Steven Spielberg directs Tom Cruise and an effin’ gaggle of celebs in a horribly meta “Get out the Vote” video

October 29th, 2008 // 132 Comments

Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johannson, Ryan Reynolds, Harrison Ford, Borat, Shia LaBeouf, Tobey MaDumbFace and a shitload of celebrities got together for a follow-up to the “Five Friends” video encouraging people to vote. Jesus, these things have sequels now? At least they got Spielberg to direct. Or, more like, FUCK they got Spielberg to direct. Thanks for the CGI gophers in Indy 4, asshole!

I don’t know about you guys, but this was definitely the last straw for me. I am so ready for this election to be over before Ashton Kutcher tells me to vote one more time, and I strangle him with a Kaballah bracelet. I honestly can’t wait to wake up on November 5th and learn our next president is… George Bush! Who will undoubtedly declare martial law and proclaim himself “Galactic Umpire” while Natalie Portman gives effortless birth to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. You heard it here first.


  1. Dude

    Obama Mania will come to a halt next Tuesday.

    He has biased papers and TV cheering for him and covering up the fact he isn’t a citizen and diminishing the terror ties…

    He will lose.

    Right now, Hizbollah is training Venezuelan troops…the Russians are meeting with Islamic leaders…China has 4x the army of the US…we do not need a Marxist Muslim with the codes to nuclear missles, sorry.

    Oh, the bailout was crap, blame is on both sides.

  2. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Hollywood must think that we are incredibly retarded…. that they need to tell us to go out and vote. My right to vote also includes my right NOT to vote, and after seeing that 4 minutes of sewage, the only thing that would make me go and vote is Scarlett cutting loose with them big bouncing titties and stuffing them into the camera. It’s sad that they think they have any sway over us just because we make them into gazillionaires by watching their shitty movies.
    They just want more votes for the future dictator of the United Socialist States of America – Obama…..

    And you foreigners can all go fuck off…. If it wasn’t for America you all would all be living (or dying) under Nazi rule!!!! Who needs your filthy rabble crawling and scrabbling by the millions to get into this country anyway???? Just sit at home and wait for the next military regime to overrun your country, enslave and kill you….. don’t worry though – we’ll spend trillions and many lives to save your worthless asses anyway……….

  3. Monty

    what we need is a hollywood holocaust so Spielberg and his Jew cronnies can continue to stuff that “least we forget” garbage down our throats for another 60 years.
    I vote to start the slaughter with George Clooney.

  4. asdf

    Laughed so hard reading this post…thanks Superficial.

  5. BadCopNoDonut


    He was not tortured every day that he was a POW, in fact after he revealed to his captors that his grandfather was a respected admiral, they treated him pretty well. You have pathetically swallowed his carefully crafted image as a disciplined soldier when the reality is that the only difference between him and GWB is that Bush was a better pilot. His military record, and the statements made by his fellow servicemen, show that he was a spoiled, insubordinate, womanizing piece of crap with a bad temper. You go ahead and believe what you want…I pity you.

  6. eurotrash

    aight so let me get this straight;
    according to some of the highly intelligent people here Obama is an

    elitist/socialist/ marxist/ terrorist/baby killing muslim

    who intends to destroy america (and israel!!) by joining in the global popularity contest and stealing all your money.

    Clearly, he’s right up there with Hitler…thank god us foreigners have such brilliant well informed minds here to point out just how dangerous this man really is.

  7. Trig Palin

    I like how they had the one fat hillbilly saying I’m voting for gun control to make the video appear bipartisan.

  8. Nexera

    @63- You must be from Eastern Canada. Look at the successful, booming west- which is conservative both provincially and federally. Hmmm…
    I’m all for western separation as the east is dragging this country down. GO ALBERTA GO!

  9. Canadian Idiot


    Western separation?? You’re a fucking moron. What would you do without the rest of the country to trade with?

