Steve-O in mental ward, charged with felony

March 13th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Steve-O was reportedly admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital last Sunday. He’s also getting nailed for felony cocaine possession by the LA County District Attorney’s office, according to TMZ:

Regarding the hospitalization, we’re told O was admitted to the Thalians Mental Health Center last Sunday — the same place Owen Wilson was at.
The drug charge stems from his arrest on March 3 for allegedly vandalizing his neighbor’s property, whereupon cops found him in possession of coke.

Here’s the details on Steve-O’s arrest where his neighbor pulled a little vigilante action that sadly didn’t include a little bullet to the face action:

TMZ has learned that Steve-O was, according to a source, breaking holes in the walls of his L.A. apartment building when one of his neighbors dropped a dime on him, and even made a citizen’s arrest, holding Steve-O until the LAPD arrived, and took him away.

I don’t want to say Steve-O is one of the brightest minds of our generation. But, seriously, this guy has his shit together and I really feel he should be broadcast to the world so others can follow in his footsteps. And when those others follow the aforementioned footsteps into the mouth of an alligator, I will laugh heartily and know the human gene pool just got exponentially smarter. This will enable us to finally build a flying car which I will then use to pick up bird-women. In the name of science, of course.

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  1. ThatKid

    Seriously…. will he just OD already so we can move on with our lives.

  2. awesome111person

    he also has some bad heart condition. who has got him in the death pool???

  3. Ript1&0

    Oh, and by the way – Yes. It is 12:19, I am here in my apt. alone and I am on this site.

    I’m old, I’m high, I’m single and desperate and I’ll never have kids because no one wants to fuck me. There, you happy? For fuckssake man, it’s whatever you want to call it.

    Now that we’re past that…
    Does this chick actually have the last name Loose? Who the fuck is she? Ah well, no reason necessary for showing tits, I suppose.

  4. havoc

    Darwin was right…….


  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    wake me up when he kills himself

  6. leeshka

    I knew that idiot would end up in jail the day that he came over to my friend’s house doing handstands in the livingroom. Yay. I take joy in the misfortune of others. Evil.

  7. ziggurat

    If only Steve-O had boobs, then he coulda gotten off light with an overnight jail sentence.

  8. RENEE

    I was wondering when someone was going to realize that this guy is more than just a wild adrenaline junkie. He strikes me as someone who was seriously abused as a child. Not that I care for him or his antics, but its kind of sad, really. Maybe he’ll get the help he needs, if he’s not too far gone. Yeh, bleeding heart crap; shutup.

  9. Auntie Kryst

    This story is so rad, man. Do the Dew “O”. Dude is going to take clinical in-patient psychotherapy to the fuckin’ extreme! Rawk on brah!

  10. proteon

    Thats ok leeshka when misfortune strikes you and yours we’ll take joy, too.

  11. itspat

    He must be one of those sad clowns.

  12. Can we get Barbara Wawa to find out why this asshole is a celebrity?

  13. spiritkittykat

    Doesn’t this retard own his own home? He was “punching holes in the wall of his apartment building? Shouldn’t he have a crap load of money from nailing his balls to things and letting shit explode in his face? Oh right…the coke.

    Maybe he will accidentally (by accidentally, I mean on purpose) die in the psych ward. Feel bad for those who have to deal with this EXTREME mental midget.

  14. If you are going to rip on me, you should do it properly, with plenty of ammo.

    Here, let me help you:

  15. Paid Stealth Blogger

    No fucking way. Elliot Goykhman is going to judge? Getdafuckout. Cool, how do I sign up?

  16. Skeps

    wait fish, didn’t your cubicle buddy the geekology writer post a flying car like yesterday? go get those bird women, and have weird egg-mammal children!

  17. havoc




  18. Jaffo


  19. It's me Fuckers

    I love Steve-O… crazy as fuck, not just a little disturbed. It was just a matter of time before he got nailed.

  20. He’s totally messed up. I hope he’ll stay in the mental home.

  21. I’m bored. I’m going back to the internet porn..

  22. Ted from LA

    I’ll bet he is Client #8.

  23. minniememe

    He’s starting to look like Morton Downey Jr. Only still alive.

  24. woodhorse

    I think he went into the Psych ward to get out of his felony. The only thing he is just borderline as hell and they won’t fix that on the ward or anywhere else.

  25. Who is this moron again?

  26. Binky :Didn’t see this one coming…
    Then again I did catch a few minutes of one of his ‘films’
    I interpreted it as an artistic comment on the complete breakdown of sanity, comedy, and civilization in today’s society.

    Cliff Notes : Ummm…Binky. That was their movie. I think they were serious.

    Binky : Oh.

  27. agreeone

    He is a cuttie. He is my favorite. His profile was found on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. Is he single now? just curious.

  28. pajama

    Didn’t he recently cut his dick off in a motorcycle accident? Could that be why he’s finally flipped out to the Xtream?

  29. ronr


  30. Sounds of the Celtic Cow: an appreciation of Ript

    I have never understood the self indulgence of amateur musicians’ absurd desires for”stardom”. Like every poor black kid bouncing a basketball down the street, insipid neuropaths pluck and pound and scrape piano keys and strings in feeble pursuit of majestic invocation of something timeless and momentous, when the moment would be better served in silence. Ahhh the archaic magic of rhyme the spell is spun the rune weaves the elder trance, the subconscious stirs and the world of daylight disappears into the shadows.
    Wake up and realize that singing and dancing and strumming are poor surrogations for industry.
    Of course in this tv fanstasy land everyone shines like a star. But there is one functional sun providing any benefit, the rest are dim illusions.

