Suge Knight Got Shot 6 Times At Chris Brown’s Pre-VMAs Party

August 24th, 2014 // 30 Comments
Suge Knight

The VMAs haven’t even started yet, but already Iggy Azalea fell of a stage and one of Nicki Minaj‘s backup dancers got bit by a boa constrictor which both are offensively inconsequential now in light of Suge Knight getting shot six fucking times at Chris Brown‘s pre-VMAs party. TMZ reports:

And we know … cops are interested in this — there were several known gang bangers surrounding Chris at the time of the shooting.
This could all be problematic for Brown …. He’s still on probation in the Rihanna beating case, and hanging with gang members and throwing gang signs is not going to impress the judge.

Here’s where I’m torn. On the one hand, I want to say Chris Brown did it because guns are for pussies, and Chris Brown is a gigantic one of those. On the other hand, Suge Knight is a man who’s larger than Chris and will almost definitely fight back, so there goes that theory. Which is why I’m going to meet in the middle and say Justin Bieber did it after asking his teddy bear if this will make people finally believe he’s black. Mr. Fuzzybottom’s a stone-hearted killa. Dem button eyes don’t give a fuck.

Video from inside the club where you can actually hear the gunshots:


Suge Knight hiding behind a police car:


And Suge getting inside a different police car while not even looking like a man who just got shot five times in the stomach. He probably asked if they could stop at Wendy’s.

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  1. Lohan's ass zit

    Rap culture pussies and their guns

  2. You’re gonna need a bigger gun.

  3. Hmm

    If these fuckers would spend some time at a gun range and learn how to shoot we might be rid of Chris Brown, Bieber and Suge Knight today.

    • malaka

      how many innocent people die and guilty people live due to errant bullets just because some fools think it looks cool to hold their guns sideways…

      • In their defense it does look pretty fucking cool. I think the collateral damage is worth it. “Can’t make an omelette…” and all that.

  4. Now they ’bout to feel the wrath of a menace.

  5. I remember this one episode of The Sopranos where a rapper wanted to get shot for some street cred, and Bobby Bacala shot him in the ass. So I bet this was something like that…Suge Knight wanted one more bullet wound that 50 cent and set this whole thing up.

    Either that , or rappers are just really into shooting each other.

  6. Are these fuckers cartoon characters? If I got shot 6 times, I’m pretty sure I’d be on or a black metal album cover within hours.

  7. IRONMANAustralia

    But Chris Brown is okay right?

    Oh thank the Lord Jesus. I was really worried there for a second.

  8. The protest over this shooting is going to be huge.

  9. Short Round

    These idiots are like children playing gangster only with real guns. I’d send them to a range to learn. This way collateral damage would be limited (hopefully). They’d sure kill the one they target and with a clean kill the shooter could be sent to jail too. Two birds with one stone. Or rather bullet.

    • It seems like if you were close enough to put six in him you could have made at least one of them a head shot. He’s got a big fucking head.

  10. right

    It’s not over yet. You could always pray for infection to finish the job.

  11. Support the fine arts – shoot a rapper.

  12. JC

    “This could be problematic for Brown…”

    Whatever you say, TMZ. Beating Rihanna half to death had such dire consequences for him, so I’m sure being in a room with other bad people will totally get the law to finally crack down on him.

  13. Does this mean that Al Sharpton is going to march to Chris Brown’s house?

  14. where is a good cop from Missouri when you need one?

  15. So in a room full of people an unidentified assailant appeared out of nowhere and put six in Suge then disappeared into thin air?

    Where was the Tupac hologram when all this went down?

  16. The de-existence of Suge Knight would not be a loss to society.

  17. Damn, Vanilla Ice is one cold-ass motherfucker, playing the waiting game for 23 years before getting his revenge.

  18. Robb7

    It a’int a party in the ‘hood until somebody gets shot!

  19. Pat C.

    Last week I was wondering if anybody would dare to challenge Suge to do the ALS Ice Bucket thing. I guess that’ll have to wait.

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