Suge Knight arrested for assaulting girlfriend with a knife

August 28th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Suge Knight was arrested yesterday morning after police caught him beating his girlfriend in a parking lot. Suge was holding a knife at the time and was also in possession of Ecstasy and hydrocodone when officers arrived. The AP reports:

“A citizen sees the beating in a parking lot, police get there fast, they see him beating her. It’s a good solid case,” said Las Vegas police Lt. Chris Carroll.
“This is a very large man,” Carroll said, estimating his weight at more than twice the woman’s. “He was on top of her, actually in the act of violently beating her when the officers arrived, with the knife in his hand.”
At least one officer drew a Taser stun gun as they approached Knight, said Officer Jacinto Rivera, a police spokesman. He said he did not know if the officers drew their handguns. Knight dropped the folding knife and was taken into custody without incident, Carroll said.

I see: Suge Knight can beat up his girlfriend but pisses himself at the sight of a Taser. Pfft! What a pussy.

I’m getting hung upside down from a balcony, aren’t I? Neat.


  1. aussie


  2. aussie


  3. Prattletale

    What a grade A sphincter.

    Beating up a woman twice his size—I hope he gets anally reamed in prison.

  4. Prattletale

    And I wonder how long he’s been beating her. She’ll probably go back to him too.

    What I flush down the toilet is worth more than men like him. This pisses me off.

  5. yeah bitch. Take that woman! Real men beat women, and kids, and animals. Don’t they?

    What a piece of shit!

  6. Randal


    You’re a legend in and out of the studio.

    Keep your pimp hand strong and the bitches on they’s toes.


    - Randal

  7. jokadrma

    Ice ice baby too cold (too cold).

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Remember kids,

    … can’t spell crap without rap!

  9. Ted from LA

    Maybe he is just angry because his name is Suge. So much for “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” He looks like an asshole, walks like an asshole, and acts like an asshole. I’m guessing he’s an asshole.

  10. britney's weave

    someone needs to start popping the pills he’s in possession of.

  11. Rstar

    All this time i thought rappers just talked shit in their albums. Who knew they actually followed through when ‘ a bitch it talking shit they have to lay the smack down’

  12. Willie Mae Booker

    Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy. This relationship sounds like my parents.

  13. Deacon Jones

    This pussy got knocked out cold two months ago in front of a nightclub by a dude half his size.

  14. Racer X

    Must have been a rough Knight for her.

    /got nothing

  15. dude_on

    Lowest form of life – right up there with peds. Any man who hits a woman is a coward, and a pussy, and ultimately deserves their fate. My fear is that brutally beating a woman in public (with knife in hand) is only worth a hand-slap. Too bad he couldn’t have enjoyed some taser voltage to give this one an uplifting ending.

  16. Khunt

    Oftentimes some lower grade women are incapable of following orders from a strong man. Why argue with an insurmountable force. Just as I tell me subordinates, do as you are told or suffer the consequences.
    No woman of stature becomes involved in this type of affair.

  17. JM

    It’s always the ones you don’t think are capable of such things…

    In 1991, while recording an album, Knight assaulted two men who refused to let him use a phone to speak to a business associate.[citation needed] He shot a bullet through the recording studio window, but no arrests were made.[citation needed] That same year, Eazy-E filed a complaint against Knight and associates for assaulting him with pipes and bats, threatening him physically if he didn’t release Dr. Dre, Michel’le and The D.O.C. from their recording contracts with Eazy’s Ruthless Records label.

    Knight continued to accumulate a reputation in music circles through repeated offenses of his probation; ones which were reported but did not have a follow-up arrest. During the 90′s for instance, Knight was alleged to have locked rival music mogul Andre Herrell in a closet until he met his particular demands. During the East Coast-West Coast feud, a complaint was filed against Knight and Tupac Shakur by a friend of Sean “Diddy” Combs, alleging that Knight had backed him into a corner, demanding the addresses of Combs as well as Combs’ mother. When he failed to comply, Knight made him drink urine out of a cup.

    In 1994, he also pleaded no contest to firearms trafficking charges, and was sentenced again but placed on probation.

    Videotape at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel where Knight and Shakur had attended a boxing match prior to the shooting of Tupac Shakur showed an altercation with Crips gang member Orlando Anderson, who some believe was the eventual shooter. Shakur, Knight,and Bloods gang members under Death Row Records contract assaulted and beat Anderson. Later that night, around 10:55pm, Knight and Tupac drove back to the MGM hotel. Knight, who was driving the car, was seated next to Tupac when he was shot and received shrapnel wounds to the head. Knight’s involvement in the fight violated the terms of his probation. Moreover, it was revealed that Knight’s light sentence may have involved a conflict of interest on the part of prosecutor Lawrence Longo, who rented out a Malibu home to Knight and even had his teenage daughter sign a recording contract with Death Row. Knight was sentenced to nine years in prison, which effectively spelled the end of his Death Row empire. Knight’s home was also burglarized, and a search warrant was issued at his office.

