Summer Phoenix is Finally Divorcing Casey Affleck

A boozy Casey Affleck treated his director of photography like a rapey frat bro while filming I’m Still Here with (former) brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix. It’s documented that he cheated on his wife multiple times and probably did some group stuff with Joaquin. Joaquin got off the hook because he was just being hyper-method for his part in the film, but Casey Affleck – who is married to Joaquin’s sister – never stopped sexually harassing his DP. She eventually resigned.

Another female producer, who was brought on later in the production, was tasked with getting her back. Because she couldn’t find other work, she came back to the shoot on the grounds that this female producer would help tone down the bro mentality of Affleck and his crew.

Affleck subsequently ordered one of his buddies show her his penis on a plane…

Here are both the female DP and the producer’s complaints.

Why am I bringing up a bunch of shit that happened in 2010? Because it’s been scrubbed by the House of Affleck’s PR division to keep the well-connected white guy in Hollywood’s inner circle. Perhaps his douchebaggery developed early on after his own parents divorced and his older brother (that guy who listens to a lot of P.O.D.) turned him onto Journey and booze to help cope.

Now he’s getting his “I’m keeping the house” papers from Summer Phoenix, who needs a huge round of applause for putting up with that kind of shit for a decade. Like brother like… brother, Casey and Summer had actually separated over a year ago before actually filing for divorce. They have two kids.