Steven Spielberg directs Tom Cruise and an effin’ gaggle of celebs in a horribly meta “Get out the Vote” video

October 29th, 2008 // 132 Comments

Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johannson, Ryan Reynolds, Harrison Ford, Borat, Shia LaBeouf, Tobey MaDumbFace and a shitload of celebrities got together for a follow-up to the “Five Friends” video encouraging people to vote. Jesus, these things have sequels now? At least they got Spielberg to direct. Or, more like, FUCK they got Spielberg to direct. Thanks for the CGI gophers in Indy 4, asshole!

I don’t know about you guys, but this was definitely the last straw for me. I am so ready for this election to be over before Ashton Kutcher tells me to vote one more time, and I strangle him with a Kaballah bracelet. I honestly can’t wait to wake up on November 5th and learn our next president is… George Bush! Who will undoubtedly declare martial law and proclaim himself “Galactic Umpire” while Natalie Portman gives effortless birth to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. You heard it here first.


  1. Mike Hawk


  2. Rant


  3. jen


  4. jen


  5. NY Ted

    And every one of those Hollywood fuck-ups is voting for you know who!



  6. Angry Humorless Right Winger (redundant)

    That’s ACORNy video all right.

  7. Bill

    Well, at least the “Joe the Plumber” guy is finally coming clean and saying he’s voting for McCain. That offsets these Hollywood types, at least a little bit.

    Hey wait…he didn’t didn’t describe his true situation when asking Obama his question, did he? And he’s kinda dishonest, what with not having a plumber’s license and not paying his taxes. And he used to live in Alaska. Funny how he just kinda popped up, on camera, at that event…

    Hey wait…

  8. Obama supporter

    #5 – continue, please! Your tears of bitter anger are nectar to me. I’m so happy I can celebrate early.

  9. Barney Stinson

    Why won’t the LA Times show the video Obama toasting the PLO dude? When I know if they got a hold of my video I took of John McCain beating off to portrait of Susan B. Anthony they would show that on an internal loop.

  10. Good they didnt mention Obama,,,remember! they also backed up Al Gore and John kerry…you know where this is going right??

  11. Barney Stinson

    Why won’t the LA Times show the video Obama toasting the PLO dude? When I know if they got a hold of my video I took of John McCain beating off to a portrait of Susan B. Anthony they would show that on an internal loop.

  12. Deuce Bigalow

    Borat freaking RULES!!!!

  13. Rant

    Tom Cruise is not voting for Obama…..he will use a write in vote for Marvin the Martian.

  14. veggi

    I don’t know why I’m yelling that..

  15. The Taxpayers

    Marxism, socialism, obama-ism…whatever you want to call it, as long as it ends the corporate welfare system in America, that’s fine with me. That last $700 billion payment I made was a killer. Some of that money is going – RIGHT NOW, TODAY – toward bonuses for executives in the firms receiving bailout money. Unbelievable.

  16. gladtosay

    Glad to say I am not going to vote! Because Both candidates SUCK!!

  17. Jrz

    Who do you think all those fascinating, highly gifted, intellectual Hollywood types endorsed in that Spielberg directed video? Does it say who they endorsed? Who? WHO DAMMIT!!!!!???

  18. I thought that dude retired “Borat.” Celebrities are so geeky when they do PSA type things. DORKS!!

  19. A better version, with Rosario Dawson …

  20. Vote

    …Jason Segel looks like a huge pile of mess.

  21. Veggi, did you vote Obama??

  22. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Why is Ryan Reynolds telling me to vote? Is he a citizen now?
    Fuck you Hollywood Douchebags.

  23. #15, Who was the real culprit behind this? Barney Frank. Who was the 2nd highest recipient of campaign contributions from Freddi Mac? Obama.

    #7, Bill, I thought the Dem’s were OUTRAGED that the government was spying on its own citizens with the Patriot Act…yet Joe the Plumber was found to have been investigated by computers belonging to the Ohio DNC. Hmm, hypocrosy maybe?

    #9/ #11 of course they wont release the video. Don’t want to tarnish the new messiah. Nope. And don’t even mention Jod Biden telling a man in a wheel chair to stand up so people could appluad for him. Dem’s want that guy as their VP?

  24. Vote

    …P.S. – It was nice seeing Harrison Ford reprise Han Solo for this Public Service Announcement.

  25. kardash

    Who is the fat dumpy white guy with the dirty hair?

  26. CaptainMorgan

    The sad thing is what stuck in my mind:

    “What you do in voting booth is secret. I like to make hand relief.”


  27. Randal

    On November 4, vote for me.