    Knight showed up to the set of 50 Cent’s video for “In Da Club” and menaced the rapper, as well as his mentor Dr. Dre. No altercation came of it and Knight left with no charges filed. However, in December 2002 he was jailed again for violating his parole by associating with gang members. After his release, he was arrested and jailed yet again in 2003, for assaulting parking lot attendant Mehdi Lazrak.

    In October 2004, despite having not been formally invited, Suge attended the VIBE Awards, ostensibly to support Petey Pablo, whom he manages. That night Dr. Dre was to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. With Suge in the audience, a man approached Dr. Dre shortly before Dre was called up for the award and feigned interest in an autograph before punching Dre. In the resulting scuffle, then-G-Unit rapper Young Buck stabbed the man. Immediately, stories pointed fingers at Suge, who went on The Late Late Show and insisted he supports Dr. Dre. The man, Jimmy James Johnson, faces life in prison due to the three strikes law in California, after Dre insisted he be charged. Johnson is now claiming that Suge paid him $5,000 to punch Dre in order to humiliate him before Dre received his Lifetime Achievement Award from Quincy Jones and Snoop Dogg.

    On the evening of February 5, 2005, Knight was arrested in Barstow, California, after police pulled him over for making an illegal U-turn. They found marijuana in his truck, and he was booked on suspicion of violating his parole. Sheriff’s officials detained Knight pending his transfer to state prison, where it was to be decided whether Knight would be charged or released. He was released shortly thereafter.[3]

  18. my.hero

    “…is Suge Knight gonna have to choke a bitch…”

  19. Rap Stars are the Shizzik (crime payz)

    Hey #17 stop being a racist pig and let these good black folk commit the crimes they so richly deserve to commit! U B pickin’ on the brothers.

  20. grobpilot

    Typical. You can’t expect anymore from shitbags like this guy. Fucker’s got millions of dollars in the bank and really isn’t worth a fucking dime. His time is coming. Someone who’s been fucked over by this guy won’t be intimidated and will eventually decide to take out the trash.

    And, #4 is right. The woman getting her ass kicked will decide it was her fault after all, won’t press charges and will go back to him.

  21. Jeezy

    Wait a minute… who the fuck is this guy?

  22. Boner

    filthy nigger

  23. @15 – dude_on_cock

    Shut the fuck up. No one is above an ass kicking. If youre a woman and you hit someone, expect to get hit back. Nothing excuses you from being able to hit someone and not receiving the repercussions of your actions…not gender, mental capacity etc. And NO, Im not saying abuse is ok, like the Qur’an does. Im saying self defense and “an eye for an eye” is how it should be. You hit someone, you get hit back.

    That being said, Suge is, has been and always will be the dictionary definition of a niggr. He’ll be back in prison for a parole violation hopefully and it will be another 3-8 yrs before we can see him get his pork belly ass dropped in front of a night club again.

    Also, kinda have to wonder about the kindof woman that would be willing to take what he dishes out for the “gifts” and $$$ he gives her. Damn women are stupid…black women even more so.

  24. rough daddy

    She deserve it! and every woman who dates him! there will be others, because they think whats between their legs will make him cute and cuddly…the guy is a bully!

  25. Malcom X

    You racist white muthafuckin crackas just don’t understand the African-American culture.

  26. WTF

    Too bad the cops didn’t put a few more holes in the gorilla’s thick skull

  27. #15-

    i respectfully disagree-
    he is an obvious piece of shit, but hardly the same as pedophiles.

  28. Googlybits

    I hope he gets ass raped in prison by a guy twice his size.

  29. Pete

    If the bitch is talking shit, you have to lay the smack down ??? WTF !

    Suge is a goddamn fucking nigger and a worthless piece of shit that deserves to get fucked up the ass in prison. He and other (c)rappers are ruining our society.

  30. farty_mcshitface

    yeh, this guy really is a piece of shit wrapped in human skin. i hope some young lifer who is trying to earn a rep in the big house decides to shank this fat fuck and see if he pops or just bleeds to death. that way, the kid could actually do society a favor.

  31. JM


    “Suge is a goddamn fucking nigger and a worthless piece of shit that deserves to get fucked up the ass in prison.”

    Immediately followed by:

    “He and other (c)rappers are ruining our society. ”

    Wow. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle spearchucker.

  32. Andres

    At #3 (I know, I know, that’s a lot of posts ago, but couldn’t let it pass):

    “A woman twice his size”?? Dude, so she was like 500 lbs?
    Also, no idea who this ashole women beater piece of shit is…..but his race is irrelevant no? I mean the issue at stake is very clear, why do some feel the need to bring up the racial card every single time?