  10. Plixtle

    “John McCain, after surviving POW camps, is the one candidate who will take war seriously, who understands firsthand what it does to our soldiers and their families because he has lived it.”

    John McCain was a soldier, plain and simple, just like a heap of others. He screwed up, got captured, lived through it and now he is “the only one who understands war”? Simple-minded bullshit.

    Woodrow Wilson was a professor and college administrator, and somehow he guided us successfully through WWI.

    FDR never saw a day of combat in his life and somehow we did just fine in WWII.

    Quite trumpeting empty party lines fed to you by your bipartisan quote-factory. McCain’s PoW status indicates one thing: he screwed up and got caught. It won’t make him a better president.

    Honestly, I think both of these candidates have something good to bring to the table, I’m just tired of seeing people trumpet the trailer-park education sound bites like “OMG OABAM IS A MUSLIM!” snd “McCAIN WAS A POW ONLY HE CAN LEAD US!”. Think for yourself, there are more important things in this election than the surface-level BS the media wants you to talk about.

    Prime example from another dipsh1t:

    “He (Obama) has biased papers and TV cheering for him and covering up the fact he isn’t a citizen and diminishing the terror ties…”

    The fact that people who actually think that shit have the power to vote is enough to make me chuck on my own shoes.

  11. Rant - From Ontario!

    The West could seperate with more ease than Quebec. And they could trade with the US, Mexico, Great Britan, China and so on. You think they only trade or sell their Oil to Eastern Canada?

    And the Americans are now thinking why are the fucking Candians discussing their politics here.

  12. wowzers

    Wow, your poise and expansive vocabulary of insults definitely changed my mind. I’m going to take you and your in-depth reasoning seriously.

    McCain isn’t the only one who can lead us – no one is saying that; both can lead us. I’m just not excited about the direction in which I see Obama leading the country.

    And if war experience doesn’t qualify someone to guide the country through way – and it’s possible that it may not – what experience does Obama have that makes him qualified to guide us? Is it that he is a Senator? Please tell me that;’s not your reasoning. McCain is also a Senator.

    To take a page from your book, I’m equally tired of people (like the celebrities in this video) trumpeting empty, emotion-based reasons for supporting Obama. I want something solid and fact-based from Obama and his fans, before I’ll listen to him. “Change” is far too vague (and also something that many historically infamous leaders have promised their rabid followers). Obama speaks well, presents himself well, and avoids taking a solid stand on anything that might force him to express an unpopular opinion. If you have any solid evidence that can prove me wrong, PLEASE let us all know. Unlike Obama followers, I’m open to reasoned, fact-based analysis of the candidates.

  13. Yassir

    Speilberg, the guy who stuffs a suffering Jew plot into everyone of his movies, is selling out his own people and voting for Osama bin Obama?

    Speilberg, don’t you know this muslim radical wants you dead????

    If you ask me the Nazi’s killed too few of you traitors. We send our brave men over to rescue your sorry asses from Hitler, and this is how you repay us????

    Fucking jew scum. 6 million of you fucks killed? That’s one helluva Army, do you think one of you pussies could’ve pick up a stick or a shovel or knife or something and fought back? Goddamn pussies, we should’ve let you all fucking die….

  14. KAT

    So, not only was this totally annoying but it was probably funded by Obama himself. You know the guy with the never-ending flow of money. After his 1/2 hour add last night I can see that he would be the “hollywood” president. All about photo ops and how he looks. Give me a break.

  15. Sarah Palin's Boy Toy

    Leonardo…..”You are one tiny person and I am a Pagan God. So do as I say!”

  16. Canadian Idiot


    Are you excited about the direction McCain would lead us? Another 5, 10 years of war in Iraq? I will never understand the enthusiasm for killing that the neocons have tapped into. George bush should rot in hell for what he’s done.

  17. GOP

    Hey Canadian Idiot, don’t worry about us, worry about your own socialist bankrupt inept country. Keep your socialist ass out of our politics and stick to what Canadians do best, Hockey, Beer, & Strip Joints.

