‘Stranger Things’ Will Have an Aftershow (Because Money)

Stranger Things 2 has been streaming for a couple hours now. Since most people — including me — don’t have the luxury to binge watch Netflix in the middle of a workday, I can only project my frustration and jealousy by finding something negative to say.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Netflix has also tacked on an “after-show” discussion special to make money off of the circle jerk of fandom (myself included) that surrounds the show. Basically, The Man just made this show way less cool.

In the case of Beyond Stranger Things, each episode will open with a series of quick graphics inspired by what fans were creating online with the distinctive text of the series. The opening visuals were designed by a Stranger Things fan, graphic artist Wahyu “Pinot” Ichwandardi, and the opening theme music is a remix composed by another self-proclaimed “superfan,” Daniel Rosenfeld. (from THR)

Taking a page out of networks with after-shows like The Talking Dead and After The Thrones, it’s not surprising that Netflix pulled the trigger on their most popular series to date. It won’t cost shit to make because it’s literally just Jim Rash sitting around a table with the creatives and cast (who were probably contractually obliged to do this anyway). Fans were quick to point out that the whole after-show format is pretty silly for the binge rollout of Stranger Things, but fuck that… They made it like three hours long. It’s basically the bonus features on the DVD. 

Shut up. You’ll watch it.

Oh, you don’t know what a DVD is? It’s like a Betamax tape, but flat and round.

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