Steve Martin gets married

July 30th, 2007 // 86 Comments

61-year-old Steve Martin married his 35-year-old writer girlfriend Anne Stringfield over the weekend. The wedding took place at Steve’s LA home, and Steve was sporting his Inspector Clouseau mustache from the upcoming Pink Panther sequel. When asked what it felt like to marry a woman 26 years younger than him, Martin screamed “Oh, yeaah!!” and gave everybody high fives.


  1. Ryan

    He has old balls.

  2. Rome

    Good for him.

  3. Crap Tonight

    Well how come in the picture it looks like she’s proposing to him……

    Hey, maybe shes just getting used to the kneeling position which she will be using a lot to hang onto her billionaire

  4. Steve Martin

    What can I say, it beats dating other senior citizens!!!

  5. Aubree

    Steve can marry anyone he wants. Looks like they both could use a little sun though. Pale or not, good for him.

    Finally a picture of someone respectable on here. I can’t say anything negative.

  6. wildandcrazyguy

    Who’s your daddy? Oh, wait, ewwww….

  7. Anne Stringfield

    Steve, were not daitng any more. Were married now. don’t you remember!!!

  8. Dizzybenny

    well he does look in decent shape so why the heck not!!
    congrats Steve!

  9. Sportsdvl

    Congrats to him! Always nice to see an old cool guy bag a young chick!

  10. Steve Martin

    Oh, Yeah! Sorry Anne, all these years of having to hide my latent HOMOSEXUALITY, has made me confused about what to tell the press with regards to my personal life!!!

  11. edeath

    #6 – haha yes – the first respectable person on the site

  12. Anne Stringfield

    Thats ok steve. I’m a closet LESBIAN!!! So, I think this marriage should work out just fine! Oh, by the way Ton Cruise called. He just wanted you to know that TOM CRUISE LOVES THE COCK!!!

  13. God????could they be any whiter..???thatz juzt zickning lookin??
    they probably got burnt later that day zince they’re znow white..???????

  14. no1justminda

    Yay for him! You can’t hate on Steve Martin :) He’s actually talented and funny and not a complete douchebag.

  15. Tom Cruise

    It’s true I sure do love the Cock! YEAH!!! WHOO!!! HOO!!!

  16. #1hater

    that picture looks like a kidnapping…..

  17. Mr. T

    I pity the fool, who marry Steve Martin!!!

  18. That’s one fine looking white woman! Anyone seen my knife?

  19. Sheva

    She proposed to him because she’s a broke writer and he has all the money.
    May they live happily ever after.

    Congrats to them both.

  20. kelliisamotherfuckingasshole

    #14 God ☺ ☺ ☺ could you be any stupider?

  21. Long Dong Silver

    Anyone else think that judging from this photo, that it looks like it might be time for Steve to try some of those adult diapers!

  22. D4P

    Did he or did he not just get off the sea plane…?

  23. Holden Migroin

    Alright Grampa, you have had enough time swiming. Now help your daughter up and take her home. Dosen’t she have an early preschool class tomorrow!

  24. ?21?Y R U picking on a 90fuckin5 yr. old woman??

  25. Amanda Huginkiss

    #14 Are you on CRACK!!!

  26. J

    #2 — HA HA HA HA
    “Old Balls”

    lmao at that and at “Holden Migroin” ……still hilarious!

  27. kelliisamotherfuckingasshole

    #25 I’m talking about you, you fucking retard! So, yeah, I guess you just proved you could be more stupid – let us know when you hit rock bottom.

  28. ?26? R U on Heroin, bitch? Ya fatt bitch ..can’t zee pazt
    thoze triple H titiez..fuck..loze zome fuckin weight, ztupidazz?

  29. adeliza

    Man…..everyone keeps saying good for him.

    Well BAD for her…..

    He is one nasty, pasty, grey, wrinkled fucked up looking bunch of gooey dough.
    Maybe that is what she is after, his “dough”, but doubtful, since she is a writer I am sure she makes enough to sustain herself.
    God dang, I’d hate to think I’d want money so bad that I’d fuck that.
    I hope the hell she loves him, because if she doesn’t, I’m sure she’s closing her eyes and hating it.
    I mean HATING it.
    That is one nasty looking man.

  30. whitegold

    Q: What’s even more disturbing than another celebrity marrying a girl half his age?

    A: A Pink Panther sequel!!!!

  31. zuzuspetals

    jesus, you people are idiots.
    Steve Martin is a god.

  32. Queenbuzz

    I’m 35 and I’d marry Steve Martin for his personality….a humorous guy is waaaaaaay hotter than some lame pretty boy.

  33. gigi

    two words: SUNLESS TANNER – daaaaaaamn! and OMG I just realized he was doing those ’2 wild & crazy guys’ sketches w/ Aykroyd when she was riding her bigwheel, playing on the jungle gym & eating dirt & stuff – wow… I just hope ‘prenup’ was buzzing around before all this ‘magic’

  34. Yum, droopy old man ass. At least he’s funny.

  35. ToTellTheTruth

    I can just see it now. When the wedding cake was cut, Viagra spilled out EVERYWHERE….

  36. Amanda Huginkiss

    #29 Yes I am and you need to learn how to spell! Oh, and kudo’s on guessing my breast size!! YOU MORON!!!

  37. Congrats for both of them, hope it works!

  38. jrzmommy

    you can see the ripples of fat on her thighs from here.

  39. don't recycle

    #37 OMG, you survived kelli’s calling you a “ztupidazz” – AND a “fatt bitch” – and you’re still posting! Wow, not many people take a smackdown like that and live!

  40. kelliisamotherfuckingasshole

    #29 Fuck, would you just please overdose on something and die – like, NOW???

  41. polypam

    I just watched “The Jerk” again last night and seriously, I would have married him too. Just brilliant.

  42. LL

    He looks like my dad… but still congrats to them, I guess. At least she’s in her thirties, in Hollywood, that’s middle-aged (for women, anyway).

    Please, no fuckin’ symbols, the misspellings and shitty grammar make the posts hard enough to read.

    BTW, are you krazihottkelli of the Palm Beach krazihottkellis? Just wondering.

  43. LayDeeBug

    Even if he is old (well, old-errr), he’s still funny and if he can keep me giggling, I’d marry him too. (Plus he’s rich!!!)

    I bet he has a big one!!!

  44. Bling

    You go Steve…!!! I am married to some much older. I don’t see a thing wrong with that, either.

  45. mirg

    That old dog lol he gets a free pass from me after all the great movies he worked.

  46. kix

    I like Steve well enough, but I think it’s embarrassing when people marry people who are way younger/older than them. My god, she could be his daughter– sick.

  47. Danklin24

    Jesus christ, i was eating when i saw this. WHy do we need a shirtless picture of Steve Martin?

  48. somewhereinthemiddle

    She will be there for his golden years. By that I mean she will get to change his adult undergarments when he pisses himself.

  49. Shut Up!

    @45, and your user name is “Bling”…I think that just about says it all…

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