Steven Seagal’s accuser probably made that shit up

Seen here asking Bai Ling how many mules she cost because he’s suave like a roundhouse to the clitoris, Steven Seagal was recently sued by former employee Kayden Ngyuen for sexual harassment and trafficking women. Except it turns out this chick is a lesbian and was just on The Tyra Banks Show a year ago talking about how awesome she is at tricking dudes. TMZ reports:

Back in 2009, Kayden Nguyen appeared in an episode titled “The Gay Kingdom” — in which she bragged, “I can use my sex appeal to get any girl that I want and trick any guy to getting what I want.”

I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure this is a slam dunk for Steven Seagal. The only thing I don’t get is how he traveled back in time and got this chick to incriminate herself because I 100% believe he hires women just to karate-rape them in an old steel mill. Think about it: There’s literally no other explanation for Steven Seagal having an entire secretarial staff even if they’re dictating his every squint.

Kayden Nguyen Losing a $1 Million Lawsuit at the 1:14 Mark:

Photo: Getty