Steven Spielberg Fired Megan Fox From Transformers, And She’s in a Bikini

June 20th, 2011 // 162 Comments

It’s been over a year since the announcement that Megan Fox wouldn’t star in Transformers: Dark of the Moon after the first two films made her a household name, and since then she’s claimed she quit because Michael Bay is a genius/horndog while other reports suggested he fired her because she compared him to Hitler. Turns out it’s mostly that last part, but with a Shymalan twist. The Daily Mail reports:

Fox had tried to claim she left the third in the series of the films to pursue other acting opportunities.
But ahead of the July 4 premiere of Transformers 3 director Bay has revealed for the first time he was told to get rid of the actress.
He said: ‘You know the Hitler thing. Steven (Spielberg) said, fire her right now.’
… Bay said he wasn’t hurt by the Hitler comment.

I’m actually on board with this version because 1. It explains why Megan Fox can only get roles playing bird hookers in low-budget indies now. And 2. I’m pretty sure Michael Bay has no fucking clue who Hitler is, so of course he wasn’t hurt by it. “Unless you’re detonating a Ferrari, you’re not even in my jet stream,” is just one of several catchphrases I like to believe he uses along with “SLUTS BAM BOOM!”

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  1. anonym

    random tats look ugly.

    her face looks skanky enough. She didn’t need to get tattoos.

  2. AL


  3. 603-Killy Inkschacht

    Glad this chick has gain weight, since her last bikini candids, which that totally went into big blow out and end up letting fans go, by 51%. Likely to see fans recover from this afterward mess and fans going out there minds as intentionally, seeing some amazing come back.

  4. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    dear megan: so sorry for you having to go through the stress of being fired. i was fired once and it was really traumatic for a while. i tried doing something else with a month not related to the job i was fired from and i kicked my depression in the ass. you can too. you are too beautiful and talented to be setback from a man that appears to be really sensitive about his race and culture. so sorry he took your comment so hard. you could apologize if you want to,too. he doesn’t seem like an unforgiving guy. i just think he knows it’s an honor to work for him. take care. you are in my prayers.

  5. Wow

    you re all so fucking jealous, the girl is gorgeous, with or without tatoos ! damn people you re sad and lonely, She can t act ?? how many of you losers acted in a movie ?? her tatoos look bad ? Come on ! you re a bunch of stuck up fat ugly ugly ugly people that have nothing left to do but diss a person that doesn t even know you losers exist

  6. meiko

    pretty sure she had a boob job…just compare this picture to this one:

    she didnt put on weight or anything that could explain the boobs.

  7. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She has got to have the weirdest shaped body I have ever seen.

    • erica

      wow i dont get why people call her body shaped weird, ok its not perfect, but kesha’s is the weirdest I have ever seen, this doesnt even come close come on overreacting much?

  8. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t think I like her ass.

  9. right

    tat’s are nasty. Those who get tatt’d up are headcases. These two nobodies deserve each other.

  10. ugh

    cheek implants, buccal fat removal, lip injections, two nose jobs and (very ugly) fake tits …………….

  11. see saw

    —The franchise slum Lucas/Spielberg/Cameron mafia
    has been absolutely and undeniably key in steering ALLLLL
    consciousness away from our 4 decades of systematic
    RED China-Globalist sellout, set up and TREASON.

    Likewise in burying ALLLLLL consciousness of that regime’sever unfolding. ‘EUGENICS friendly’ peacetime Halocaust.

    What else do we need to know?

  12. Diana

    I love all the judgmental comments regarding tattoos. I have a couple and a lot of thought went into them , they certainly look nothing like hers. But even if they were ugly or tacky why the hell do you even care? they are not on your body. you don’t have to love them but you just have to be smart enough to understand that some people decide to have them and the whole ”you don’t find a job” cliché is so retarded and old. Not all career paths are the same, I am in visual arts, photography and design and my tattoos represent no problem. I respect those who don’t like them or wouldn’t have them but stating that they are ”nasty” or we are all garbage, crazy, needed of attention is just plain judgmental and stupid.

  13. see saw

    —-Seems the franchise slum mafia lords (Spielberg/Lucas/Cameron)
    are begining to show their REAL face.

