Suddenly Shemale

Man_Brooke.jpgBrooke Shields used to be almost-hot on Suddenly Susan (which I never watched, and even if I did, it certainly wasn’t because I have a sick infatuation with Kathy Griffin), but recently she’s been looking – how shall I put this? – fit to date Paula Abdul.

Tom Cruise tells me it’s because of all the postpartum medication. But he also tells me that it’s okay for platonic guy friends to get naked and cuddle and that his fiance totally doesn’t mind. You guys, I think Tom Cruise may be a liar. And possibly gay. (Oh, put down the angry letter, Mr. Tom Cruise’s Lawyer, it was a joke.)

Props to our friends at Hollywood Tuna for this delicious can of Tranny of the Sea.

(The large pictures have some nipple action and are possibly NSFW. I say “possibly” because I’m almost certain it’s hairy man-nipple.)