Steve-O calls out Kevin Federline (Aw hell no!)

February 19th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Steve-O has an album coming out which is no doubt a Grammy winner. He’s swinging for the fences and challenging Kevin Federline to a rap duel. OK! Magazine reports:

“I’m officially challenging K-Fed to a rap battle,” Steve-O tells OK! about the diss track calling out Brit’s baby-daddy on his upcoming album, Hard as a Rock. “It’ll be just like that scene from 8 Mile!”
“I know that K-Fed has his ‘acting’ career and all, but if he’s a real man, he’ll step up and battle me!”

Steve-O? Kevin Federline? 8 Mile?! Christ, I’ve never heard so many retarded things combined together in my life. That sounds like a sheer tornado of stupid. If those two do battle, I wouldn’t be surprised if our universe collapsed on itself. Aliens from far off galaxies will use their advanced space science to figure out what led to our destruction. Then Steve-X and K-U.P.S. of the planet Douchelon 5 will be shot in the space mouths thus saving their universe. True story.

NOTE: Apologies for Steve-O’s ass which may or not be NSFW. Usually that only applies to things people actually want to see.

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  1. Racer X

    When you have no talent you get naked.

    /got nothing

  2. edamame

    Look! He’s got a tatoo of Beth Chapman’s outline! Better watch out for Dog!

  3. OH man I love Steve-O. Herpes and all.

  4. edamame

    Whoops…I meant TATTOO.

    His mother must be so proud of her baby boy.
    What a fucking moron.

  5. The Office Whore

    I hope they do the “I’m hot… and you’re not… but if you want to get with me I’ll give it one shot, TOP THAT!” rendition from Teen Witch.

    jeeeesuz, I just admitted I’ve seen that..

  6. I Fucking Hate You

    Steve-O is a retard.
    K-Fag is a retard.

    The main difference is that Steve-O realizes he’s a retard and does stupid shit to accentuate his retardedness for profit.

    K-Fed doesn’t have that much awareness, so he just knocks up hill-billies.

  7. Courtesy Flush

    Vomitous. Don’t ever post anything like this again. seriously.

  8. That guy is such a moron, he ALMOST makes me want to quit drinking.


  9. pointandlaugh

    male nudity = ALWAYS funny

  10. Rokjok

    #5 GENIUS! I can hear that “rap” from Teen Witch and that may be too cool for these two guys. I asked myself if I was on a deserted island with K-Fed and Steve-O which one would I pick to re-populate the earth? I’d rather drown…

  11. Igottabemeeee

    I never noticed that before, but you’re right – male nakedness = funny. Kinda like the word “underpants.” That pic of a naked Danny Bonadouche only further proves your point.

  12. Grunion

    Look kids ! It’s the poster child for in-voluntary euthanasia !

  13. deaconjones

    I shit you guys not, I met Steve-o in Vegas 3 new year’s eves ago at some club
    The party ended up in his hotel room and these guys had a pile of blow that looked like a pound of flour. He then hung off the fucking balcony by hooking his legs around two posts on the railing, it was the craziest shit ive ever seen, i was convinced he was falling but that fucker made it back up

  14. o dear lord help us

  15. Not-so-important

    I like the fact that I Fucking Hate You makes fun of their intelligence and spells hillbilly with a dash.

  16. caljenna66

    Man, that movie was horrible, but yes, I confess, I saw it….more than once(!!!)…and not only did you admit you saw it, you actually quoted the song!!!


  17. The Office Whore

    *hangs head in shame*

    …… remember THIS one? Classic!

  18. malicious

    what fucking ridiculous tats, his body is a canvas that has been shat on

  19. In the blewie

    is that a happy face on his ass cheek? The one that was put there by thumbtacks? Ow.

  20. caljenna66

    @17 – ROFL!!!
    Didn’t you just hate it when your high school locker room erupted into a song and dance routine you didn’t know? Or started one after you changed out of your Dolfin shorts so you couldn’t participate?

  21. I Fucking Hate You

    #15 – Yes, I’ve always had a tendency to throw around those crazy dashes inappropriately, kind of like you have the tendency to be an oozing cunt on occasion.
    And if there are any punctuation or spelling errors in this, please just ignore them and fuck off.

