Steve Irwin didn’t die instantly, didn’t piss off stingray


Steve Irwin’s death was caught on camera and the tape shows him pulling the stingray barb out of his chest before dying. It also shows that, unlike his behavior with crocodiles and other dangerous land animals, he didn’t provoke the stingray.

“It shows that Steve came over the top of the ray and the tail came up, and spiked him here (in the chest), and he pulled it out and the next minute he’s gone,” Stainton told reporters in the Queensland state city of Cairns, where Irwin’s body was taken for an autopsy. “If ever he was going to go, we always said it was going to be the ocean,” Stainton said. “On land he was agile, quick-thinking, quick-moving and the ocean puts another element there that you have no control over.”

The actual tape is being held by police at the moment, but I’m not sure it’s something anybody would actually want to see. Joking about shooting Paris Hilton in the face with a bazooka is one thing, actually watching a beloved conservationist die in the water is another.

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