‘Suicide Squad’ Doesn’t Want To Be Like ‘Batman V Superman’ Anymore

The more I think about Batman V Superman – which is literally all I’ve been doing because my life is off the chain – the more I can’t stop finding new ways that prove it really was a complete and total shitshow despite not making me want to kill myself halfway through like Sucker Punch. And apparently Warner Bros. is doing the same thing because they’re reportedly dropping “tens of millions of dollars” on reshoots for Suicide Squad so people won’t feel like they’re at a goddamn funeral. Via Birth Movies Death:

I have since spoken to more sources and I understand that the reshoots are happening right now, as recently as this week, and that they’re big – tens of millions of dollars big. And they’re adding more humor and lightness into the film.
This, to me, is great news. Hearing that WB is aware that they need to inject some fun into these movies – and that’s what I’m hearing is happening here, not that they’re inserting jokes left and right but that they’re beefing up fun character moments and interactions – can only mean good things for the future of the DC Movieverse after the deadly serious, zero fun Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

And if you’re thinking to yourself, wait, isn’t the trailer already full of jokes and character moments? Those are literally the only ones in the entire movie. Which would probably piss people off when they sit down in the theater expecting some sort of Guardians of The Galaxy type-shit, but instead get slapped in the dick with another grimdark movie where everyone stands around going, “Being me is depressing and sad like high school. I’m gonna go talk to my dead dad about horses dying.” (Actual scene from Batman V Superman. Not even joking.)

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Photo: Warner Bros.