  28. p0nk


  29. alex

    is orlando bloom even a us citizen? why is he in this?

  30. Mcfeely Smackup

    I hate this get out and vote campaigns with a furious passion.

    What are they intended to do? People who already are going to vote, will do so regardless of celebrities telling you that you should. People who aren’t going to vote are the only ones this is aimed at. News Flash: If you’re not educated on the issues/candidates, you SHOULD NOT VOTE.

    Voting is not like giving blood. You’re not HELPING by just throwing a vote randomly at someone. If you don’t know anything about the election DON’T VOTE. If you’re a moron DON’T VOTE. If you can’t decide who to vote for by now DON’T VOTE!!!

    You owe it to the nation to do your duty and stay the fuck home and watch Oprah. That’s the best thing you can do on election day.

  31. ParahSalin

    every one of them is for obama

    but i loved it

    and i love Borat


    so i will pass it on and i will vote
    too bad they won’t like who i am voting for

  32. Obama supporter

    #23 – yes, keep fighting! With everybody! Your guy is going to have the greatest comeback ever! It’ll start any day now! Probably in one week, to be exact! Keep hope alive! Yes we can!

  33. flabergast

    oh yeah, I know I’m the last person these liberal ‘celebs’ want to vote since I’m not voting Obama like every single one of them is….

    hell I know its a sad lost cause at this point to vote McCain but at least it’ll give me the right to complain about Obama’s administration.

  34. BadCopNoDonut

    McCain was a crap soldier who crashed three planes.

  35. too bad that site crashes every time i’ve tried getting on.

  36. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Other than the rampant inflation and unchecked redistribution of wealth, it will be kind of fun to watch the Obama administration flop around like a fish out of water.

    After his dismal 4 years, maybe a real American will come forward to be the next President.

  37. @28, do you think anyone here will know what that means??

  38. @35 Maybe you should try getting off..

  39. The White Urkle

    Keep talking about the Presidential race. No one mentionts the fact that the Democratic controlled Nani Pelosi congress has even LOWER approval ratings than George Bush. Ha ha ha!

    They have been in control for 2 years now and have accomplished NOTHING except a government bailout of a mess they created.

    The President doesn’t run the Country, Congress does and look where Nanci Pelosi has gotten us….

  40. 37 its ancient greek meaning hes a prick puffer….

  41. duhderdoye, sure, i believe you

    “Who was the real culprit behind this? Barney Frank.”

    Yeah, right on, brother. Greedy immoral Wall Street bankers had NOTHING to do with it. It was government – more exactly, Democrats – who did it. And they did it directly, every bit of it…somehow. I just know they did. Nothing was due to the choices and actions of the deregulated money gluttons on Wall Street, who are glorified brokers like the stiff who shows your house to people in exchange for taking a slice of the sale. Well, with one exception – real estate brokers are making a lot less money now, while bonus pay on Wall Street is at the same level this year as it was last year (don’t be surprised, it’s got very little correlation with actual merit).

    If Obama is elected we will lose this Republican focus on personal responsibility. All of the hard work of people like Larry Craig will be lost, and we’ll be left with celebrity role models like George Michael, a man who looks for anonymous sex in public bathrooms. Disgusting.

  42. p0nk

    37 jimbo, then the trolls have won.

  43. try reading

    “Keep talking about the Presidential race. No one mentionts the fact that the Democratic controlled Nani Pelosi congress has even LOWER approval ratings than George Bush. Ha ha ha!”

    Congress almost always has a lower approval rating than the president. And in a large majority of congressional races, the Democratic candidate is leading. So the “ha ha ha” is on you.

  44. @42 and the idiots!!

  45. Matt

    If the speed limit was eliminated and 99% of the drivers used a safe speed and 1% drove at recklessly high speeds and caused lethal crashes, those drivers would be responsible for those accidents and deaths. It would have been a dumb idea to eliminate the speed limit, but the people who did that weren’t the 1% of drivers who decided to take risks and potentially kill people.

    I blame the Wall Street fucks and nobody else.

  46. Fuck Voting

    show me some big tits and I’ll vote. Otherwise, fuck you celebs.

  47. These people need to stick to acting and singing – or whatever their “claim to fame” is.

  48. LANDSLIDE!!!!

    Wooohooo!!!! It’s gonna be a LANDSLIDE for Obama!!!! Woooohooo!!!! Call it now, fuckers, cuz this thang is OVA!

  49. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    Harrison Ford is like LOL WUT

  50. Ted from LA

    How can that fuckin’ thing be only four minutes long? It felt like I was watching Gone with the Wind again.

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