Steve-O on 5250 hold but has Internet? Sure, why not?

March 14th, 2008 // 28 Comments

Steve-O was admittedly on a 5150 hold at Cedars-Sinai which has been extended to a 5250 14-day hold. The reason? I’ll let Steve-O explain to you himself via his blog which he somehow managed to update last night:

“They call it “code 5150,” that means “psycho,” legally, fuckin bat-shit, certifiably. I’m outta my
mind, believe-you-me. How’d I get this way? How can this be? It’s gotten so bad there’s nothing left of me.” -Steve-O

Apparently his Jackass buddies are the ones that got him into the hospital. And by force:

Those words were written during a “low.” Before the day when Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, Big Regg, Swizz, Rick Kosick, Dimitry Elyaschevich, Cordell Mansfield, and Trip Taylor came to my home and, physcially, forced me into the hospital.


Since I now know you have access to the Internet and probably read the shit I wrote about you yesterday, I’d just like to say, in the name of pure unbridled journalism, I stand by every single word. That being said, I wish you the best of luck in your recovery. In the meantime, it’d be freaking hilarious if you shocked yourself with one of those chest defibrillator thingers. But, and bear with me, without saying “clear.” I’ve always wondered what would happen. Time travel, maybe? Who knows? But hopefully you will and soon. Also try and get it on YouTube by 1 PM PST so I have something to wrap the week up with. Ah, you’re a sport.

Get well soon,

The Superficial Writer

EDIT: For those of you interested in facts, holy shit, are you on the wrong site. Anyway, Steve-O’s blog was actually updated by his assistant. I’m now going to cry in the corner because our secretary won’t even fetch me coffee because “that’s sexist.” Listen, Chad, you know what you were getting into when we hired you. Now double sugar, double cream, STAT. And look good doing it.

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  1. Boy this is some day. I can’t decide what is more exciting, Steve O and his 5150 hold or the Hogan’s bring the camera’s to brain dead timmy’s room to look like caring people. I just might have to take the rest of the day off from all of this excitment..

    Where do you come up with this stuff Fish dude? Please click on my link, it is all you Fish man..

  2. Sara

    HAHAHA you’re so funny

  3. ping

    ha first

  4. f

    What is he doing?? to show the arts??? Many friends I met on a datign site called meetiongwealthy have question about it. They are successful ma nand women. Most of them are still single. We usually talk together.

  5. havoc

    Oh yeah,



  6. gossipmonger

    K, you apparently missed this part of his blog…

    ” already know that I will be handing these pages over
    to my beautiful assistant, Jen Moore, during our next
    visitation, and instructing her to share them with as
    many people as possible on the Internet (rather than
    try to sell a “juicy” story to the tabloid press for

    Just sayin’, he explains how he had this posted…

  7. sla

    When was he NOT bat-shit crazy?

    I wish someone would turn a defibrillator to the highest setting and zap the morons who keep posting about dating sites. Over and over and over.

  8. @6 Again, who gives a shit how he gets this crap posted on the Internet? This is BORING!! For all I care, Steve O can pee the note on the wall, it still will not make it any more exciting or interesting..

  9. deacon jones

    I was at a hotel room party in Vegas with these guys. I watched Steve O hang upside down from the 23rd balcony by his legs, it was crazy

  10. me

    yeah deacon. We all know you’ve been everywhere, seen everything, and of course date beautiful women that you are too good for. You are completely believable. Maybe you could go to meetrichfuckers and have fond of internet there instead of here!

  11. mike

    Deacon, you are so full of shit!! If you really partied with these guys where are the pictures.

  12. katie

    haha! I was going to call him out as well. But I see you two beat me to it. haha. Yeah deacon. I’ve been reading these for a while, and you are def full of shit. And quite annoying for that matter.

  13. mike

    Haha Deacon, even the women in here know you are a pussy!

  14. Phil McGraw Phd

    Dear TheSuperficial.Com:

    When somebody’s psyche is as raw as diaper rash on a sumo wrestler you need to be more affirmational, son. Steve-O isn’t blessed with a lot of mental ballast so any of life’s little farts may blow the man down. Go lightly, Chester, a mind (a tiny one, I’ll grant you) is at stake.

    I’ll be camped outside Ceders of Lebanon doing interviews all night in case he needs my help but you should feel free to call my service if you want some help with that whole ‘hostile twit’ thing you got going.

    Dr. Phil

  15. Anonymous

    Hey sla #7:

    This is the moron who keeps posting these dating websites:

    Du Qiang,, 800 West El Camino Real, #180 Mountain View, California 94040 United States (650) 906-0405

    Bombard his ass with complaints.

  16. deacon jones

    Mike and Company.

    I could give two shits if you dont believe me. These guys are from West Chester, PA, my old stomping grounds in college. We used to get slammed off of the Fish Tank specials at the Rat every Tuesday night.

  17. Dina

    Why do I get the feeling Ashton Kutcher has something to do with this?

  18. leslie

    He will SO be on next seasons Celebrity Rehab. Speaking of, this is kinda funny:

  19. FUN GUS


  20. sla

    # 16. This is the moron who keeps posting these dating websites:
    Du Qiang, (etc)
    Bombard his ass with complaints.

    If we know his address, couldn’t we just bombard his ass with bombs?

    (Can i get in trouble for saying that? I was just kidding, or course…)

  21. absolute2

    He is a hottie. I saw him on millionaire&celeb dating site W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m last week. Is he single now? Just curious.

  22. rosa

    what a joke! Someone just PSed his pictures to some hot ones and then uploaded them to the online service sugarmatchmaker.. you know the site is a rich men seeking sugar babies site.. so he is looking for a sugar baby there!

  23. please stop posting ‘id rather go naked than wear fur’ crap in your posts. this post has nothing to do with that poster so why didn’t you use some other picture of steve-o, no doubt you can find thousands of them. because PETA pays you thats why! they’re psycho just like Steve. darn peta. get the beef people to buy adspace or something im sick of looking at B list celebrity asses!

  24. Mary

    Mmmm, it is said he is dating online now. I saw him on millionaire&celeb dating site “”
    last week. Good luck to his search.

  25. Get the latest news from the nuthouse, where johnny knoxville visited steve-o just the other day:

  26. Get the latest news from the nuthouse, where johnny knoxville visited steve-o just the other day:

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