Stevie From ‘Eastbound & Down’ Tried To Bang Lindsay Lohan In Real Life

I love Eastbound & Down. I think this season is fucking amazing, and one of the best examples of a show hitting its stride and fitting into a perfect groove. (Unlike you, Homeland.) That said, I hate Stevie. Can’t stand the character. I don’t know why, but just something about him feels cheap. However, apparently I love Steve Little because he was goddamn magic on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. (On top of voicing Peppermint Butler which I just now learned and is awesome.) Above is him describing his actual attempts to bang Lindsay Lohan while she was in North Carolina filming her cameo, and below is him getting tips on picking up women from Matthew McConaughey. Which you can tell only works if you’re Matthew McConaughey because it literally involves just telling chicks you’re taking a shower. That’s it.


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