Supergirl Has A Trailer

Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming Supergirl show on CBS which I almost didn’t watch because it’s goddamn six minutes long, and I have other shit I can pretend to be doing. But like a rat wanting a pellet, I watched it and Jesus Christ. It’s like someone mashed together Arrow with every single crime procedural on CBS, and then Ally McBeal puked all over it. Which isn’t an exaggeration because Calista Flockhart is actually in it and plays such a stereotypical office boss they might as well have called this thing The Supergirl Wore Prada. On that note, I’m going to kill myself for making that pun. Adieu.

Also, as numerous people on the Internet have accurately pointed out, Supergirl is almost exactly the Black Widow SNL sketch from a week ago except I’d actually watch 23 episodes of that and not just because of the flashing robot penis. Mostly.

Photo: CBS