Stone Co-Writes Song for Katrina Victims

sharon_stone_thumb1.jpgThere are certain things a person can and cannot do. For example, I can run black ops missions with two hours sleep and a box of Crackerjacks, but I simply cannot kill more than three or four grizzlies with my bare hands. Unless I’m angry. Or the bears have no legs. Anyway, my point is that you gotta know your limits. Apparently Sharon Stone does not. The actress has taken a musical turn, co-writing a song to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. Stone worked with songwriters Denise Rich, Mark Feist and Damon Sharpe on “Come Together Now,” which will be released as a CD single on Nov. 29.

Every time this song gets played and every time this song gets bought, we’re building houses and we’re saving these kids.”

Now I fully applaud every effort to raise money for those in need. But if she really wanted to raise money, why doesn’t she just do what she’s best at – getting naked? Yeah ok, she’s kinda old, but you can always just stick her in a wind tunnel or something. Come on, it’s for charity.

Stone Co-Writes Song for Katrina Victims [AP]

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