1. Scotty

    she looks alot like vigo the carpathian from ghostbusters 2, seriously google it!

  2. Rio Hobo

    You need to leave little girls off the site you wanker. Just exactly what type of dick are you to rip on a kid? Asswipe.

  3. The SHEEN

    Her dad makes this face whenever her mom tries to take any of her clothes off.

  4. putabirdonit

    This was so funny!!!! I can’t stop laughing about this post!! Totally made my day!

  5. Anastasia

    Suri is 4 years old and doesn’t deserve anyone’s criticism. She’s just a child. I have a 4 year old and she makes many faces much like Suri. Do not judge a 4 year old child. Asinine behavior from so called caring adults.

  6. reformed_druid

    They dress this kid like a homeless person.

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