  22. Auntie Kryst

    Steve-O and K-Fed are both fucking tools. I just can’t quite capture their dumbassness. I need a little help here people: douches+wiggers+tools+morons=wooldourons? Any advice is appreciated.

  23. @20, Jenna, Yeah, that just sucks. You still wear dolfin shorts?

  24. Jennifer

    He looky lovey rong time. I hear he profile on I runder if he swallow?

  25. Ok, I just had to IMDB that Teen Witch movie, cause all I could think of was Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Still don’t remember the movie, but I remember Teen Wolf, and that’s a funny fucking movie@!!!

  26. thegrayway

    nice ass zits.

  27. pucky

    WTF are those red dots all over his ass????

  28. Auntie Kryst

    @25 I didn’t remember it either Frist. I must have either been watching the other cable channel or fixing my BMX bike that afternoon when it was on USA.

  29. hollllla

    alright k-fed sucks but come-on steve-o is hilarious. at least he is joking about his rapping abilities, k-fed actually thinks he is a gangstaaaa rapper. needless to say i think that britney’s coked out, vagina-showing, starbucks rewards member, umbrella-weilding ass is more qualified to raise those kids than he is.

  30. caljenna66

    @23 – I lived in them once, but like Chemin de Fer jeans and two-colored bikinis, they disappeared in the late 80′s in my neighborhood…

  31. gosyco

    Paul Reubens?!!?
    He has Paul Reubens across his back?!!?
    Exhibit A: more money than cents

    Is that a Jay Leno sig on the shoulder? I’m sure Jay’s proud….

  32. That tattoo on his back is… himself. He also has Your Name on his ass. Cl-ass-y…

  33. Nice Ass

    I’d hit it!

  34. #28 Auntie- I musta been somewhere else smoking pot, I mean doing my homework..



  36. b2obo5t

    He is playful. Not sure why so many girls still like him.. It’ said he recently joined a celebrity and millionaire dating site named “”. Many women winked at him there.

  37. Betty


  38. Ted from LA

    He has a B tattooed on each side of his asshole. I guess that spells BOB. As I mentioned on the other thread, if this shitball showed up to date my daughter I’d shoot him before he reached the porch.

  39. D. Richards (Pedo.)

    I fucking hate Steve-o. The guy is a talentless — he’s not worth an explaination. He’s just an utter dufus.

    I wish him a Steve Irvin style death. But with more attack. More bite, more death.

    Also: I don’t know what’s more pathetic; Steve-o releasing music, or the fact that there’s people who will actually spend money to purchase the audio-feces, and listen to it. Hydrogen bombs never looked so good!

  40. Hatey McWrathenstein

    “That sounds like a sheer tornado of stupid.”

    Fuck, that line almost made me snort coke OUT of my nose…


  41. For the first time in my life, I’m rooting for Earl on this one.

    Run this idiot over with the Federarri!!!

  42. Ashamed of My Race

    For a battle like this what is the class lighter than mini flyweight? Helium weight? Useless weight? 40 IQ and under?

    I see East & West Coast come together
    Ganstas of a feather
    Represent, save Rap today
    Blow the poseurs the fuck away.

  43. Someone needs some ClearASSil.

  44. amma

    This guy is so ugly I think my eyes just melted. He reminds me of someone’s spastic little brother in a middle-aged body. “Look at me! Look at me!” Dude, you’re UGLY. Cover it up!!!!!!!

  45. CuntSlasher

    Stevo rules. Fuck all you lamers. Go have some fun.

  46. Rebecca Sandidge

    What in the hell are dolphin shorts?

  47. Rebecca Sandidge

    What in the hell are dolphin shorts?

  48. Arguman

    lol. steve-o pretends to care about animals. i’m sure he doesn’t eat any meat anymore and saves endangered animals every day.

  49. Io

    Gross, just gross. he’s bad enough, but all those nasty zits on his ass just magnify his grossness.

  50. Mel

    I love Steve O, I think hes bloody GOLD!!!! I would love to party with this bloke, at least he knows how to have a good time

    He doesnt hurt anyone except for himself, so all you Steve O haters can bite me

    I’d fuck him

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