Sure, We’ll Look at Minka Kelly’s Boobs Now


Twitter goes after Ciara’s parenting. Guess we’ll add toboggan rides to the long list of things people will #flipshit over. [Wonderwall]

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin still brunch together, but they have to keep it on the low after the whole “chopping Trump’s head off” thing. [US Weekly]

Wait, they gave the lady from Honey Boo Boo a show called From Not to Hot? Who thinks she is hot? What kind of neanderthal is still watching this stuff? [Radar]

Trent Reznor thinks Ashton Kutcher is an asshole… in like, the nicest way possible. [PageSix]

TJ Miller is the Tinder-era’s Andrew Dice Clay, but people still can’t learn how to separate emotions from comedy so the wolves are trying to throw him in a dumpster full of snakes. [WWTDD]

Am I crazy or have Rihanna’s boobs been looking like stuffed-crust pizzas lately? [GoFugYourself]

Pretty genius marketing strategy by Channing Tatum here, but someone needs to tell the guy to stop introducing himself with, “sup bro, name’s Chan.” [TooFab]

I’m surprised Caitlyn Jenner was able to tweet about the military trans ban with all that egg on her face. [Dlisted]