Steven Tyler went to rehab for his foot, in related news: I can fly

May 30th, 2008 // 32 Comments

Steven Tyler is claiming his recent stint in rehab was only to recover from foot surgery and not drug and/or alcohol related. Did I miss a memo about it being Celebrity Bullshit Excuses for Rehab Week? Jesus. Anyway, for those of you who actually care about Aerosmith, here’s Steven’s formal statement to People:

“The doctors told me the pain in my feet could be corrected but it would require a few surgeries over time,” Tyler says in a statement released Thursday. “The ‘foot repair’ pain was intense, greater than I’d anticipated. The months of rehabilitative care and the painful strain of physical therapy were traumatic. I really needed a safe environment to recuperate where I could shut off my phone and get back on my feet. Make no mistake, Aerosmith has no plans to stop rocking. There’s a new album to record, then another tour.”

Foot surgery? Give me a break. Why couldn’t he just say it was depression? Oh, right, Kirsten Dunst used that… Why couldn’t he just say it was foot surgery?

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  1. veggi

    FIRST you anal sore licking smegma gulping ropey semen chugging stinking cuntholes.

  2. Lame

    Que lame.

  3. Stevie is a Monkey Man

    Now just why can’t Rock Stars recuperate from foot injuries at their Million Dollar Homes with nurse ratchet.

    I think he had a face lift because he is starting to look like an old monkey. I just learned how to use Photoshop, and I air brushed some pictures of my dog, and he looks really great, so what I trying to say is that Steven must have went in for an airbrush job. Unfortunately, it won’t help, at best he’ll just look like a younger monkey, but a monkey no doubt.

  4. Doomhammer

    yeah, that Oxycontin and Morphine is a bitch to come off of, eh Stevie?

    Good luck with your “foot”

  5. MassGrrl

    Yeah, abusing painkillers is the same thing as foot pain, isn’t it? They both have “pain” in there, right? Right?

  6. tig

    Oh…is this The Superficial. Funny, because the home pages ….


    I’m guessing soon, the Superficial portion of the home page will be found in some drop down box that is only accessed through an Ad portal.

  7. Carrie

    I love Steven, love Aerosmith, and I hope Steven recovers soon, from whatever the problem is. Looking forward to the new album and the new tour.. saw them last year and they still ROCK!

  8. MassGrrl

    Who is the ballsy media buyer who decided to run ads for the Sex & the City movie on a website that *abuses* the movie, the cast, the horse-faced actor(s), and the loser fans of the show?

  9. havoc

    Foot surgery. Riiiiiight.

    This from a guy who’s looked like a pre-op tranny for the last 40 years…….


  10. Auntie Kryst

    Spare me, Steven Tyler is in rehab for foot surgery? Dream On!!

  11. It’s TRUE! My dad was in the next hospital room in a hospital in Boston. My dad called Steven’s room and spoke with him for a while, and Steven said he was getting foot surgery! I’m not saying that he doesn’t have drug or alcohol probs, but this latest rehab story is definitely for his feet!!

  12. Joe C

    Hey thanks for turning my stomach with that giant Sluts in the city background. Good thing I have a selective ad blocking plugin on my browser

  13. cranky


    I fucking hate when these celebretools try to sell the public their asinine little lies. The mere fact that geriatric in denial this thinks that we would buy the fact that he ‘went to rehab for his foot pain’ PROVES that he is on EVERY single drug known to man and is permanently drunk out of his skull what with his blood being basically 90% tequila. How fucking stupid does he think we are? If I had any respect for this douche or liked any of his music I would actually be offended and pissed but since I don’t I’m just more surprised that Steven Tyler still has control over his own affairs, I mean why doesn’t his Daddy have conservatorship over his ass, I mean Steven Tyler is a very sick woman. What’s that? He’s a man you say? BULLSHIT, that’s even more unbelievable than the foot crap, get the hell outta here, I ain’t fallin’ for that again.

  14. noneyobeezwax

    i’d hit it. oh….that’s not a chick. well fuck it, i’d hit it anyway. cause i’m a slut

  15. Sane Jane

    We all know he’s a druggie, so why does he have to lie about what he’s really in rehab for.

  16. Lady Bird

    This is so exciting, I can’t believe it, people from all over the world are going to read my post.

    Oh, I’m so nervous, I almost forgot what I was going to write.


    At his age it gets harder and harder to meet the hot ones, even if you are an ugly old rock star, so we all know the hot chicks are flocking to rehabs over spas……..

  17. @7

    I’m sorry.

  18. tony

    Actually…chronic pain and prolonged surgical recovery are monster traps for former junkies. Checking into rehab to get through this period is a great idea. Most former junkies find it difficult to use prescription painkillers properly, and not lapse back into addiction. I bet they had the nursing staff controlling all use of painkillers, which is really the only way to go. And…Sex in the City ads? Why not? As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. If you listen to all the bashers, you’d think the show went off the air after a few episodes. Don’t be fooled – plenty of people here will either go to the movie voluntarily, or be dragged to it on a date.

  19. Kevin

    FUNNY, Here’s a true story, I was recently in the Delta Crown Room at Logan Int’l and there’s Mr. Tyler pacing on his cellphone, running his hands through his hair talking about how “this stuff Xanax” he’s is on is making him nuts

  20. Doomhammer

    #18- While you are right about the “trap” of falling back to addiction, I think you need to read closer. He talks about the excruciating pain in the past tense, as in months past. So he fell into the trap already, now he is headed off to detox. its not that complicated to figure out. He didnt sit around in pain for months and just now decide to go somewhere where pain meds can be handed out, thats ridiculous.

  21. @20

    Ding, ding ding!! We have a winner!

  22. Fantastic

    Sounds like the Same Ol’ Song and Dance, to me…

  23. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    Um, it wasn’t rehab he checked into, it was an old folks home, or as you p.c. wankers call it, adult assisted living. He needed the bunion removed from his foot and his colostomy bag changed. No drugs (other than prune juice concentrate for the old guy).

  24. sally

    He is at the same Rehab (Las Enchinas in Pasadena) as my sister. I saw him there. It’s oxycontin!!!

  25. Cokeasian

    You’re all wrong, he was at Fat Camp, I saw him. He was enormous.

  26. I’m so glad he explained himself. So in other words, he’s not quitting drugs.
    Thanks for clearing that up for me, I can’t stand a quitter!!

  27. Drew

    Holy crap. Where’d that dude get a “Raped” t-shirt?

  28. Ted from LA

    These guys have nice arms…. for 19 year-old women.

  29. blondamnation

    I wen t to rehab for my arm. It kept poppoing pills and beer into my mouth…

  30. blondamnation

    I wen t to rehab for my arm. It kept poppoing pills and beer into my mouth…

  31. blondamnation

    @29 oops I meant “popping” know what I mean.

  32. hahayousuck

    I care about Aerosmith, in fact im happy to actually hear news of someone with real talent, who isnt knocked up and who isn’t in a bikini for a change. maybe it’s just me, but i think he is the fucking man, drugs or not. also i think its pretty hilarious that everyone thinks it’s all fine and dandy when those brainless blonds get all coked up then act like total retards and are famous for doing absolutely nothing….almost like people are cheering them on… but when it’s a rock legend who has done drugs since they began making music, totally admit to it, and still put out amazing music… probably because they actually have talent… and then they get all this shit. fucking lame.

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