  33. bootlips

    Hmmm, a negro with money who is still violent, and all this time I thought their violent behavior was due to lack of money.


    Yet another proud representative of The Community.

    Did he at least get a chance to teabag Matthew McConaughey’s mom before being hauled away…? Was DMX holding his man-purse? Was Tara Reid the beatee? More importantly, why can’t a brotha’ get his groove on without the white establishment picking on his ass? I mean WTF people?!: First it’s the black man and then it’ll be you: The white guy who drives to work in his Subaru, supports his wife and kids, attends PTA and is a contributing member of society. Hey! IF it can happen to Suge, it can happen to YOU.

  35. gotmilk?

    what i don’t get is why he’s still out on the street for all the shit he does. isn’t there some three strike rule? this bitch is on his 98232309 strike and he’s still allowed to roam around.

  36. bootlips

    —You racist white muthafuckin crackas just don’t understand the African-American culture. —

    We’re all too welll aware of black culture. It’s violence and chaos. You people think your culture is something special but history has proven otherwise. Negroes call “facts” racist because the negro doesn’t like facts. Negroes lie to themselves to make themselves feel better. If you listen to negroes they would try to convince you that negroes are intelligent, loving, compassionate people. They’re not. They never invented anything worthwhile, every place where they’re in control is a crime infested shithole. Every city that has a lot of them is suffering from the crime. Every store in a black neighborhood can’t survive. Every negro school has to put books and education off so that they can invest in security. The negro is not capable of self government and self policing. They have to rely on the police and then blame the police for their own problems. Taming the negro is not easy. They have built in crime genes which makes it hard for humans to live with them. Their idea of unfairness is making them live with each other. They escape each other for a better life and end up bringing their new neighborhood to their baboon level.

  37. missywissy

    Wow! How did this turn to a racist issue?????? Because he is black??? This absolutely has nothing to do with race. In every race, there are lover’s quarrells that get crazy like this. This has been going on through the ages. Just because he is black does not mean shit! Although, I’m sure the drugs played a role. NOBODY needs to “unite” as a race. That’s the most fucked up cockamania bullshit there ever was!

    @23- “if you’re a woman and you hit a man, you’re not above being hit back” Come on. That’s a load of crap and you know it. I think a woman should only get hit back if she’s a big gal and can take her man on in a fight. Nobody should be hitting anyone, however I know some gals that could beat the shit out of their husbands and have. I’m not saying this is good. However, when you have a 6’7″ 350 lb man smacking around a 5’2″ 115 lb little gal, there’s a little problem there.

  38. Deportation as Solutionj

    I guess that we will have to send them all back unfortunately.

  39. Richard McBeef

    While I don’t condone the beating of women, I really do like this Randall more than the old Randall.

  40. sharpeidude

    #6 – Molests small dogs.

    Suge Knight needs to be taken for a plane ride over the Rockies and let out.

  41. Duece Feugo

    How the hell has this dude not been shot? Why the hell is everyone so afraid of him? With all the shit he’s done, there aint one DA in the land that would charge someone for blasting him. They’d throw a party.


    #37 -
    Lover’s quarrel — Now that’s THE funniest thing I’ll read here all day. You ma’am are an idiot.
    Lover’s quarrel…Holy crap. You are an idiot.

  43. Pippy

    Tag & Bag him. He ihas a record as long as his arm( I don’t mean hip/hop).
    With all the dudes out there shootin it up, I am surprised he is still walking.
    I can’t even imagine what he sees when he looks in the mirror.

  44. Just-Another-Person

    Here it is for all the white power KKK wannabes.

    Soo….. What makes white people any better then black people again? I have yet to hear a black mass murderer who rape little boys and shoot up schools and blow up buildings and eat people.

    Once again my fellow white skins are ignorant and racist.

  45. fugurself

    bootlips, stop copying and pasting your old comments. come up with something new and original for a change.

  46. Me

    Race as we know it is a myth, a social construct. A social
    construction or social construct is any phenomenon “invented” or
    “constructed” by participants in a culture or society, existing
    because people agree to behave as if it exists or follow certain
    conventional rules. “The Social Construction of Reality” (1966).

  47. @37 missywissy

    Im not condoning him doing what he did. Although, if hes 6’7 and shes 5’2, shes a dumb ass for hitting him and deserves what she gets. I dont hit anyone without knowing it will be a fight. If she couldnt win (or at least thought she could have), she shouldnt have started it.


    WOW…one example. Your internet investigation skills are amazing…and even more amazing: The fact that you took the time to post one article as your argument. Kudos to you NAMBLA boy.

  48. Kathy

    Black people are a plague on White society.

  49. monday monday monday

    #44 you just called all white people ignorant and racist. are you too stupid to see that you are also an ignorant racist?

  50. J@cko

    Bull’s eye #44!

    #49 that’s pretty lame: “Duh! Who ya callin stupid… you stupid!”

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