Sting is a deviant

*sting_deviant.jpgSting, recently reported to be opening his own strip club, has now asked about setting up a fantasy sex party with notorious orgy organizer Palagia. According to Palagia’s rep, “whenever Sting is in New York, he has looked into checking out one of Palagia’s sexy Eat In parties,” the rep said. “He has been interested in attending the sexy X-rated soirees for months, even asking Palagia herself to throw a special one for him and Trudi to fit their busy schedule.”

So Sting, an internationally rich and famous rock star, has to pay thousands of dollars to see naked women and get laid. This makes almost as much sense as Hilary Duff paying for breast reduction surgery. The only explanation is he’s very very dumb. Or he has no penis. Or his penis is flammable. Hmm, I guess there’s lots of explanations.


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