    FACT IS the boys have been playing a key, central role in not only
    pushing tech worship and EUGENICS ———but also in burying ALLLLLL
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  14. Megan Fox Bikini
    see saw
    Commented on this photo:

    Spielberg is bugged by Hitler —-but pushing tech worship and EUGENICS,
    to say nothing of ‘compliantly’ programming for our 4 decades of RED China
    sellout, set up and TREASON poses no problem at all.

    FACT IS the Spielberg/Lucas/Cameron franchise slum mafia has been
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    ALLLLLL we need to know————————————————————–

  15. Megan Fox Bikini
    see saw
    Commented on this photo:

    —-DIS-traction aside

    the Hollywood franchise slum mafia (Spielberg/Lucas/Cameron)
    having been programming tech worship, soft porn diversions and
    EUGENICS for decades now —–REALLY needs to drop its self-basting

    ESP. in light of their key, indeed, central role in burying ALLLLLLL
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    Just a little REALITY CHECK on this, the once again ‘overlooked’

    61st Anniversary of the KOREAN WAR…

  16. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    thumbs up!!

  17. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    oh and 1st!!!

    suck it

  18. schklinger

    Spielberg….. our savior….. bow bow….. everyone….. bow down

  19. soooo

    So, why does anyone care again?
    She got fired because she’s a dumbass. She could have stood up to Bay without the Hitler comment. I have a hard time beliving that Spielberg is such a pansy that he blackballed her in Hollywood simply because of that one comment. She was on set acting like a ungrateful twat. She’s not a big enough star to pull shit like that, and her big mouth probably just gave him an excuse to put her in her place. She’s hot, but enough already with the “omg she’s the hottest actress in hollywood, she’ll always have a job!?!” crap. I don’t know how many of you have ever been to L.A., but you can throw a rock into the closest Starbucks and hit a broad as hot as her. Probably the chick making the fraps. Pretty girls with boy bodies, bolt-ons ans cunty attitudes aren’t an endangered species. Angelina Jolie could have said the same exact thing and she wouldn’t be standing next to Megan in the unemployment line. Ms. Fox simply believed her own hype, and it bit her in the ass. Who cares. She’ll go away and there will be a younger, hotter Megan Fox next year.

  20. john

    she had a tummy tuck. Agreed her belly button is odd. Wonder if she had an outie and got it fixed. I’d poke it till she squirms.

  21. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    i’d poke her belly button

  22. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Why yes, you do have nice boobies.

  23. HorribleCountry

    And this is America’s sex symbol? Yuck, so glad I’m gay.

  24. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I want to be a friend to one of the sexy looking babes in U.s.a. Thanks.

  25. Nate

    Megan wanted out of her contract. Getting fired was her only option. She still got paid. As far as starring roles are concerned I don’t think she’s searching. She seems happy being a full time mom and wife.

  26. stpnlll

    Sorry, but Spielberg is obviously a homo.

  27. bitchplease

    She is hot but I see hotter girls on in my city everyday and Pittsburgh isn’t exactly Los Angeles! Her bad attitude is toxic. If you are Marlon Brandon you can have an ego like her, but she has no acting accomplishments!

  28. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    nice thumb!!!!

  29. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    do these glasses make my ass look fat?

  30. Megan Fox Bikini
    Cleavon Little
    Commented on this photo:

    Excuse me miss, you have some shit on your ribs.

  31. Bethany

    It’s really a pity, imho. But then, I’m a Megan Fox fan. She should learn more tact. I don’t think that she should have said the things she did, even though I don’t really respect Michael Bay that much. I’m sorry, I can understand casting a “world-class hottie” in the first movie for ratings and such. Her lack of character development grated on me in the second movie, but I still enjoyed it. But by the third movie, I was done. I’m sorry, Rosie-Huntington Whitley is beautiful, but all they had her do was scream and run around. At least Megan actually had some (no matter how small it might have been) part in moving the plot along. And it really bothered me how instead of settling their arguments like adults, they messed with the continuity of the films just to satisfy their own egos. But, anyways, that’s my rant. I wish Megan Fox the best, and I hope to see her soon in a good blockbuster.

  32. Megan Fox Bikini
    Praise The Lords
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like Carmunch Stewart. Acts about as humble as her too.

  33. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Brian Austen Green is one lucky guy to tweet that everyday.

  34. Megan Fox Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    respect.. twitter IS stupid.

  35. Megan Fox Bikini
    Mama Pinkus
    Commented on this photo:

    her face is starting to look like a moon pie

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