Steve-O calls out Kevin Federline (Aw hell no!)

Steve-O has an album coming out which is no doubt a Grammy winner. He’s swinging for the fences and challenging Kevin Federline to a rap duel. OK! Magazine reports:

“I’m officially challenging K-Fed to a rap battle,” Steve-O tells OK! about the diss track calling out Brit’s baby-daddy on his upcoming album, Hard as a Rock. “It’ll be just like that scene from 8 Mile!”
“I know that K-Fed has his ‘acting’ career and all, but if he’s a real man, he’ll step up and battle me!”

Steve-O? Kevin Federline? 8 Mile?! Christ, I’ve never heard so many retarded things combined together in my life. That sounds like a sheer tornado of stupid. If those two do battle, I wouldn’t be surprised if our universe collapsed on itself. Aliens from far off galaxies will use their advanced space science to figure out what led to our destruction. Then Steve-X and K-U.P.S. of the planet Douchelon 5 will be shot in the space mouths thus saving their universe. True story.

NOTE: Apologies for Steve-O’s ass which may or not be NSFW. Usually that only applies to things people actually want to see.

Photos: Getty Images