Suge Knight needs to lay off the earring lawsuits (Or not. Please don’t kill me.)

A recently bankrupt Suge Knight is apparently trying to sue anyone he can by claiming they caused him to lose his insanely expensive earrings. Of course, the thought that maybe he’s in bankruptcy court because his earwear cost more than a small house is completely lost on him. TMZ reports and, if I’m reading this right, calls Suge Knight a prison bitch:

Suge claims in his U.S. Bankruptcy case that while he was in custody back in 2005, he was passed around like a $2 whore — from Barstow police to the West Valley Detention Center to the California Institution for Men.
Somewhere along the way, Suge says his diamond stud earring was stolen.
Interesting, because Suge just filed a lawsuit against Kanye West, claiming West was responsible for another Suge earring heist. When Kanye was hosting a party in 2005, Suge was shot and his $135,000 earring was allegedly pilfered off his bleeding body.

On a related note, I’m suing Burger King for making me wait too long for my Whopper causing the loss of my 24″ solid gold penis. Its estimated value is $2.6 million after factoring in the mini-bar, laser-firing capabilities and all leather interior. I’ll see you in court. (Bring pickles.)

Photos: WENN