‘Suicide Squad’ Has Another ‘Wayne’s World’ Song For You

Batman V Superman was on track to make a billion dollars, but then everyone made the mistake of seeing it, and now it’s on track to make less money than Man of Steel despite having Batman, Superman, AND Wonder Woman in the same movie for the first time. So here’s the new Suicide Squad trailer that was clearly made before that shit-train derailed because the characters in the opening scene might as well have looked straight in the camera and said, “Shared universe, whoooooooaa!” Then again, people loved that shit in Deadpool. Anyway, Margot Robbie still looks hot as hell, and I like how they’re saving money on the soundtrack by recycling your old Wayne’s World CD. In case you were wondering where that went and if this generation considers the 90s to be classic rock, which they do. On that note, good morning! You’re old.

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Photo: YouTube