  31. Janeane The Acerbic Goblin

    After seeing his cringe inducing stunts in Jackass 2 (putting a leech on his eye and sticking a fish hook in his mouth, for example), a mental asylum might be the best place for him.

  32. D. Richards (Aroused.)

    When Steve-O goes to jail, he will be getting fucked. There’s no denying that.

    Brotha’ man: Drop dem pants.

    Steve-O: Agh, dude. (Complies.)

    Brotha’ man: You like dat hard prick, bitch? Tell me you like it. Tell me! Muphucka, I kill you — tell me!

    Steve-O: Yes.

    Brotha’ man: Scream it! Say like like my dirty black prick.

    Steve-O: I like your dirty black prick.

    Brotha’ man: Good boy, now toss my salad.

  33. Victoria

    LMFAO @ 33.

    I’m guessing he has/had a sister who lives here in South FL (Boynton Beach area) because I saw them in Target once. Mind you, I had no idea who he was until someone put one of his DVDs in my face. He is every bit as out-of-it as he seems on TV, no doubt. And his sister seems SO normal. I hope it was his sister because she was pushing a cart with a kid or 2 in it. I really hope his sperms are duds or are missing their heads or something. He shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. There are enough knuckle-draggers here. But the fact that the woman was OK with being seen in public with him probably indicates a relation…obligation, if you will.

  34. Queefer Bukakke

    Please, Steve O, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please KILL YOURSELF! FUCKING KILL YOURSELF! KILL YOUR FUCKING SELF! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL YOURSELF! DIE FUCKING BASTARD, DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!

  35. somuchlove



    Perhaps this is what he’s been trying to do the whole time – kill himself, just in a really asinine, drawn out, attention-whoring way. Someone should tell him he’s doing it wrong.

  36. lily

    The magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported he is dating beautiful girls on these days. The stupid man uploaded some hot pictures there and wants to find her sweetheart. But he is said to ask his lawyer to take some actions against the magazine!

  37. Hey 15 from Sunshine

    Don’t quit your day job. That was awful whoever you are. Your voice has no range and it all is very depressing and whiny. Please tell me you don’t seriously do that in front of other people. Damn.

  38. toolboy

    Wait, Morton Downey’s dead?!?! God damnit, I just thought his career was dead..
    I actually like the Jackass crew when they first came out, I hope Steve-O gets the help he needs. Maybe they’ll let him sport the leopard print banana hammock in prison to take his mind off of Mr. Roosevelt continuously raping him. That would help.

  39. Chords and Melody

    I watched some of Ript1&0 videos. Who and why is this person? Is this someone famous and if so why is that. She is fat and has no sense of music. It’s like the same chords are being played over and over. And her voice is really bad. She is incapable of melody.
    Who is this?

  40. surlywench

    Those are some of the worst tats I’ve ever seen. He seems like total white trash.

    An outline of a fatty? Why?

  41. surlywench

    Those are some of the worst tats I’ve ever seen. He seems like total white trash.

    An outline of a fatty? Why?

  42. Carol Queen

    Sunshine I have heard worse sure but at least the woman tried, you gotta give her that ! E for effort! Let’s here you play guitar and sing, bitch.

    Rip don’t listen to them keep practicing you will get it one day!!!

  43. It'sMe!

    I’ve never understood the appeal of Jackass. It essentially boils down to a bunch of morons doing gay stuff to each others genitalia / orifices. “Let’s stick a Hot Wheels car up Jimmy’s ass and then take him to the Emergency Room!” …wow….that’s funny.

  44. Desperate for Attention or Validity

    Why would someone send a link about themselves on a forum like this, Ript?

  45. Uncle Eccoli

    He gets the best tattoos. The fat girl is hilarious.

  46. balsac

    Steve-o is the best celebrity of all time!!!!

  47. Jared S

    Any one who thinks steve o is cool or thinks that MORE PEOPLE SHOULD FOLLOW IN HIS FOOTSTEPS, are all morons. Steve o use to be my biggest fan while i was goen threw my teens. And its only been the past few years that he has led himself into some heavy drugs. I do feel sorry for him at some point, BUT i dont see the humar in smoking PCP, Coke and swalling weed to smuggel it over countries. Iam waiting for the day i turn my tv on and i hear of his OD. Why does he have to support to such ridiculous behaviour?? Why does he liturally have to kill himself to try and make some narrow minded people laugh?? All i think to myself is, He might afford to replace his teeth but he wont ever be able to replace his body, one day those drugs will catch up and its a shame that people have let him go this far. I guess thats the main reason why i feel for him, becouse he doesnt have anyone to actually put the camera down and talk to him and help him before he kills himself. Out of all of this i guess it makes me furious when i read comments saying how cool he is and how we should follow in his foot steps. It sucks to loose an idol but i hope that he can one day stop the drugs, alcohol and smokes and maybe go back doen funny, sketchy stunts that dont involve him swallowing drugs and abusing his poor neighbour which i do feel for. I did see the youtube videos of what he did to his neighbour, any without my surprise he was drugged up, so all those people who love steve o a erge you to look up setve o neighbour war on youtube and put yourself in the neighbours shoes of what he would just have to go threw. I hope some one helps steve o and he can wake up to himself, thanks

  48. thomas

    you do what you do in this life if you dont like to see him or hear about what he does then dont freakin listen! stop hating and cover your damn ears..ppl acting like damn girls.

  49. ryan

    whoever wrote this article is a jerk

  50. variavaria

    i love steve o. i hope hes ok.

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