditioning her into a good little Xenu-hating $cientologist.

  45. Looks like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider.

  46. lowercase

    Looks like she’s concentrating on filling her diaper in the lower piture.

  47. the chicken

    #43 Thanks for recycling everyone else’s remarks. *yawn*

  48. schack

    don’t joke around about cloning. if they can clone Katie, they can clone anybody. just think about that – there could be copies of anybody, even people you wish didn’t exist in the first place (…for no apparent reason, the number forty-three just popped into my mind…).

  49. We-Le-Surrender....

    46 – I bet Tom tells her that is pure Xenu she is expelling….

  50. Bill Clinton

    My fellow Americans I would lik…. oh… look who’s here. Hi Kelli… wanna cigar, sweet thang?

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