  18. Canadian Idiot

    Oh but I DO worry about you. We all have a vested interest in this election since you are our neighbor. Our semiliterate, paranoid, trigger happy neighbor. We didn’t choose it but there it is. And you’re right about American beer- it’s not good.

  19. artylandia

    Forget about celebrities! just go and vote Obama!

  20. Jill

    Who cares how we get people out to vote?! Every citizen of this country has a right and we should be proud to excersize that, not spend time bitching about PSA announcements and whos in them! I cant wait for this election to be over so all the people who DIDNT vote can start bitching about who won and I will feel justified when punching them in the face. GO VOTE!!

  21. joe not the plumber

    #110 – Thank you.
    The Superficial Webmaster – will you be doing anything about #113′s post or is anybody allowed to spew any kind of race hatred they want on this site?

    Thank you to people on this site who post (semi) rational arguments; there are too few of you.

    To the rest (and unfortunately, the majority) of you: I look forward to reading about you in the paper someday. Because if the only way you can make your point is by name-calling and vitriol, no one will listen to you, you’ll grow increasing pissed off and frustrated, and eventually the only way to make your point will be to do something incredibly stupid. I know that most pissed off “i’m-right-and-your-wrong” persons don’t have access to commercial jets, so it’ll probably be something more like: “Town shocked by killing spree”, or “Authorities still looking for motive in random slayings”.

    Or maybe you’ll calm down for a moment, set aside your automatic response for 3 seconds and actually LISTEN to someone else’s point of view. Which might be cool, since you live in a world of people, not all of whom share your views (shocking I know, but consider the possibility that the Almighty has not yet declared YOU the only one with the “right answers”).

  22. Danklin24

    Snoop Dogg shouldnt be allowed to vote simply for the reason that he gave “the first time an African American can end up in the white house” Wrong answer. Odds are he doesnt have a fucking clue what Obama stands for or what his policies are.

  23. MementoMori

    AS IF these people know what the country needs!!

    I voted EARLY for McCAIN/PALIN.

  24. Slave Trader

    The only reason blacks are voting for Obama is because he’s black.

    Get a clue. The blacks are the real racists.

    99% of black people couldn’t begin to comprehend politics, economics, deplomacy, or the tax structure. Since the only ones who pay taxes are athletes and entertainers.

    99% of blacks are voting Obama, that’s true racism. At least they stick together. Too bad there’s alot of brainwashed self-loathing Whitey’s out there who feel compelled to elect the tar-baby.

    I can see it now, the White House painted purple and orange, plastic on the furniture, Popeye’s Chicken the national food, and Obama’s face on Food Stamps…..

  25. deeznuts

    @110 . . Amen

    Ron Paul!

  26. missywissy

    spielberg reaching out to the scientologists!!! This is gay, and the ultimate gaydom was seeing Leonardo (Growing Pains) Dicaprio AGAIN. Then Will appeared with Tom, ugh…. WHERE ARE YOU RON PAUL???????????????

  27. for fucks sake you idiots.

    I voted for the socialistic party in my country. You americans are idiots. Moderate socialism is the best way IMHO. Republicans are sick semi-fascist fuckers. Your country is warped. Universal healthcare is a given for any country out of the dark ages.

  28. for fucks sake you idiots.

    I voted for the socialistic party in my country. You americans are idiots. Moderate socialism is the best way IMHO. Republicans are sick semi-fascist fuckers. Your country is warped. Universal healthcare is a given for any country out of the dark ages.

  29. GAWD this video is nauseating….I couldn’t agree more with what the writer said…so fucken sick of hearing rich douchebags tell me what to do… if these people combined 10% of their wealth they could fucken change the world but they are such greedy pigs in their glass houses, so the last thing I want to hear is what they think politically…

  30. Leslie B

    A few of those actors who can’t even vote because they are not US citizens…

  31. sebastianudo

    Que lindos son los famosos ,me gustaria tener sexo con todos


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