Steve Martin gets married

July 30th, 2007 // 86 Comments

61-year-old Steve Martin married his 35-year-old writer girlfriend Anne Stringfield over the weekend. The wedding took place at Steve’s LA home, and Steve was sporting his Inspector Clouseau mustache from the upcoming Pink Panther sequel. When asked what it felt like to marry a woman 26 years younger than him, Martin screamed “Oh, yeaah!!” and gave everybody high fives.


  1. edamame

    Congrats to the happy couple! Steve Martin is a fucking comedy GOD!!!

    Why did I just get the feeling that he’ll be selling Steve Martin’s “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, But They DO Wear Suntans” SPF 150 suncreen on QVC?!

  2. adeliza

    #49. I am thinking that is why she is kneeling down there. Getting ready to whip out another pair of Depends and slap ‘em on his ass.


  3. UglyKelliSuxCockinHELL

    Kelli must have no life
    She would make a mandingo a wife
    Going down on his pole
    Taking it in her asshole
    Ridding us all of her life

  4. SmelliKelli

    Hey Mrs. Carrot Top how is everyone’s favorite slice of white trash today? Seem to be in your usual low form. Damn honey, keep stickin’ yerself with dem needles and goet it over with, doll baby (as in kewpie doll)!
    We all luvs our fave moron.

  5. woodhorse

    Steve Martin is a GILF, even as white as he is.

  6. kix

    # 55 “GILF” now that’s funny!

  7. My Eyes! My Eyes

    It looks like he’s melting!

    F$&k you, superfish. Here the guys get scantily clad chicks in every post and all us girls get is a sagging old dude who’s paler than Dakota Fanning. I’m gonna kick you in the taint for this one.

  8. theoriginalmilf

    Judging from the picture, it looks like Steve’s big nasty balls swung the wrong way and knocked his new wife over.

  9. crazy otto

    Mazal Tov to Steve and your chippy.He aint no jerk and she’s 35 not 18……Well EXCUUUUUUSE MEEEEE!!!!

  10. Shut Up!

    Come on, GILF doesn’t make sense…the point of a MILF is that they’re a mother, a slightly older married lady. Doesn’t the G in GILF just mean guy? That misses the point of the MILF. Call him a HILF (husband) or FILF (father, assuming he has kids). Huh, FILF, that actually has a good ring to it haha. Seems fitting, also, for a married father sleeping with some other lady to be called a FILF.

  11. jrzmommy

    Unless GILF means Grandpa I’d Like to Fuck… which case it’s……..nasty. Eeeel!

  12. rockdust

    Why should anyone give a shit about age? I happen to like older guys myself. Besides, I used to think the younger, Val Kilmer, was hot. Anyone seen *him* lately?! Gross!

  13. #17 ahahahah it kinda is in a way

  14. wedgeone

    How’d he get so funky??

    The funniest man of the 20th century. Better than Uncle Milty or Carson or Letterman. He even made Sgt. Bilko funny.

    Maybe the new Mrs. saw him in “Roxanne” and said “hmmmmm ….”

  15. yukadoozer

    Old? So’s Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Harrision Ford-whatever. Takes a genius to stay away from the cast of young turds out there (Cash Warren??)

  16. Aubree

    Steve Martin has a genius IQ, he’s a well established musician and a comedic genius. He’s a good catch, even though he’s twice her age. Anything goes…. If he were about 30 years younger I’d be attracted to him, gray hair and all. best of lucky to the fair skinned couple.

  17. Yo

    I once had the hottest dream about Steve Martin. I think it was around the time that I read his book Shopgirl. He is funny, intelligent, talented, classy and rich. Good for her. Good for them. I’m a little bit jealous. :)

  18. Did she look under the hood first?
    Albinos mate every ten years.

  19. anna





  21. George

    Does this make him a pedophile? He’s disgusting and should have to register as a sex offender. She, too, must be some kind of a pervert; probably always wanted her Daddy to fuck her. I think I’m going to be sick!

  22. Big Mama

    Sure she looks good, but what do they talk about.

  23. Betty Page

    One Word

    - VIAGRA -

    the little blue wonder pill. what would men his age do without it.

  24. Am I the only one here that thinks this is inexcusable? It’s hard enough going to a wedding when you actually know what you’re getting into, but to be tricked into one is downright wrong. Read the rest of my rant on my blog:

  25. nagger please

    If you’re tricked into going to wedding then you don’t have to buy a gift.

    Also, I’m so effing tired of comedians who want us to think that they’re geniuses.. Oh, I have a Picasso.. I can write a boring book with all the time I have off.. i love expensive wine.. I’m so freakin deep..

  26. don't recycle

    #74 Joey, you need to really calm down, man, and just avoid rented tuxedos for the rest of your life, OK?
    This is not an unusual thing in Hollywood – to be invited to dinner or a party and find a cake and a different event planned instead. What’s hysterical here is that this fooled-you! maneuver is done by stars who have paparazzi all over their asses 24/7 – it’s to keep them from hovering over the house with helicopters and ruining the event. Steve and the new missus are flattering themselves that they need to go this route. And especially after “Cheaper By The Dozen” and the sequel??? Typical actor delusion, he thinks they’re stalking his ass all over town when really, dude, no one cares.

  27. Lindsay

    Congratulations Steve!! And it’s nice to seee someone Just as pastey-white as me!!!

  28. Steve Hemroids

    I was born a poor black child…

  29. Jen

    Steve Martin is the man, do not talk shit..

    and please, if the paps knew they would have been there get real they aren’t flattering themselves they were smart about it.

  30. When asked what it felt like to marry a woman 26 years younger than him, Martin screamed “Oh, yeaah!!” and gave everybody high fives.

    This actually sounds exactly like what Steve Martin would do- have you heard his stand-up routines?

  31. Fuck You Nigger

    Steve Martin is the man. Of all the celebs that have ever appeared on this site, he is the one I can’t think of one bad thing to say about. :)

  32. jemfysh

    I don’t understand this. That photo is from earlier this year and was said to be of Kristen Davis (of SATC fame) and Steve Martin. Was it just a case of mistaken identity, or has he really gone from one woman to another and married her within a few months??

  33. bri_fari

    old pale and gross cradle robbing old turd.if he didnt have any$ that depends jockey would be in some nursing home having some fat ass mean chick steal his meager belongings.

  34. Ebumboo

    I can’t wait to see their albino babies.

  35. Matt Fields

    Steve’s old albino sperm should make a funny baby, regardless!

  36. elin

    good for him age dosent matter it not like she is 19 or somthing and steven is a lovely man with big heart and he is kinda cute

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