Steven Seagal: Sexual Predator of the Day

I don’t know why it took almost a month for the sexual harassment inquisition to call out Steven Seagal. A grown man who wears silk robes, rocks spray-on hair like Eddie Munster, and is best friends with Vladimir Putin seems like a pretty obvious target. Regardless, here we are!

The Daily Mail has unearthed some damning audio of Seagal calling female journalists “fucking whores” and “cocksuckers” making for some pretty Hard to Kill evidence that he’s a pervy scumbag. On top of that, Steven Seagal may have thought he was Above the Law when he told a 16-year-old Katherine Heigl, “you know, I’ve got girlfriends your age…” while filming Under Siege (and placing his hand Over her Breast).

There’s more…

The Hollywood Reporter published a piece last week about an actress that was summoned to a private audition at Steve’s weird, Asian palace in Beverly Hills. He gave her the role from atop a giant throne in a silk bathrobe while she did her audition in his living room and made three attempts to get her alone throughout production. She was smart enough to never let herself get in the same room as him without someone else there, but went from being the lead, to a bit role, to being cut out of the movie completely.

Want another? OK!

Rae Dawn Chong told The Wrap that Seagal straight-up Weinstein’d her in a hotel while naked under his signature silk bathrobe. She claimed her manager knew about it and was knowingly ‘pimping her out’ for a role in one of his shitty, straight-to-video action movies that are only popular in Eastern Europe.

We’ll stop there for now, but it should be known that he’s been slapped with a bunch of sexual harassment allegations over the years. Including cases from Jenny McCarthy All of which were settled/dropped because Seagal, like Weinstein, is the executive producer on most of his projects and therefore… Out of Reach.