‘Supergirl’ Melissa Benoist Fighting an Invisible Bad Guy


Blac Chyna is obviously denying she tried to strangle Rob with a phone charger, but she’s still not making a good case that their entire relationship wasn’t for money. [PageSix]

Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie are officially going to suck up the last of American Idol’s budget. [TMZ]

You can blame Kim Cattrall for the death of the Sex and the City franchise… or thank her, your choice. [Celebuzz]

Tiffany Trump doesn’t get an “allowance” from her POTUS papa… in the biblical sense at least. [Celebitchy]

Speaking of Trump’s money, he tried to buy 50 Cent’s endorsement for $500k during the campaign. [EvilBeet]

Ever wonder what it looks like to literally get the shit knocked out of you? [HHMW]

Hugh Hefner’s widow, Crystal Harris, is probably regretting that iron-clad prenup she signed when she married him… I smell a reality show! [US Weekly]

Kristen Stewart in the Charlie’s Angels reboot? I’ll pass. [WWTDD]

One week in and the clock is already ticking on Megyn Kelly’s talk show. [THR]

Want to really get back at your boyfriend? Light his balls on fire! [TheFrisky]